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Stephanie: the meaning and origin of the name, the nature and fate of the girl

Stephanie — the meaning, origin and mystery of the name, the fate of the girl

The name Stephanie is of Greek origin. It is formed from the male name Stefanos.

The meaning of the name translated into Russian is “crown”, “diadem”, “crown”.

In European countries, the name sounds a bit different. In England — Stefan, in France and Germany — Stephanie, in Portugal and Spain — Estefania, in Bulgaria — Stefan.

Brief forms: Stesha, Stefa, Tesha, Stenya, Fanya, Stepa; full form — Stephanie. At baptism, the girl receives an Orthodox church name — Stefanida.

According to the Orthodox calendar, the day of the Angel (name day) is celebrated on November 24th.

The patroness of the name is the Martyr Stefanida Damascus. The saint has become a symbol of struggle and faith for Christians around the world. The image of Stephanid of Damascus is a symbol of unshakable faith in the Lord, devotion to Him.

He personifies the inner will of man, his willingness to sacrifice himself in the name of truth and justice.

Stephanie: the meaning and origin of the name, the nature and fate of the girl

Stephanie: the meaning and origin of the name, the nature and fate of the girl

In childhood, Stesha has a calm character, she always obeys parents. But she is not a shy child.

From an early age, she begins to show their talents, causing pride in their parents. The girl likes to be in the center of attention and needs constant approval of her behavior.

She likes to receive compliments to her address, gifts and surprises prepared especially for her.

In adolescence, Stephanie becomes withdrawn and uncommunicative. It is difficult for her to build relationships with peers.

The reason for this behavior is the girl’s incredulity. She aggressively responds to comments in her address and is upset about trifles that the other person would not even pay attention to.

Only next to relatives and close friends, she demonstrates her softness and goodwill. Stephanie is ready to lend a helping hand in a difficult situation and always keeps her promises.

That is why her relatives appreciate her so much.

The secret of the name lies in the inconsistency of the identity of its owner. She is cruel to her ill-wishers, but as soon as she meets her soul mate, she turns into a sensitive companion and caring friend.

Stefania is proud and independent, throughout life strives for success and superiority over all. A woman never complains, no matter how difficult she may be. She confidently goes towards her goal and steadfastly overcomes all obstacles in her path.

Therefore, the fate of Stephanie develops most often safely.

Positive traitsNegative traits
  • performance;
  • purposefulness;
  • perseverance in achieving their goals;
  • independence
  • cruelty;
  • intolerance;
  • isolation;
  • impulsiveness

Stephanie: the meaning and origin of the name, the nature and fate of the girl

Stephanie is a romantic, dreamy person. She believes that she will meet her ideal man one day and build a strong family with him. It is not easy for her to build relationships with representatives of the opposite sex, as she prefers to be a leader in a pair, than her elects are not easy to accept.

She will be happily married to a man who will not limit her freedom and allow her to express herself in her professional activities.

In sex, the girl often takes the initiative. She likes to surprise her lover and feel superior to him in bed.

Stephanie is a great hostess. Comfort and harmony always reign in her house. She carefully cares for her spouse and children.

But family relationships often do not add up due to the fact that a woman feels lonely in her soul. Instead of enjoying a happy family life, she plunges into philosophical reflections and gradually moves away from her family.

Stephanie will find happiness in marriage with:

Avoiding relationships is recommended with:

Stephanie: the meaning and origin of the name, the nature and fate of the girl

In general, the girl has good health. She is in good physical shape due to regular exercise and avoiding alcohol.

Training helps Stephanie improve self-esteem and temper character.

The most vulnerable spot is the nervous system. The girl is vulnerable and sensitive, so the slightest remark in his address takes to heart and for a long time can not forgive the offense inflicted to her.

Since childhood, the emotional state of the girl should be given special attention, otherwise in adulthood she may have problems with nerves and heart.

Stefania is a responsible and hardworking worker. Thanks to a wide outlook and good intuition, the girl will be able to realize herself in almost any sphere. She copes well with the role of subordinate, and with the position of boss.

In order for her work to advance successfully, it is important for her to see the results of her labors and to hear in her address the praise from her superiors. Stephanie will be able to build a successful career as an actress, translator, architect, doctor.

When choosing a profession of no small importance is the amount of wages. She aspires to independence, including financial, therefore work should bring her high income.

Despite the presence of organizational skills and management skills, the business sector is not a good choice for Stephanie. Chances are that her business will not be successful and will bring only disappointments and losses.

Stephanie is an inquisitive enthusiastic nature, who always strives to learn something new. Her interests include a wide variety of activities and hobbies. She loves to read and handicraft, is engaged in active sports and dancing, teaches foreign languages.

Parents should help their daughter reveal their talents and self-actualize.

Stefania has a good ear, so she can become a musician or a singer and perform at creative evenings and concerts.

She prefers to spend her free time in the company of family or friends. The perfect vacation for her is a trip abroad. It attracts countries with a rich culture.

She can spend all day getting to know the local landmarks.

Talismans, charms and symbols of the name Stephanie are given in the table.

Sign, Mascot or SymbolInterpretation
Patron of the planet — MercuryIn astrology, the planet symbolizes curiosity, intellectual energy and mobility. People who are protected by Mercury are sociable, dexterous and energetic. They easily learn foreign languages, and they have the gift of finding a common language with any person.
Stone Mascot — AmethystThe stone personifies humility, spirituality and modesty. Amethyst controls evil and negative thoughts, sharpens the human mind and gives it insight. The stone cannot be worn constantly — periodically it must be removed so that it retains its magical power.
Colors — black and purpleBlack color gives the owner of the name a hot-tempered character and a keen sense of justice. People with «purple» names — romantic amorous nature, able to penetrate into the soul of man. The main obstacle to their happiness is their sensitivity, which makes them worry about trifles
Name number — ninePeople whose names are nine are smart and decisive, but laziness prevents them from succeeding in life. If you manage to overcome this quality, «nines» will be able to realize any of their dreams. The main incentive for them is the love and recognition of loved ones, so they like to listen to compliments and do not accept criticism.
Animals — electric ramp and foxesThe electric ramp is a symbol of impermanence, independence and love of freedom. Only the danger from the outside, with which he will give an aggressive rebuff, can disturb his peace. Fox personifies cunning, dexterity and wit. People whose fox totemic animals are able to adapt to any situation and make decisions quickly at critical moments.
Trees — aspen and barberryThe magical power of aspen absorbs negative energy and cleanses the house from the evil eye and damage. The talisman, made of aspen wood, relieves its owner from obsessive fear and anxiety. Barberry in esoterica personifies love of freedom and desire for independence
Hyacinth flowerHyacinth symbolizes sociability, wisdom and vitality. The flower protects a person from negative energy and attracts love and harmony into his life.
Metal — IronIron is a symbol of stability, perseverance, uncompromising and cruelty. In magic, this metal is used to protect the house from negative energy and fight evil spirits.

A person must constantly interact with charms to enhance their magical effect.

Among the representatives of the name of many athletes who have become famous throughout the world, actresses and singers. The most famous of them are:

  • Stephanie Wojtovic — Polish singer, winner of the Prague Spring International Festival and winner of the Bach Vocalists Competition in Poznan.
  • Stefania Belmondo — the legendary Italian skier, four-time world champion and winner of the Small Crystal Globe in sprint races.
  • Stephanie March is an American actress who gained world fame thanks to the role of Alex Cabot in the television series Law and Order: Special Corps.

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