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Secrets of the choice of the name of the Holy For boys

How are the names chosen for the Svyattsy boys?

What could be nicer for a person to play his name? But after all, in order for the sound of the name really to please the ear, parents should at one time carefully attend to this issue.

In this article I want to tell you how to choose the names for boys according to the Saints correctly, if you want to raise a strong, courageous son whom you can be proud of.

Secrets of the choice of the name of the Holy For boys

What secret does the name of each of us keep?

Why do names like «stick» to some people, and for the second, there is a desire to call them somehow different? Maybe this is due to the fact that all the names initially already have certain characteristics. And while it is not just about the external characteristics.

Since ancient times, people knew that the name is capable of predetermining the whole human destiny.

So ancient chinese believed that the awareness of the meaning of his name, his sacred meaning helps to increase self-esteem, identify their natural inclinations and allow them to live in harmony with themselves and the world around them.

Sumerians associated the word «fate» with the concept of «nickname.»

And y inhabitants of ancient Rome, who knew black magic, it was thought that it was really possible to change the destiny of a person, if you write his name in reverse.

When in Russia Christianity was adopted, and so-called calendar (or church) names began to be given to newborns. It was supposed to hide the baby’s name before the rite of baptism, since it was believed that it was possible to save the child from negative influence from the outside.

We get the names that are the connection of two energy channels — maternal and paternal. And if you want the name to bring you only positive things — then you need to carefully look at the mysterious signs and sounds that express more than its traditional characteristic.

Names literally represent the sacred formula of fate. And, of course, the name makes a huge difference in fate.

However, in the process of choosing a name, do not forget about patronymic, possessing a certain generic genetic code.

The patronymic is an addition to the psychological characteristics of a human name and allows you to make a correction to the established image: on the one hand, to finish drawing, and on the other — to soften or, on the contrary, sharpen certain personality traits, add more expression to them.

I suggest you further understand the characteristics of the name.

We decompose the characteristic name «on the shelves»

Name — is the bearer of the sacred secret. It is the key to the purpose of man, which is achieved by his professional activity.

In fact, this is the key by which the door of the castle of his fate is opened.

Personal names of people, as a rule, are nouns. According to the rules of Russian grammar, nouns have their own gender, number and case.

And now I suggest you delve into the secret meaning of the name. After all, in it any detail, which is insignificant at first glance, has a great influence.

You need to take everything into account: starting with the first letter and ending with the total number of letters with syllables.

How do the letters of the name affect its owner? You might be surprised, but which letter in the name has the stress, and the syllable of its location is directly related to the purposefulness of the person.

  • When the emphasis is on the first letter of the name (Olga, Anna, Victor) — such individuals try to implement their plans in life as quickly as possible. It is often at risk to be confused about their problems and to experience dissatisfaction with their own situation.
  • The stress is on the last syllable (Alexander, Leonid, Stanislav, Kirill) — it is characteristic that people have been looking for themselves for a long time in this life.
  • Finding the impact letter of the name in the center of two consonants (Maxim, Stepan) — gives its owners the ability to calculate each of their subsequent steps, and also makes it possible to very tenaciously hold on to what they possess.
  • When after the shock letter in the name is the letter “d” (Andrei, Arkady) — it is very difficult to knock such individuals off the chosen road. When they try to reach the goal, it’s simply unrealistic to stop them.
  • The ability to get one’s own by any means is typical for owners of the last letter (Ilya).
  • There are very rare situations when a shock letter enters a syllable formed by four letters (Vlad-glory, Vakh-tang). Such individuals are characterized by lack of initiative, they constantly need the support of other people. As a result, most often, they are engaged in the realization of their goals, and not their own.

What will the first letter of your name tell?

But, unconditionally, the most significant impact on the characteristics of a person’s character is exerted by the first letter of his name, as well as those letters that occur in the name several times.

Secrets of the choice of the name of the Holy For boys

What is the meaning of all the letters of the alphabet? Let’s find out this moment.

