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Ruslan — the meaning of the name, character traits, fate and relationships

Ruslan and his character — analysis of personality and special features

Name interpretation

Ruslan - the meaning of the name, character traits, fate and relationships

Other forms of the name: Rusya, Ruslanchik, Rusik.

The appearance of the name: Tatar, Kazakh, Russian.

According to the most recognized version, it is rooted in the ancient east, derived from the Turkic or Persian, which means “lion”. There is the opinion of researchers that the name made popular Russian poet and writer A.S. Pushkin in his poem «Ruslan and Lyudmila».

Used by many nationalities, common in Russia and CIS countries.

To this day it is actively used by the Kazakhs, in the form and on a par with Rustam. Just recently a female version appeared — Ruslana.

Personality and personality

At an early age, Ruslanchik is a fastidious and stubborn child, he constantly demands increased attention to himself. Overly sensual and inconstant in desires.

It is very important for this little boy to hear praise to his side, even if it is not substantiated, and already at such a young age he is able to go to the trick in order to get what he wants.

Despite the complex nature, the boy is kind, brave and courageous, with friends he behaves freely and relaxedly. Often do not think about the consequences of their actions in general, in the friendship is selfless.

Touchy and vulnerable, so it is very important that parents behave with their child in the first place as a friend.

Little Rusik is a dreamer, he likes to create reality around him, and therefore he will be happy to attend various sections and electives on design and modeling, and will happily keep his body in sports sections. Lack of constancy and perseverance can prevent the transfer of his hobbies to adulthood.

It can easily become an excellent or good person, but only when reliability, organization and accuracy grows in itself.

As a teenager, he stands out for his disruptive and selfish disposition. Narcissistic, categorical and decisive in their own judgments, nothing can stop him on the way to the goal.

On the same path, it can put a trick into business, weave intrigues and make intrigues.

Despite this, the guy is quite intelligent and mannered, but do not be deceived by the superficial qualities of the young man. It is very important for him to understand at an early age that the lack of sincerity is associated with the loss of respect and trust of loved ones and relatives.

He does not have a sense of purpose, to crush his will to win is almost impossible, and it is much easier to offend than it seems, since he always wants to look stronger than he really is.

A young man is always attracted by such awards as letters, cups, medals, for this reason he is happy to participate in various events where he can demonstrate his abilities and will not tolerate indifference to his own personality. When he goes to study at a university, he strives to achieve a certain social position for himself, which helps him to become more stubborn, healthy and responsible.

Ruslan - the meaning of the name, character traits, fate and relationships

An adult Ruslan already understands that diplomacy is the key that opens virtually any door, and therefore tries to build good relations with everyone around him. But woe to the one who offended or betrayed this proud man — his revenge and deceit will be embodied.

Often in the weather, for their ambitions and dreams, it ceases to notice life here and now.

He likes to speak more than listen to the interlocutor, what is his minus, although this does not prevent him from being a good and reliable friend. It is difficult to say exactly about his desire for power, as he is convinced of his charm and uniqueness.

If you say in general, but that such a friend, as Rusya can count.

Due to the fact that from his very youth the boy takes care of his health, he is strong enough. To maintain a good shape and a healthy mind you need to eat right, often walk in the fresh air and do regular physical exertion.

As for the psychological attitude, it is important to maintain a good atmosphere at work and at home, recognition of success, otherwise depressions are possible.

Work and career

By nature, Ruslan is a real careerist, ready for the sake of moving up the career ladder to many victims. However, during serious problems, he tries to correct the state of things that has formed, often completely forgetting about his ambitions.

He is always tuned to a quick and tangible result, which often interferes with his career advancement, because everything does not always work out the way you want.

Based on personal qualities, he is very suitable for managing positions that involve communication with people. The gift of a diplomat will help him build a successful career in politics.

A desire to stand out will serve a good service in the field of an artist, musician, journalist or writer.

Also from Russia a good businessman can turn out, thanks to his ability to calculate the situation in advance and quickly adapt to the most unexpected circumstances. This person is initiative, ambitious and ambitious, he is able to achieve significant results while doing business.

Love and relationships

Ruslan - the meaning of the name, character traits, fate and relationships

This individual does not accept monotony and everyday life, adores freedom of action and imagination. In an intimate life simply must be leading, rather than driven, as his beloved must always remember.

Ready to be for my half a kind of guide on the field of sex, if only the pleasure was mutual.

A man is a fairly good family man, seeking to provide all the needs of his loved ones. Keeps loyalty to his wife, and will not forgive her treason.

Quite jealous, and openly will not show his dissatisfaction with his wife’s fleeting flirtation, but will immediately remind her at the first opportunity, therefore, girls should be careful in their views, being close to Ruslan.

He is a leader in life, and not one person, including his wife, will allow and will not give the opportunity to impose a different lifestyle. He loves children, but it may seem that he is indifferent to them.

Nevertheless, Rusya is a responsible parent, next to whom the family will feel protected, because building a good home is one of the main priorities of a man’s life.

Celebration of the birthday of Ruslan: June 11, October 16.

Popular carriers named

  • Ruslan Khasbulatov, 1942, politician, scholar and journalist, Russia.
  • Ruslan Aushev, 1954, political and public figure, Russia.
  • Ruslan Kireev, 1941, prose writer, Russia.
  • Ruslan Ponomarev, 1983, chess player, Ukraine.
  • Ruslan Pimenov, 1981, football player, Russian team.
  • Ruslan Chagaev, 1978, professional boxer, Uzbekistan.
  • Ruslan Salei, 1974 — 2011, hockey player, Belarus.
  • Ruslan Nurtdinov, 1980, hockey player, Russia.
  • Ruslan Goncharov, 1973, figure skater, Ukraine.
  • Ruslan Khvastov, fashion designer, costume designer, Ukraine.
  • Ruslan Batsaev, 1962 — 2005, police colonel, posthumous Hero of the Russian Federation.
  • Ruslan Lysenko, 1976, biathlete, Ukraine.
  • Ruslan Batyrshin, 1975, hockey defender.
  • Ruslan Sanin, 1982, actor, Russia.
  • Ruslan Kartoev, 1988, football player, midfielder.

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