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The celebration of whose birthday is in February

Who celebrates their name day in February

Name days are a common Christian tradition, speaking special holidays in memory of those saints whose names are given to people. When this amazing sacrament is performed, the Orthodox Christian is given the name of one of the saints, who later assumes the role of his trustee and advocate.

Let’s continue to talk about female and male names in February.

The celebration of whose birthday is in February

How to set the date of your birthday?

Today, the custom is gradually returning to name children with church names. What is a church name? This is the name of the holy person who was born with you either on the same day or the next day.

She becomes your patron and is designed to save you from any life adversity and trouble.

The church name can not be changed — it remains the only one for life. As exceptions, very rare situations can be mentioned, connected, for example, with the adoption of the monastic vow. And in all other cases, the name given by the Svyattsy not only accompanies the individual throughout his life, but even after physical death, enters another world.

Therefore, when they pray for the dead, variants of church names are also used.

When people from childhood are brought up in a Christian family or, on the contrary, were baptized as adults, the date of their birthday is well known to them. However, it may be that babies baptized in infancy, but not attached to religion, begin to think about God after a long time after baptism.

In this case, they may have difficulties with the definition of the saint in honor of whom they were named and, accordingly, they do not know the date of their name day. This is due largely to the fact that the Orthodox calendar often marks the memory of the same holy person many times.

And many saints wear the same name options. For example, in the Church calendar, you can find more than thirty saints, Alexandrov, and John — more than eighty.

In this situation, the priests recommend choosing as your patron any saints who are namesied with you, which means your namesake. In addition, there is another method for which the date of reverence should be determined with the name of a holy person with you, the closest after the day of your birth.

It is she who will become the day of your birthday, and the holy person revered on these days assumes the role of your supreme intercessor. If his memory is honored and on other dates, then for you they will have the value of the so-called «small name.»

The celebration of whose birthday is in February

How to celebrate your name day?

Having dealt with the differences between birthdays and birthday, we will be able to recognize the difference in their celebration. Name-days (otherwise called Angel’s Day) are distinguished by their deep intent, because on this date your sacred patron is revered.

And according to the righteous John of Kronstadt: “we are supposed to honor our saints, so that they remember us and stand up for us before the Creator …”.

On the day of birth and on the day of the birthday it is necessary to turn to the sky, expressing our sincere gratitude to the Almighty for what we have. It is necessary to try in these special days to think more about the meaning of life, to try to abandon the ungodly actions and deeds.

On such an important date, one cannot restrict oneself to a simple solemn feast and inviting guests. And by no means donated gifts should disturb your soul now.

Traditionally, Orthodox people are obliged to go to church in their birthdays to go to church in order to fulfill confession in their sins and communion. Preparation for this process begins in advance.

Of course, no one forbids you to organize a solemn dinner on your Angel’s day, collecting your closest entourage. But it definitely should not be a version of noisy fun with a huge amount of alcohol.

It is important to create on these days the most peaceful, harmonious atmosphere, permeated with an atmosphere of spiritual goodness.

And if the date of your birthday was at the time of the post — then the table should be made appropriate. When the birthday of the Great Lent comes out, they are celebrated not on weekdays, but this coming weekend.

“Small names” are also a special date in the life of Orthodox Christians. Yes, they are not so solemn, it is not always necessary to celebrate them, but visiting the church on this date is highly recommended.

It should be noted that the custom of celebrating birthdays, of course, goes back to the times of pre-revolutionary Russia, and in the times of ancient Russia, as well as to any Christian state. Subsequently, it was lost over a long period of disbelief.

Today, the custom comes to life again and is gradually being restored. This means that we have great potential, but also a great responsibility, because the way we behave these days, to which we begin to teach our children, will be strengthened in the minds of subsequent generations.

Therefore, it is so important on the date of this solemn event to try to create a quiet, bright and joyful atmosphere. Preparation for the celebration should begin in advance — pre-select gifts for the birthday, choose an outfit, and most importantly — start preparing for Communion.

Joy will always want to repeat again and again and this custom will easily take root in your life.

The celebration of whose birthday is in February

What are the characteristic features of birthdays of the second month of winter?

February is the month when the representatives of the Zodiacal constellations Aquarius and Pisces are born. People born at this time are influenced by the planet Saturn.

And this celestial body, by its mystical properties, is associated with the concept of time, hard work, responsibility, motivates people to very persistently achieve their goals and overcome any difficulties on their way of life.

