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Stepan: the meaning of the name for the boy, fate, mystery, character

Stepan is a very reserved and secretive person. He does not allow anyone close and does not show anyone his true experiences and emotions. He is stable in all respects and will never change his own principles and beliefs.

A man named Stepan is good-natured and responsive, well-versed in people and able to recognize mercenary and deceitful people from the first minutes of communication. Stepan is positive, smart and fair, loves active rest and tasty food.

He is interested in technology and cars, well versed in construction and has golden hands. A man can not be called a darling of fate, he achieves success with hard work and does not believe in miracles.

The male name Stepan is of Greek origin. The mystery and meaning of the name Stepan — "wreath", "crown".

The name came to the territory of modern Russia from Byzantium after the baptism of Russia. This name was named the first martyr who was a Christian, and died for his religion at the behest of the Sanhedrin.

So they called the boys, who were born in the families of ordinary peasants and commoners, and in the modern world the name Stepan is popular only among rural residents.

Stepan: the meaning of the name for the boy, fate, mystery, character

The church form of the name is Stephen. Various variations and diminutive forms of the name: Stepashka, Stenka, Stepchik, Steponka, Stepka, Stepushka, Stenyushka, Stepanya, Stepanych, Stepura, Stepashok, Stepashenka, Stepashonok, Steph , Stesha, Stepanushka.

The female form of the name is Stephanie. In Russian-speaking countries — Stepanida.

Analogs named Stepan in other countries:

  • England — Stephen;
  • Germany — Stefan;
  • France — Etienne;
  • Spain — Esteban;
  • Italy — Stefano;
  • Hungary — Istvan;
  • Greece — Stefanos;
  • Belarus — Stsyapan;
  • Czech Republic — Stepan;
  • Finland — Tapani.

Stepan: the meaning of the name for the boy, fate, mystery, character

Outstanding personalities named Stepan:

  • Writers and poets — Smolyakov, Kadashnikov, Shchipachev, Pisakhov, Protsyuk, Vasilchenko, Russov.
  • Scientists and inventors — Malygin, Dzhevetsky, Makarov, Zhakov, Hawking.
  • Actors and comedians — Kazanin, Morozov, Starchikov, Korshunov, Razumov, Beketov, Roznov, Mikhalkov.
  • Singers and musicians — Wander, Ridley, Giga, Ledkov, Kurudimov.
  • Athletes — Beletsky, Zuev, Popov, Pasechnik, Stefanishin.

Other famous people: Razin — Cossack, leader of the peasant uprising; Bandera — Ukrainian nationalist, political figure.

Stepan: the meaning of the name for the boy, fate, mystery, character

The description of the psychological portrait of a man is given in the table:

Type of characterCholeric
Basic qualitiesDiligence, practicality, diligence
prosActivity, discipline, wit, responsibility, conscientiousness, honesty, accuracy, thrift
MinusesSelfishness, gullibility
MindThe owner of this name wants a quiet and peaceful life. He was not accustomed to taking risks and moving slowly but surely towards his intended goals. He does not like conflicts and always tries to avoid clarifying the relationship, ignoring the angry companion. Stepa can not be offended for a long time and never takes revenge on his offenders.
ProfessionsFireman, police officer, doctor, engineer, builder, artist, actor, architect, writer
IntuitionStepan has a well-developed intuition, he trusts his inner instinct
Hobbies and hobbiesFishing, garden and garden, appliances, cars, travel

In general, Stepan is a friendly and good-natured guy who, although he can stand up for himself, will never offend a person who is younger and weaker.

A man named Stepan cannot be called a deeply moral person, but he sacredly honors family traditions and never betrays his relatives and dear people.

Compatibility with female names:

  • Maximum — Olga, Daria, Love, Zinaida, Lydia, Clara, Hope, Faith.
  • Medium — Maria, Irina, Claudia, Martha, Sofia, Marina, Pelageya, Polina.
  • Low — Rimma, Margarita, Natalia, Tatiana, Julia, Oksana, Anna.

Little Styopa is an inquisitive and cheerful child who knows the world and does not give descent to her parents. Stepa wants to know everything at once, shows an increased interest in electrical appliances and tries to independently understand the insides of toy machines.

Parents complain that he breaks all the toys, but the child does not understand the indignation of the father and asks him a million questions.

Step here loves the company of yard boys and feels lonely if he is an only child in a family. The boy takes care of the animals and helps the mother without any extra reminders and persuasion.

The child is interested in football. He likes outdoor ball games, he loves to read adventure novels, dreaming of a world tour and meeting a real pirate.

Since childhood, Stepan has problems with his heart and, if you neglect your health, a heart attack is possible at an early age. He is also predisposed to infectious diseases and leads a wrong lifestyle, because of which his metabolism slows down and extra pounds appear.

