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The beautiful name of Theon — what secrets are hidden in it and what is the fate of its owner

Theon — the magic of influence on the fate of the owner of the name

The name of Theon originates in Greece, having formed from the male name Theon. Others claim that it was formed from theonos — «divine wisdom, divine thought.»

And there is also a third version — the emergence of the word when combining the basics «gods» and «phenomenon» — theos and fanes. Whatever happens to be the correct version of the appearance of the name, its semantics is related to God.

Some believe that the name has Georgian roots, but this is absolutely not the case. It only has widespread in this country.

Nominal forms

  • Full — Theon
  • Briefly — Thea, Tiko, Teosia, Theo, Thea.
  • Affectionately — Teonochka, Teyushka, Teechka, Teonusya, Teychik, Teonchik.
  • The name is related to the names of Theon, Dorothea, Fedor, Diana, Bogdan.
    In the passport — TEONA.

The beautiful name of Theon - what secrets are hidden in it and what is the fate of its owner


From her childhood, Theon will have authority with the people around her. She never gets lost in a difficult stressful situation, always knows how to act and can find a way out. Theon and others will be happy to help cope with a difficult situation, so they always go to her for help.

Thea is a very sensual nature, always trusting her intuition, which never fails. She desperately fights for justice, investing in the struggle all of herself.

For Teona in life is important self-expression. It is important to her through creativity to show what is happening in her soul.

Her head is full of ideas that she is trying to put into action at all costs. It will make a great leader. She will easily betray her team with the incentive and inspiration to move forward.

Possesses unusual insight.

The owner of the name is not a gullible person. Her slogan is «Trust, but verify.»

Theon is a witty man, loves sharp jokes and does not take offense at subring in his address. She prefers comfort in everything.

Status is important to her, and she spends a lot of effort on its creation.

Teonochka — sociable and friendly person. She has a great many friends and acquaintances, and she is almost never alone.

When choosing a circle of communication, openness, decency and honesty of a person are of great importance. If she convicts a person of lies and hypocrisy, she will stop all kinds of communication with him, and she can demonstratively turn around and leave.

The character is very peace-loving, it’s impossible not to get along and argue. He prefers to smooth all situations and conflicts without scandals.

Gently trying to find a compromise, beneficial to all.

The beautiful name of Theon - what secrets are hidden in it and what is the fate of its owner


Theon pays special attention to his health, supports it. She leads a healthy life, enjoys sports.

If it is not a professional sport, then fitness or yoga are obligatory for it.

Theon is distinguished by hard work and diligence. She certainly will bring the started business to the end if she does not do several things at the same time and be sprayed. She is full of creativity and sees herself in the works, so in this area she will be able to satisfy all her ambitions and achieve financial independence.

In addition to the developed intuition, Teona has good analytical skills. Able to be a competent and competent analyst, marketer or manager.

Whatever professional field she chooses, she will succeed by fulfilling her responsibilities conscientiously.

Relationships and family

The second half Thea chooses for herself and for the first time. All thanks to its natural intuition. Most often she has one marriage for life.

In love, she is dipped headlong.

Theon will be a wonderful wife and a diligent hostess. She cooks well, pampering her household and guests, whom she welcomes.

Thea is a model mother. Her well-groomed children are brought up in the best traditions of the family and possess high moral qualities.

For the happiness and well-being of the family, she makes all her efforts and efforts.

A strong family union will create with Igor, Konstantin, Yuri, Boris, Nikita. Do not get on with the characters with Nikolai, Alexander, Victor.

Patrons Theons

There is no direct correspondence in the church calendar. The patron saint of Theon is the priest Theon of Thessalonica (honoring April 17).

The beautiful name of Theon - what secrets are hidden in it and what is the fate of its owner

Famous Women Theons

In Russia, the name of Theon is rare. The most famous in our country is the singer, the artist of the theater and the musical Teona Dolnikova.

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