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Stella — what fate awaits her, character traits

Stella — the origin, fate and temperament

“Star”, “star” — this is the translation of the name Stella into our language. It came to us from Latin, formed from «stellar».

At the mention of the name immediately appears strong, independent and strong-willed woman with a bright appearance.

At this time, the name is not popular, as, for example, in the Soviet Union, when names with revolutionary themes were in vogue.

What forms of the name are

  • Fully — Stella
  • Abbreviated — Stelka, Stelli, Tella.
  • Affectionately — Stellonka, Stellunka, Stelllochka, Stellus, Stellacion, Stellunya, Stellushka.

In German, Polish, Italian, Stella and Estella are used. The name Estelle is found in France (Estelle’s pronunciation).

In Portuguese, it is used as Estrela (Estrela pronunciation), in Spanish it is used as Estrela (pronunciation — Estrella).

Stella - what fate awaits her, character traits

  • In the passport — STELLA.
  • In the Orthodox calendar Stella is not found.

Baby Stella is a sociable “why-man” who can communicate with any person. This naughty, but insanely good child has many friends with whom she enjoys playing all the outdoor games.

Stella is very curious and starts reading early. Since childhood, she has shown her leadership skills.

Often will be the captain in the children’s team, and this is the choice of the team.

Studying with Stella is easy. With a sharp mind, analytical skills and logic, will achieve success in the study of the exact sciences. She is often invited to take part in various school subject Olympiads.

But she is absolutely not interested in socially useful activities. Organizational activity is not for her.

Adult Stella becomes more reasonable and slightly cold in communicating with others. She begins to close on others. This is not the open girl that was in childhood.

However, this coldness and closeness is present only when communicating with strangers. With her loved ones, she feels free and still behaves openly.

Already from her teenage years, Stella has been striving to become independent, which she succeeds in. She never asks for help and prefers to achieve everything on her own.

It will be able to become a model of independence, paying great attention to its self-realization.

Stella — a woman with a heavy character. Reasonable, restrained, a little gloomy.

By temperament, she is an introvert. It is characterized by prudence and secrecy.

Stella has strong willpower and strict moral principles. Will not tolerate pressure and directions.

Stella - what fate awaits her, character traits

Stella’s strong health can only be envied. The combination of good data from nature and a healthy lifestyle gives her the opportunity to be a healthy person.

She has good stamina and quick response. If you are passionate about sports, good results are possible.

It is necessary to pay close attention to food, because Stella is sometimes like to eat. Eat everything without consequences, it can only until a certain age. Then weight gain is possible.

Nutrition and its organization should be approached very carefully and thoughtfully.

Stella is a hardworking and good worker. But she is not a team player at all. She likes to carry out her duties independently and be solely responsible for herself.

With all her perseverance, she never gives up and brings the case to the end, despite all the difficulties. Retreat from their plans can only weighty evidence.

For Stella, self-realization is very important. She wants success and recognition. To meet their needs, she is ready to work in several places.

Clearly following her plans, she will almost always achieve what she wants.

Family and relationships

Stella expects a thorny path to a happy family life. She is not particularly picky in men and is kept on all their promises.

Can choose his wife a sociable, but absolutely not an economic man. If a relationship with a man is unpromising, then she will try to save them until the last moment.

Inside, Stella has huge reserves of tenderness and love.

She is able to manage the household, only she does not like at all and is trying to pass them on to her spouse. But still she gladly receives guests and will be able to arrange a reception on the highest level.

With the appearance of offspring can become an exemplary mother. She takes all her care, but at the same time is always demanding. He devotes a lot of time and energy to the development and upbringing of his children.

All your free time is ready to devote to children and spouse.

Astrological characteristics

  • Star sign — Virgo.
  • Stone — Beryl.
  • The color of the name is Blue.
  • Planet — Proserpina.
  • Plant — Star (Hacquetia).
  • Linden tree.
  • Totem animal — Dove.

Stella - what fate awaits her, character traits

Famous Stella

  • Russian gymnast Zakharova
  • Stylist from England McCartney, daughter of Paul McCartney
  • Model from New Zealand Maxwell

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