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Sofia Name Day on the Church Calendar of Christians

Angel Day Sofia by the church calendar

For more than a dozen years, the name of Sofia is among the most popular. It has a rich history, an interesting meaning.

Most celebrate the day of the angel Sophia, when the christening took place, but on the day of your patron we must not forget to pray. Celebrated birthday in the memorable dates of the saints:

  • 28.02. — ppm Sofia (Seliverstova)
  • 01.04. — St. Prince Sofia (Slutskaya)
  • 06.05. — Sofia avenue (Khotokuridu)
  • 04.06. — doctor, torture. Sofia
  • 17.06. — prep. Sofia
  • August 14, 29.12. — Sofia Suzdal, prep.
  • 30.09. Sophia Rimskaya
  • 01.10. Sophia Egyptian, tort.
  • 31.12. — Miracle Sophia.

The etymology of the name is from the Greek. “Wise, clever”, only little princesses were given the name. Since the second half of 19, it has been actively used by all segments of the population.

In the Christian world is still in demand.

Church form name — Sofia

Sofia Name Day on the Church Calendar of Christians

Main character traits

The girls of the Sofa are sociable, mobile. They love when they pay attention, especially coming from the guys. They are spiritually rich, but they are reluctant to seek knowledge, sometimes their studies are not very exciting.

Life goals are achieved easily. Difficulties on the way are extremely rare.

If something unpleasant happens, a woman is never lost, always coping with the trials she has suffered.

Sonya is a faithful, reliable friend, however, excessive gullibility often turns against her. She is not in a hurry to get married, she chooses the one and only one for a long time, she is serious about creating a family. Being a mother, patient, economic, prudent.

Professional activity is usually associated with its main feature — sociability.

The name Sophia occupies an important place in Orthodoxy. According to the church calendar, the name day is marked repeatedly.

It should be noted that a person has the right to celebrate the day of the angel only if he is baptized.

Brief stories of saints

Martyr Sophia (Seliverstova)

In 1871, the future prpmchts were born in the Saratov province. Sofia.

Even as a child, she lost her mother, and until the age of 20 she lived in a convent, where she received upbringing. Having matured, I went to the northern capital, I learned to draw, and to pay for a teacher, I served in houses.

In 1989, it was decided to become a nun. In the same year, having moved to Moscow, he entered the number of sisters of the Passionate Monastery.

Disbanding the institution after the Revolution forced it to settle on the street. Tikhvin, in the room of the basement with other former inhabitants.

In 1938, she was arrested; she was accused of activity against the revolution and the new government. The sentence — the execution was carried out in the same year.

Glorified in 2001, the Day of the Angel can also be celebrated on January 26, like all Russian new martyrs.

Sofia Name Day on the Church Calendar of Christians

Princess Sofia Slutsk

Holy Prince. She was born in the noble family of Prince Yu. Yu. Slutsky in 1585. After a year she was orphaned. Was an active opponent of Uniatism.

With all her strength she tried to prevent agitations of supporters of Rome. She was gone at a young age, only 26 years old.

Having given birth to a dead child, she died in agony. The second specified date in the church calendar is also celebrated as the Day of Remembrance of the Saints of Belarus.

Torment Sophia the Martyr

In worldly life, she treated people. Remained in the memory of the people because of the painful death that was accepted for their faith in Christ.

Information about the holy doctor remained very scarce. Known date of death: 17.06. Got another name — prep. Sofia Little known.

Few people know about the bottom of the memory, as only a few facts are known. Becoming a nun, was simple, austere, strictly adhered to all canons.

Martyr Sophia (Roman)

A resident of ancient Rome — one of the most famous martyrs in Orthodoxy. Her memory is honored by the entire Orthodox part of humanity. The story of the execution of her young daughters by a cruel emperor was known for a long time.

Children, Faith (12 years old), Hope (10 years old), Love (8 years old), were beheaded for their pure faith and inflexibility, and the inconsolable mother died, God took her away, not allowing her to suffer even more on earth.

Egyptian Sophia, martyr

The woman actively professed Christianity, but during torture she did not renounce her faith, for which she was beheaded. The execution took place on the orders of Emperor Aurelian.

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