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Significance of the name Stephen: character, fate and love compatibility

Stephen — a beautiful male name, love affairs and family relationships

The etymology of the name is ancient Greek. The unanimous meaning of «crown», «crown», «crowned with a crown.»

The name began to spread in the Byzantine Empire from the early stages of Christianity, because it is so often used in church calendar. The first canonized martyr bore that very name — Stephen the First Martyr.

In Russian history, the name appeared later and acquired a new word form — Stepan. Very respected name in the Slavic environment.

The name is very variable in the sound of different nations: Stepan, Stephen, Stefan, Etienne, Esteban, Stefanio, Stefan, Istvan.

The diminutive — pet form of the name Stefanchik, Stef, Stefik, Stif, Stefanushka.

The female variety is just as beautiful — Stephanie, Stepanida, Stefi.

Character and fate

Stafik grows restless, but rather obedient and adult-minded. He is diligent and diligent, the boy with character.

Active, intelligent, curious — it’s all about Stefanik.

Parents and educators have a lot to interpret, explain and answer the many questions of the little lyubozayka. The formation of the baggage of experience and skills is constantly going on, vocabulary is acquired.

In the teaching he easily assimilates knowledge, he likes teachers, easily finds a common language with everyone. He is always more mature and prudent than peers.

Any subject does not allocate, more like extracurricular activities. A lover of various circles, whether it be sports clubs or scientific communities, the circle of «skilled hands» or music.

He wants to stand out in everything, to master an unusual occupation. The boy is the soul of the team, will keep the conversation going, unobtrusive, knows a lot of interesting things.

He notices the details, is attentive to trifles, knows how to talk well, gathering around his comrades.

Stefan thinks in a non-trivial way, he comes up with moves, his organizational skills are also great. Such a person will be successful in most undertakings.

This is a man with heightened pride, determination. He has a stable nervous system.

Always in a good mood, not prone to self-flagellation.

Girls like it because of their dissimilarity, adulthood and good character.

Significance of the name Stephen: character, fate and love compatibility

Positive qualities of character: a normal sense of humor, kindness and ease of communication, vitality, responsiveness, harmless disposition.

Negative qualities: flattery to the higher, inability to keep secrets.

Steph rarely complains about health. He regularly goes in for sports, does not pay attention to sometimes adverse symptoms. Prophylactic examinations, adherence to the day and nutrition.

Problems with digestion are possible.

The man has a stable psyche, always in a good mood and tone.

Mystery of Stephen

Love is the main secret of man. Often flirting and flirting with ladies leads to the destruction of a family or friendship.

At stake will put everything — partners, children, friendship.

Love and family relationships

Stefan is courteous and courteous with women. He knows how to submit himself, talkative, gives compliments. He can take care of a long time, he likes the process of conquest.

Connoisseur of love affairs, skilled in intimate caresses. Prominent groom.

Significance of the name Stephen: character, fate and love compatibility

He is not indifferent to the weaker sex, he flirts, he likes the attention of girls. On this basis, there are conflicts with friends.

With a woman who finally conquered him, will link their fate. But even being married, like others. If the feelings are not kept up, the cooled Stefan will not save the marriage.

Love man takes a lot of experiences to his wife.

With a successful union, it becomes a positive family man, the partner in this marriage should be domineering, resolute and reliable. Taking care of the household, children and wife will fall on her shoulders.

Stefanek knows how to tinker around the house, not a fan of spending money, the material wealth in the family is stable. The man always has the opportunity to work.

Good relationship will develop: Barbara, Clara, Hope, Irina, Natalia, Tatiana, Lydia, Olga, Uliana, Olesya, Katharina.

Professional choice. Career and business

Even without a higher education, a man is able to find a vocation and become an indispensable worker. Having a good vocabulary, interpersonal skills, the ability to please and convince, it becomes «entree» in many doors.

Much will achieve in independent work and in a team.

Stefan loves his job, knows how to find an unconventional solution, getting quick results.

Has the gift of a manager, can be a good leader. She has organizational skills since school years, finds a common language with subordinates, accumulates energy for a common cause.

Always in good standing.

He can do much with his own hands, a master of many crafts: a mechanic, a cabinet maker, a turner, a mechanic, an electrician.

A good career as a serviceman expects Stef if he goes to serve.

A man is also gifted with creative talents: he can become an artist, sculptor, writer, designer. Rotating in a bohemian environment, organic, loves the public.

Significance of the name Stephen: character, fate and love compatibility

Having received education, it will be a good scientist, scientific research has been interesting since his youth. Stefan will certainly do the work qualitatively and on time, the main thing is that she would like it.

He has a good financial sense, tries not to borrow money, has a practical and analytical mind. Financially provide family.

Due to the possession of a variety of talents, ideas and inclination to work independently, it is likely to create your own business. May be quite successful in it.

Astrological features

  • Heavenly body — Moon
  • Zodiac constellation — Virgo, Cancer, Sagittarius
  • Rock — aquamarine, emerald, coral polyp
  • Hue, color — all shades of white, silver
  • Plant — fragrant cornflower
  • Animal — owl, tawny

Day Angel

The names of St. Stephen (Stepan) are celebrated exclusively often throughout the year, since the history of Christianity is known to many holy martyrs and holy elders who bear this harmonious name:

  • In January — 9, 17, 24, 27
  • February — 12, 21
  • March — 12
  • April — 6, 8, 10
  • May name day — 9, 10, 20, 30
  • June name day — 6, 20, 25
  • July Stepan — 13, 18, 26, 27, 31
  • Stefan Avgustovsky — 1, 13, 15, 25
  • In September — 9, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 26, 28
  • In October — 7, 15, 17
  • November — 9, 12, 13, 17, 24, 25
  • December name day — 11, 15, 22, 23, 28

Stephen the First Martyr is the archdeacon of the Apostle Peter, chief among his seven deacons. Preached the teachings of Christ, at the court made a denunciation of the Jewish priests.

He told the people about the persecution of the prophets and accused the Jews of executing Jesus. Stephen was stoned to death at 34, at the age of 30.

The holy martyr Stephen was the first to receive holy veneration.

Famous personalities in history

  1. Stephen of Byzantine — Martyr (December 11)
  2. Stephen of Kazan — a martyr (April 6). Killed by former co-religionists for conversion to Christianity in 1552
  3. Stephen of Constantinople — Patriarch (May 30)
  4. Stefan Milutin — The Serbian King (November 12)
  5. Stephen of Velikopermsky — Bishop (May 9)
  6. Stephen of Pechersky, Vladimir-Volynsky — Bishop (May 10)
  7. Stephen of Rome, Pope — martyr (August 15)
  8. Stefan Lambiel — French figure skater, silver medalist of the Olympics in Turin in 2006
  9. Stefan Zweig — Austrian writer, author of celebrity stories and biographies
  10. Stefan Da Costa — French hockey player, Moscow CSKA legionnaire
  11. Stefan Sabinin — an eminent theologian and archaeologist
  12. Stefan Kim Soo-hwan — Korean Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Catholic Mission
  13. Stefan Urosh II Milutin Nemanić — the powerful king of Serbia
  14. Stefan Renault — athlete — French badminton player

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