  • And — a symbol of the beginning, striving for a comfortable life. The letter indicates inner strength, stamina, brightness, and leadership skills. If there are many letters “a” in the name, it means that the person is quite open. For those individuals whose names have the letters A, work is a natural need, but only in the area that appeals to him.
  • B — testifies about constancy, stubbornness and perseverance, as well as the ability to make money. And also indicate a great independence. Such personalities really need to experience thrills, love, risk and travel.
  • B — with such a first letter, creative, sociable and open personalities are born. However, they often suffer from internal contradictions, constantly looking for the right path in life. Prone to the initial planning of their future, and only then to progress towards their goals.
  • G — symbolizes knowledge, good faith. People with this letter dream of change, they are seduced by adventures and extreme. Prone to making non-standard decisions.
  • D — makes its owners reasonable, willing to help, as well as experiencing a strong attachment to the family.
  • E — an indicator of insight, flexibility and naturalness, and more — travel, movement. The presence of the letter E in the names makes people simple-minded, simple, charming, but willing to achieve power. If E is also a shock letter — it is easy for a person to get around others.
  • W — personifies intolerance, assertiveness, rigidity, but also the ability to self-control. Outwardly, a person may seem refined, but in fact we overcome the rudeness and our displeasure with the whole world. Aims to achieve aesthetic completeness.
  • H — tells about the subtle intuition, rich imagination, secret, passion and vitality. Characterized by the desire to become a leader, while suppressing other people. Such people are often unhappy with everything and find fault with others. Critical and to his own person.
  • And — an indicator of high spirituality, kindness, a sense of harmony. The presence of this letter allows the person to cope with temptations. But on the other hand indicates pessimism, the experience of various tests.
  • Th — index impermanence, poor ability to contact with other people, pettiness. This letter can provoke uncontrollable bouts of fear.
  • K — associated with endurance, the ability to keep secrets, inner hardness. And also tells about the fact that a person has no ideals. Plus, such personalities are always a real mystery to others.
  • L — tells about the developed perception of beauty, artistic abilities, loyalty in relationships. In the first place for such people is always a craving for a comfortable life, which often overshadows even emotional experiences.
  • M — the letter will tell about the care and shyness of its owner. It endows him with softness, great inner strength, philosophical perception of the world, but also with great obstinacy. Motivates to visit different places and try new things personally.
  • H — index of internal strength, intelligence, health, integrity. The presence of this letter in the name gives a person a special selectivity in the amorous sphere of life, and also in his words and actions.
  • About — the personification of sensitivity, the ability to get along with finances, vitality, openness, but also instability. In frequent cases, such people themselves suffer from their over-conservative thinking and principles.
  • P — a symbol of stubbornness, narcissism. For people whose names contain a consonant “p”, it is typical to want to cope with an impregnable peak, but immediately go to storm the next one.
  • R — gives the ability to understand the true nature of things, as well as self-confidence and courage. Persons with the letter «p» in the names in all cases, keep these promises.
  • C is a common sense index, in some cases diluted with authority and capriciousness. For these personalities it is typical to first shine, to conquer, but to disappear instantly and unexpectedly.
  • T — an index of creative nature, love of truth, as well as increased exactingness, that in relation to himself, that of other people.
  • U is a pointer to a developed imagination, generosity, ability to empathy, supplemented on the other hand by cunning.
  • F — letter motivates a person to be in the center of attention of others, gives friendliness, as well as the desire to tell a lie. Plus it concerns grievance, obscenity, eternal doubts. People who have the letter “f” in their name are those still strong nuts.
  • X — associated with the desire to succeed, independence. At the same time, this letter will tell about the dryness, hostile perception of other people. Sometimes — speaks of gloom, suspicion.
  • C — makes people arrogant, eager to become leaders and afraid to be alone. In addition, it contributes to the disclosure of business personality, commercial ability, ability to adapt to others. In difficult situations, the presence of a consonant «c» in the name appears to person for the personification of faith in the best.
  • H — tells about the attachment to relatives. More points to extreme. Allows you to slowly but surely achieve your goals. Plus, it makes people ready to help those around them absolutely free of charge.
  • W — an indicator of heightened attention, modesty, excellent sense of humor and informal craving for leadership. In extreme situations, people with the presence of the letter «sh» in the names do not panic and remain calm.
  • U — a symbol of generosity, generosity. However, it is also typical for such people to turn anger over others who are weaker than they are.
  • B — the personification of the duality of nature.
  • Ы — the letter is a symbol of a practical daring, a groundedness of spirit, cunning, pretentiousness and gloss.
  • B is an indicator of analytical skills in a person.
  • E — tells about insight, oratorical ability, curiosity.
  • Yu — individuals with the letter «u» in names by their nature love the truth, prone to idealism, self-sacrifice and harshness. And this letter also gives its owners the flexibility of thinking, perception of everything new and open. Plus a great sense of humor.
  • Although I occupy the last position in the alphabet, I am associated with self-esteem, the desire to gain respect and love, plus the talent of the organizer.