In school Stepan — an inventor and a dreamer. He can invent an incredible story to justify himself for an unfulfilled maths task or an unlearned poem.

But most often, Styopa has a responsible approach to study and quickly finds a common language with teachers. In the extra-curricular life, the boy also takes part and can come up with a scenario for the holiday or sing a soulful song, speaking to a large audience.

Having matured, Stepan does not always want to enter a higher educational institution. From a mischievous boy, a serious and independent young man grows up who seeks to find work and provide for his loved ones already at a young age.

Stepan is hard-working and responsible, so he can get a job as an assistant in a service station, a caretaker or a laborer.

Stepan has a well-developed logic and practical mind. Rough acts and hasty decisions are unusual for him.

A man analyzes information before making a choice, learns from his wrong actions and does not repeat mistakes anymore.

Stepa has many comrades with whom he often goes fishing and spends time in nature. He loves to organize feasts and the doors for friends in his house are always open.

The owner of this name sacredly honors male friendship, and if he faces a choice between a comrade and a lover, he will always choose the first.

In an intimate relationship, Stepa behaves rudely and cares about meeting his own needs, so he cannot be called a skilled lover.

He does not like experiments in bed and will never talk with his partner on frank topics, preferring to keep silent about his erotic fantasies.

In love, he has no luck. He is often disappointed in his beloved and is looking for the one with whom he will live to the end of his days in peace and harmony. He is not a sentimental and romantic man.

He does not like to say beautiful words and confessions, preferring to express his feelings in another way.

Stepan can fix a crane or make repairs for his beloved woman, but rarely gives flowers. The owner of this name needs a family and modest woman who will become the keeper of the home and devote themselves to their children and spouse.

Stepan is an excellent family man who can fix any thing in the house. He is happy to manage the housekeeping and all financial issues are on his shoulders.

Stepan loves children, but their mother takes care of their upbringing only. The owner of this name loves comfort and coziness, but does not strive for luxurious life, being content with little.

Tap dance can be a good leader, but does not strive for this. He is close to the professions that are related to the service sector, construction, industry and energy.

He can find his vocation in the creative field and become a famous actor of theater and cinema.

Stepan’s business will flourish if a man finds himself a good helper who will tell you how to build a business plan and teach you the basics of business negotiations.

The interpretation of the character of Stepan, who was born in different seasons:

  • Winter — prefers solitude to noisy companies, loves physical labor and focuses entirely on work, forgetting about youthful amusements and romance novels. Stepan, born in winter, loves consistency and for a long time gets used to various innovations.
  • Spring — romantic and sentimental young man. He is a real Lovelace and lover of beautiful girls who is used to idealizing everything. Spring Stepan leads an idle lifestyle, he does not accept boredom and monotony.
  • Autumn — ambitious, stubborn and svonraven. Autumn Stepan thoroughly approaches any business and brings the work to perfection. He is a scrupulous and scrupulous young man who wants to prove his superiority to others.
  • Summer — cheerful and friendly guy who has clear goals and does not deviate from his life plan under any circumstances. Stepan, who was born in the summer, is very attached to his parents, and is looking for a girl who looks like a mother.

The table contains happy symbols and charms for a man named Stepan:

CriterionHappy character
Elementthe fire
Patron planetSun, Mercury
AnimalHorse (tarpan)
ColourRed, Scarlet, Brown, Sand, Yellow
A rockRuby, opal black, carnelian
PlantSweet pea
ZodiacAries, Aquarius
Day of the weekTuesday
TreeApple tree, rowan

Named dates and patron saints for a man named Stepan are presented in the table:

NumberMonthHeavenly patron
9JanuaryHoly martyr
17First Martyr, Apostle
24Holy martyr
27Rev. Vifinsky
21FebruaryHoly martyr
26Serbian king
6AprilHoly Martyr of Kazan
eightVenerable martyr
tenAbbot of English
17Holy martyr
9MayBishop of Perm
thirtyPatriarch of Constantinople
25Martyr of Ozersk
6JulyHoly martyr
13Serbian king
18Bishop of Regia
26Rev. Savvait
31Patriarch of Amasia
oneAugustKing Stephen New
15Martyr martyr
2SeptemberKing of Hungary
eightHoly martyr
9Martyr Nemkov
28First martyr
7OctoberKing of Serbian
15Holy Martyr of Kazan
17Shilyanovich, King
23Bishop of Ephesus
tenNovemberRev. Savvait
13Holy martyr
24Great martyr Dechansky
25Holy martyr
29Saint Stephen
elevenDecemberMartyr Byzantine
15Serbian, Uros V
28Confessor Surozhsky

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