Those who are born in February are introverts in nature — they are pleased to be in the company of their own person, plus they are completely content with their loved ones. Such communication is enough for them to feel comfortable. February’s birthday is characterized by hiding their inner feelings from the people around them, although they are by nature highly vulnerable and sensitive.

It is surprising that often having a sufficiently extensive social environment, such individuals suffer from inner loneliness.

Well-developed intuitive abilities help them to easily “read” and understand the mood in which other people are and what experiences they experience. February people are able to inspire confidence, they always give reasonable recommendations, and also — they keep other people’s secrets in secret.

They represent the authority for impressionable, hysterical people, although often they themselves are on the verge of nervous exhaustion.

They have a tendency to esoteric knowledge, they are interested in everything unusual, mysterious and mysterious. But the most suitable areas of life for them in which they can achieve success is the social, humanitarian sphere.

That is, those paths in which the manifestation of mercy, care and sympathy for others is necessary.

Even for those born in the middle of winter, it is characteristic that they first do something and then think about the consequences and begin to regret. Congenital modesty, supplemented by heightened suspiciousness, often prevents them from achieving serious success in their careers, there are also very few friends with such personalities, but they create a strong family.

In most cases, not limited to one child.


The most vulnerable places of February birthdays are the organs of the cardiovascular system, as well as the urogenital sphere. People born in the second winter month are prone to anemia, tachycardia, cardiovascular insufficiency and circulatory pathologies.

In addition, there are tendencies to bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis. Due to the heightened interest in all unusual, such individuals in treatment, as a rule, give their preference to alternative medicine methods, buying up various “miraculous” drugs from the healers.

What name day fall on February on Svyatsetsky

Now let’s look at the name of what holy people are celebrated in February.

Name Day Makar

The very first saint who begins to be honored in February is Makar (in honor of Rev. Macarius of Egypt, born on the first of February (old style on the nineteenth of January). To date, this version of a handsome male name is becoming more and more popular. What will be the boy named Makar?

Parents will know about this when they study in detail the history of the life of the sacred Macarius the Great.

Name Day Maxim

What is the meaning of the name Maxim? The question asked is often asked by many people, not realizing that it would be much more accurate to re-form it in a slightly different way: which personal characteristics will the heavenly intercessor Maxim Grek give to his charges?

If you want to get an answer to the indicated question — then be sure to study the history of the life of this holy person, whose memory is honored on the third of the month (according to the Old Calendar of the twenty-first of January).

Named Xenia

The commemoration of St. Xenia, according to Svyatsets, is revered on the sixth day (new calendar). However, it is not only the fair sex who have this name option to celebrate this date.

All those who need the protection and patronage of this holy martyr can attend church, offering prayers to the saint, begging to give themselves and their close surroundings health and help in any kind of affairs.

Holy blessed Xenia of Petersburg is revered on the sixth of January (or on the twenty-fourth of January, in the old style).

Ivan’s Name Day

Also in Svyattsy on the second month of the year Ivan’s birthday is noted. This name was worn by a large number of saints. However, for the most part, boys born in the middle of winter are named after St. John Chrysostom.

The owners of this name have a pronounced ability to write and speak beautifully, and therefore easily inspire others with their rightfulness.

The memory of St. John Chrysostom is honored according to the calendar of the twelfth February (or the twenty-seventh of January).

Dmitry’s Name Day

The holy calendar celebrates them in honor of the memory of the Monk Dmitri Prilutsky. All those who decide to give their children their name must know about the life and feat of this holy person.

Since good deeds always begin with reverence for deeds committed by other people.

Memorial Day of St. Dmitry Prilutsky falls on February twenty-fourth (similar to the eleventh of February according to the Old Calendar).

Who celebrates their birthday in the Church Calendar in February 2018

Then I suggest that you analyze the name day calendar for February 2018 in detail.

The celebration of whose birthday is in February

Who celebrates their birth this month?