And now we come to the peculiarities of choosing a name for a boy according to the Church calendar.

Orthodox calendar names: why is it needed?

The custom of giving newborn children names in honor of Orthodox saints has very ancient roots. What is the reason for its appearance and for what reasons did our ancestors resort to it?

Let’s figure it out.

It used to be that if you give your baby the name of a saint, he gets a very close relationship with him.

Secrets of the choice of the name of the Holy For boys

And it was also believed that saintly people, faithfully serving God and the sufferings suffered during their lives, after death from heaven watch over people bearing the same names as them, and also in every possible way render him their help, protecting them from all evil.

And when you name a baby with the name of a saint person, you seem to receive a piece of power from this patron saint.

At the same time, the church calendar (otherwise known as the “Svjatnykh” or “The Months”) honors the memory of specific saints almost every day. Changes and additions are possible in this calendar, with the passage of time, more and more new names of saints who received canonization from the church appear in it.

Today, many people prefer to call their children names from the Orthodox calendar. In the process of baptism, the child gets a church version of the name from the priest performing the ritual.

Selection of the name of the church calendar

When choosing a church name, it is important to take into account the specific principles that have been in place for many centuries.

These principles suggest that children should receive the names of those canonized saints whose memory is honored on the day the baby is born. If, due to some personal reasons, parents do not wish to accuse their child in honor of this saint, then you can take the second day after the birth of a baby.

Often, for one day of the Orthodox calendar, it is necessary to honor the memory of several saints at the same time, so parents will have the opportunity to choose. Or, on the contrary, one saint can be revered at the same time a couple of days a year.

The day of reverence for the saint, whose name you give to your child, since then is his name day.

Today, the Orthodox calendar already has more than a thousand names. They are of Slavic, Greek and Latin origin.

A very large number of ancient names, with some time forgotten, again begin to enjoy popularity. The most common options are the names given in the picture below.

Secrets of the choice of the name of the Holy For boys

Common Names

Part of the names found in the Orthodox calendar more often than others. First of all, it is the male versions of names that are meant.

This is due to the fact that a particular name is associated with the respect for not one, but at the same time several saints and martyrs, according to the church calendar.

If we delve into this issue in more detail, then we find out that the names of Alexander, Ivan, Mikhail, Gregory, George, Nikolai, Vasily and Peter can be named among the most popular. This list can be continued and it is these names that have enjoyed the highest popularity for at least one century.

Suitable names of boys in the church calendar

Before you name your baby with one name or another, the priests are advised to first study the life and biography of the saint. In general, in the Russian Federation, the distribution of church names affects almost all dates; the only exceptions are the numbers of the largest Orthodox holidays.

In addition, there are saints whose memory is honored exclusively in specific regions.

All saints revered in our state are divided into three groups and can be:

It is noteworthy that nowadays, quite a large part of parents adheres to fashion trends and gives their children versions of the ancient church names. As a consequence, there is a second revival of many such names.

According to the Orthodox calendar, male saints are revered much more often than women, and therefore calling a boy should not be a problem for you. At the same time, male names are often distinguished by an outdated form, which means that there is a difference between them and secular names.

Final conclusions on the topic:

  • The name is a carrier of information about the character, behavior and the whole fate of a person. It literally acts as a sort of fate formula.
  • Choosing a name for your child is a very serious and responsible matter that requires an appropriate approach.
  • The first letter of the name has the most important meaning in the interpretation of the name and greatly influences the personality of the person.
  • Choosing the name of the child according to the church calendar, you thereby provide him with protection from his saint over.
  • As a rule, when they call a child, they take the name of a saint or whose memory is honored on the same day with the birthday of your child, or the next day.

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