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Sofia: meaning of name, origin, fate for girls, mystery, character

The ancient Greek name Sofia means "experienced", "wise", "reasonable". The soft and gentle sound of the name reflects the character of its owner. A woman is merciful and kind, radiates femininity and beauty, therefore she will never be left without male attention.

The fate of the owner of this name develops successfully, because a woman knows how to make her dreams come true and does not wait for a miracle to happen to her.

The female name Sophia has several versions of the origin and a different interpretation. Literal translation from Greek — "wisdom". In Islam, there is a variation of the female name Safi — Safia, which is consonant with the Russian name, but Muslims give it a different meaning — "clean", "immaculate", "blissful".

Translation from Latin — "prudence", "philosophy", "reasonableness". Decoding from Tatar — "clear".

The ancient Greek meaning of the name Sofia is "experienced", "wise", "reasonable".

Sofia is the full name, the colloquial version is Sophia. Analogues of the name in different countries: in England — Sophia, in Germany — Zofia, in France — Sophie, in Hungary — Zofia.

Diminutive form of the name: Sofyushka, Sofka, Sofusha, Fifi, Sofinett, Sonya, Sonya, Sonyushka, Sofiyka, Sofushka, Sofa, Sonia, Sonyshka, Sonnet, Sofiyushka, Sofuta, Zhofi, Sahfiya, Sofina, Sofitsa, Fiyka.

Suitable patronymic for a girl named Sofia: Maksimovna, Eduardovna, Aleksandrovna, Andreevna, Alekseevna, Zakharovna, Vladimirovna, Ivanovna, Mikhailovna, Pavlovna.

Name history:

  • On the territory of Russia, the name Sofia appeared with the adoption of Christianity. Originally it appeared in Byzantium, where it was considered truly royal. In the name of Sophia they called daughters, in whose veins flowed blue blood. It passed from generation to generation and was widely popular in the ruling dynasties.
  • Prince Yury Danilovich of Moscow named his only child Sophia. In the Romanov dynasty there were several women by the name of Sophia, one of whom became the ruler of Russia at the end of the 17th century (Sophia Alekseevna).
  • During Soviet times, the name Sophia lost its former popularity and returned to Russia by the beginning of the 21st century.

In Ireland, this name in 2010 took the first place in popularity, and in Ukraine and England — the second. In 2013, it became one of the three most popular names in the world.

Sofia: meaning of name, origin, fate for girls, mystery, character

Famous women named Sofia:

  1. 1. Composers and singers — Gubaidulina, Rotaru, Alice Bextor, Tucker, Muratova.
  2. 2. Actresses — Loren, Marceau, Turner, Kashtanova, Pilyavskaya, Ignatova, Pisman, Karashman, Hyacinth.
  3. 3. Athletes — Jacobsson, Vlasova, Priyma, Darchuk, Boyle, Mattson, Pasco.
  4. 4. Kovalevskaya is the first woman in the world to become a professor of mathematics. Bluestein — the legendary "Sonka the Goldhand", criminal and adventurer. Perovskaya is a Russian revolutionary.

Sofia: meaning of name, origin, fate for girls, mystery, character

Sofia is an Orthodox name, that’s why a woman celebrates a birthday party according to the church calendar several times a year:

NumberMonthPatron saint
29DecemberSuzdal Reverend
31Righteous Miracle
26JanuaryMartyr Seliverstova
28FebruaryMartyr Selivestrova
oneAprilPrincess Slutskaya
  • Princess Slutskaya;
  • Rev. Thracian
14AugustVenerable Suzdal
28Wisdom of God (Novgorod)
21SeptemberWisdom of God (Kiev)
thirtyHoly martyr
oneOctoberEgyptian martyr

Sofia: meaning of name, origin, fate for girls, mystery, character

Girl Sonya is a quiet, obedient and trouble-free child who will never refuse a mother and will not beg for sweets and toys with the help of tantrums and whims. Sophia rarely cries, and if her parents notice her tears, it means that something very serious has happened.

The girl does her homework with great diligence, is interested in literature, music and visual art.

Sonya is modest and responsible, she can be trusted with raising a younger brother or sister and caring for pets. She loves to play with the neighbors’ guys, but only after completing all the orders.

The girl is inquisitive, intelligent and developing beyond her years. She is artistic and talented, has a pleasant voice and plays several musical instruments.

Sonia attends sports clubs and dances beautifully, she is graceful and graceful, dreams of becoming a famous dancer. Parents are very proud of their daughter and cannot rejoice at her talents.

The sofa is generous, cheerful and generous, so it easily finds new girlfriends and becomes a welcome guest in any children’s company. At school, little Sofia tries to get maximum knowledge and conscientiously does her homework, seeks additional material and teaches long poems.

The teachers nominate her for the Olympiad, because they are sure that Sofia will not disgrace the honor of the school and will take first place in the competition. Sonya will never use cheat sheets and look for cunning tricks to get what she wants, achieving success only by honest methods.

With age, the Sofa becomes an attractive and temperamental girl that guys often come up to meet. The owner of this name is serious about the relationship, so she is in no hurry to know all the delights of the first love.