  • the first number — Svyattsy say about the reverence of saints Fedor, Anton, Arseny, Gregory, Makar, Mark, Nicholas and Peter
  • on the second day — on this date the names of Rimm, Artyomov, Efimov, Zakharov, Inn and Lviv fall.
  • the third number is the day of Saints Anne, Agnii, Valery, Eugene, Ivan, Ilya and Maxim
  • Fourth — the celebration of the birthday of Georgiev, Gavriilov, Efimov, Ivanov, Joseph, Leontiev, Makarov, Nikolaev, Petrov, Timofeev and Yuriyev
  • on the fifth day of the month — holidays are scheduled for Yekaterinburg, Gennadiyev, Elizavet, Klimentov, Makarov and Fedorov
  • the sixth is the day of reverence for Timothy, Gerasim, Denis, Xenia, Nicholas, Oksana and Paul
  • on the seventh day, according to the Sovets, it was recommended to name your baby Grigory, Anatoly, Boris, Alexander, Vitaly, Vladimir, Dmitry, Moses, Peter and Felix
  • the eighth number is associated with the reverence of the saints of Arkady, Bertha, Gabriel, David, Ivan, Joseph, Irma, Clement, Mary, Paul, Peter, Semen, Fedor. Wedding date allowed on this date.
  • born the ninth number — should be called Dmitriy, Ivan and Petra
  • the tenth number — it accounts for the celebration of the birthday of Olga, Akulina, Vladimir, George, Ignatius, Heraclius, Leonty, Pavel and Fyodor
  • the eleventh is the Angel’s Day for Gerasimov, Dmitriev, Ivanov, Ignatov, Konstantinov, Leontiev, Romanov, Yulianov and Yakovov
  • the twelfth number — the days of the name day Stepanov, Vasiliev, Grigoriev, Ivanov, Petrov and Fedorov fall on it
  • born of the thirteenth — are called Athanasias, Bogdans, Viktor, Nikita, Ivan and Ilya
  • those born on the fourteenth, name Nicholas, Basil, Gabriel, David, Peter and Timothy
  • but on the fifteenth of the month there is not a single name at all. Therefore, if your baby was born today, choose a name for it from the following day.
  • the sixteenth of day — the memory of Vladimirov, Adrianov, Ann, Dmitriev, Ivanov, Nikolaev, Pavlov, Romanov, Svyatoslavov and Semenov is honored
  • For the seventeenth birthday, the names of Boris, Alexander, Alexey, Andrey, Anna, Arkady, Vasily, George, Dmitry, Ekaterina, Ivan, Joseph, Kirill, Nikolay, Sergey, Fedor and Yuri
  • The eighteenth number — corresponds to the holidays: Agafi, Anton, Vasilisa, Galaktion, Makara
  • born on the nineteenth day — should be called: Anatolia, Arseny, Basil, Dmitriy, Ivan, Christine, Maxim, Mary, Marfa, Sevastyanami, Julians
  • the twentieth is associated with the reverence of the saints Alexander, Luke, and Peter
  • born on the twenty-first day — name Makar, Alexander, Andrey, Zakhar, Stepan, Fedor
  • on the twenty-second day — the days of the name of those who have the names of Vasiliev, Gennadiev, Innokentiev, Petrov
  • the twenty-third is the day of commemoration of saints Valentina, Anna, Arkady, Vasily, Galina, Gennady, Herman, Gregory, Ivan, Karp, Porfiry, Prokhor, Tatiana
  • the twenty fourth is honoring the memory of Vsevolod, Gabriel, George, Dmitry, Zakhara, Porfiry
  • the twenty-fifth day — you need to call your baby Alexey, Anton, Eugenia, Maria
  • born on the twenty-sixth of February — called Zoya, Anna, Artemy, Vasily, Vera, Vladimir, Gabriel, Ivan, Irina, Leonty, Martin, Nikolai, Pavel, Svetlana, Semyon, Stepan, Timofey
  • on the twenty-seventh number — the veneration of St. Cyril, George, Constantine, Michael, Raphael, Fedor
  • On the twenty-eighth, the last day of the month, the memory of Saints Arseniyev, Alekseev, Afanasiev, Ivanov, Mikhailov, Nikolaev, Petrov, Sophius is revered.

Final conclusions on the topic:

  • A church name (or rather, that holy man who carried it in life) becomes a real talisman for a person, protecting him from various troubles of life and negative influence from outside.
  • A church name is given once and for the whole life — it is impossible to change it (except for the adoption of monasticism).
  • To choose a church name, you need to find out which saints are honored on the day of your baby’s birthday or on the following day.
  • Name-days are a very important holiday in the life of an Orthodox person, when a visit to the Temple of God is necessary.
  • February birthdays are sensitive people, prone to introversion and experiencing esoteric knowledge.

And finally, I want to invite you to view an interesting thematic video on this topic:

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