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The fate and character traits of a person named Svyatoslav — features and way of life

The influence of the name Svyatoslav on aspects of life — the formation of fate and character

It will probably be understood by the beloved Russian that Svyatoslav means “sacred glory.” It appeared in the Old Russian times, combining the roots of the words «holy» and «glory.»

The Russian Orthodox Church generally did not accept Slavic names, but Svyatoslav was one of the exceptions. Previously, this name was given to boys in wealthy families.

The name Svyatoslav met not often at all times.

Name transformations

  • Full — Svyatoslav
  • In short — Holy, Glory, Svyatyk, Slavka.
  • Affectionately — Svyatoslavka, Svyatushka, Svyatoslavochka, Svyatochka, Svyatoslavushka, Svyatvyanka, Svyatoslavka, Svyatyk,
  • Svyatoslav — on the Orthodox Orthodox calendar (July 6).

The fate and character traits of a person named Svyatoslav - features and way of life

In other languages

The name can be found in the Slavic languages ​​- Sventoslav, Svatoslav, Svetislav, Svatoslav, Svyatasla

In the passport — SVIATOSLAV

The fate and character of Svyatoslav

Little Svyatyk is very sociable and easily gets along with any team, which is good for his parents. But they may be disturbed by his stubbornness.

It is very difficult to agree with him. However, thanks to his stubbornness, he can become successful in any business.

If he chose a path for himself, then he would not be knocked down from him.

Svyatoslav is very purposeful since childhood. If he decides to be educated, he will no doubt be them. Already talking about success in life and making plans to conquer the world.

He begins to make money and earn pocket money already at school, proving his desire for his goals. Svyatoslav has excellent data for sports. He is agile and enthusiastic.

The love for sport and physical exertion is kept by Saint all his life.

Having become an adult man, Svyatoslav is still active and balanced. It seems that nothing and no one will break him and bring him out of balance. Svyatoslav’s activity is not only a natural quality, but also the result of work on oneself.

He remains in good shape for almost the entire life. Its main quality was and remains purposefulness, which sometimes causes hostility among others.

He is too selfish and lives under the motto «The end justifies the means.»

The fate and character traits of a person named Svyatoslav - features and way of life

Persistence Svyatoslav can only envy. He will never give up his principles.

He, as a strong-willed and extraordinary person, respects the team, consults with him, respecting his opinion. However, they may not like him for his arrogance and vanity.

He absolutely does not care about the problems of relatives. He thinks that all life revolves only around him.

Influenced by the name meaning “holy”, he feels his uniqueness.

In childhood Svyatoslav weak health. Sport will come to the rescue. With regular physical exertion, the problem will go away.

There may be problems with the digestive and gastrointestinal organs.

Svyatoslav can realize himself in almost any activity that he chooses. He often occupies a leadership position, having a good ability to defend his point of view and the ability to impose it on others.

It will be a good diplomat or banker. However, he didn’t like to carry out anyone’s instructions and assignments, therefore Svyatoslav will achieve the greatest success in entrepreneurship. Due to his ambitions, he will be able to promote his company, receiving a substantial income.

If he wants, he will be able to reach heights in military affairs or in art.

Family and relationships

Svetoslav likes smart and beautiful women. With the creation of a family in no hurry.

Choosing a docile and economic companion, he will become an economic spouse, a loving and just father. All men’s duties in the household performs independently.

Provides financial well-being of the whole family. He aspires to be a leader in the family, but he should remember the opinions of his household and reckon with them in order to live in a calm friendly family atmosphere. He respects and loves his children, although he brings them up in strictness.

The whole family often go on vacation and weekends.

Astrological characteristics

  • Mars is the planet of the name
  • Aries — Sign of the Zodiac
  • Amethyst — Stone Mascot
  • Lilac — the color of the name
  • Sweet peas — a treasured plant
  • Elk — totem animal
  • Oak — a favorable tree

Famous Svyatoslavs

The fate and character traits of a person named Svyatoslav - features and way of life

Historically significant figure in ancient Russia was the Kiev Prince Stanislav Igorevich, son of Grand Duke Igor and Princess Olga.

In our time, the famous Svyatoslavs — pianist Richter, rock musician Vakarchuk, TV presenter and musicologist Belza, humorist Yeshchenko.

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