Sonia wants to get a good education and get a prestigious job, so she spends her leisure time on textbooks. She studies each subject very carefully and scrupulously in order to understand all the intricacies.

Sofia stands out against the background of other women and guys often fight among themselves to impress a lady. However, Sofia will pay attention only to an intelligent and gallant man who prefers to find peaceful ways to resolve conflicts. For her in the first place are the moral qualities, but also the appearance is not the last.

A man should dress neat and stylish, be well-groomed and attractive.

Sophia is not in a hurry to get married and is not looking for her betrothed, because she believes that love itself will come unexpectedly and unexpectedly. Marriage of convenience for her is unacceptable, as well as civil. She trembles with her parents, so the elect must find a common language with her mother and father of her bride.

Sophia will never connect her fate with a man without a parental blessing.

Sonya is responsive, always help your loved ones. She is not only an excellent storyteller, but she also knows how to listen, empathizing with it.

She is sincere, fair, she will never discuss someone and weave intrigue. Sophia is difficult to ruffle, but if this happens, the girl in anger is terrible.

She will not forgive betrayal and lies, having lost trust in this person once and for all.

The adult Sophia is wise, active, active and striving to achieve a lot, but excessive impulsiveness can interfere with her plans.

Deceive Sofia is not easy, because she is well versed in people. The woman is principled, insightful, self-confident and purposeful.

Has a broad outlook, an interesting conversationalist. Do not accept the routine and monotony.

Sofia chooses a profession for the soul. It is important for her to have fun while at work.

A woman is ambitious, so she quickly moves up the career ladder and can become a Minister of Education from a simple teacher. Sofia often chooses the creative profession, because he owns a lot of talent and pronounced artistry.

She can become a successful business woman and independently build her own business from scratch, achieving great heights and material prosperity.

Sophia is voluptuous and hot, but she will show her temperament only to her lover, demanding the same attitude in return. For the owner of this name is extremely important words that a man whispers in her ear, starting the preliminary caresses.

She needs approval and compliments, as well as hot confessions and frank conversations. Sofia can be submissive and affectionate, and if necessary, it can easily turn into an unbridled and domineering vamp.

A woman named Sophia does not care about her children and seeks to create the most comfortable conditions for them. She is very enthusiastic about their upbringing and does not allow her spouse to interfere in housekeeping, putting all household chores on her shoulders. A woman will never allow confusion in her home.

She spends a lot of time in the kitchen to please her family with another culinary masterpiece. Sophia is always ready for unexpected guests who come suddenly and everyone is welcomed with a warm welcome.

Characteristics of a woman named Sophia, love relationships and compatibility are presented in the table:

prosResponsiveness, integrity, diligence, sensitivity, discipline, interpersonal skills, friendliness, curiosity, politeness, activity
MinusesExcessive seriousness, self-criticism, distrust, shyness
Type of characterPhlegmatic person
IntelligenceSophia is clever and quick-witted, but she never exalts herself above others. She is always open to new things and is improving herself every day. A woman remembers information well and completely concentrates on work, ignoring external stimuli
MoralA woman named Sophia is a principled and highly moral person who sacredly honors her family and will never do something shameful and immoral, for which then she will have to blush her close ones
HealthIn childhood, Sonya often suffers from angina and catarrhal diseases, but over the years the immunity becomes more stable and there are no particular health problems. A woman regularly visits doctors and takes all necessary preventive measures in order to preserve her beauty and health into extreme old age
IntuitionThe sixth sense is well developed, but a woman named Sophia most often relies on her logical conclusions.
MindThe owner of this name combines such qualities as vigor and sluggishness, good nature and severity, laziness and diligence. Sofia is able to quickly mobilize herself, turning in the blink of an eye from an apathetic lady into an active and cheerful woman. In any situation, she tries not to lose her composure, so she quickly finds the right solution.
ProfessionsEducator, teacher, culinary specialist, designer, singer, actress, fitness trainer, choreographer, journalist, artist, psychologist, writer, doctor
HobbyNeedlework, cooking, literature, music, painting, theater, travel, active recreation
Male Name CompatibilityVladimir, Ilya, Alexander, Alexey, Maxim, Artem, Konstantin, Mikhail, Roman, Pavel, Afanasy, Evgeny, Gennady, Vyacheslav, Andrey
IncompatibilityAnton, Arseny, Dmitry, Arkady, Vasily, Peter, Semen, Adam, Herman, Daniel

The table presents happy and unlucky symbols, meaningful dates, talismans and patrons for a woman named Sofia:

View TalismanPatron
Stones MascotsLapis lazuli, amber, chrysoprase, marble, agate
Astrological signLibra
Totem animalSwallow mantis
Happy colorsWhite, yellow, lemon, purple, burgundy, green
Unlucky colorsBlack red
Name numberone
Significant numbers21, 30, 33, 40, 44
Patron of the worldVenus, Saturn
Cherished flowerLily
TreeLinden, cedar
Auspicious dayFriday
Unlucky dayMonday
Happy seasonAutumn

The psychological portrait of Sophia also depends on her zodiac sign.

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