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Roman’s Name Day on the Church Calendar of Christians

Roman’s angel day on the church calendar

For men with the name Roman, the date of the angel’s day is chosen independently. This is due to the fact that there are several revered days, and the choice should fall on that which is located as close as possible to the birthday of the birthday man.

  • 18.01 — PR. Novel.
  • 11.02. — Much. Roman Samosatsky.
  • 16.02. — Prince. Roman Uglichsky.
  • 02.03. — prp. Novel.
  • 29.03. — Much. Roman Parysky.
  • 15.05. — Passion-bearer Roman (Vol. Boris).
  • 05.06. — Prince. Roman Uglichsky.
  • 13.06. — Much. Roman Nicomedia.
  • 01.08. — mch. Prince Ryazansky Roman Olegovich.
  • 03.08. — nmuch. Roman Bear.
  • 06.08 — Prince. Boris (Roman).
  • 11.08. — prp. Roman Kirzhachsky.
  • Aug 15 — Roman
  • 23.08 — mch. Roman Roman.
  • 08.09. — new. prot. Novel
  • 16.09. — new. Roman (Marchenko).
  • 24.09. — 08.10. — Roman, mch.
  • 14.10. — Roman Sladkopevets.
  • 13.11. — Roman
  • 01.12– with Roman of Caesarea.
  • 10.12. — the wonderworker Roman of Antioch.

In Catholics, the day of the angel is celebrated

Roman's Name Day on the Church Calendar of Christians

Church form name

The word, according to one of the versions, appeared in Latin. Translated means Rome, sounds like Roma.

Or by the name of the Roman goddess who was worshiped by the inhabitants of the Holy Empire. Another point of view is of Greek origin.

It is interpreted as possessing strength, strong.

In Russia, it arose along with Orthodoxy; originally, carriers were exclusively noble persons. According to the tradition, on the day of the birthday God’s temple was visited, a prayer was written before the holy Roman, and then guests were invited to a treat. Could and just eat pies of all neighbors, passers-by, children.

In the evening, went to the street with songs.

Characteristics of a man named Roman

From a young age the boy grows painful. Does not cope with the curriculum because of gaps.

She loves changes in everything, gets tired of the routine, monotony. Hurry up to become an adult, can quickly complete their education.

Prefers an ostrich policy in solving problems, hiding from them. In a difficult situation can lose control, give up.

Talkative, sociable. With an abundance of friends, few real friends. The novel will not unduly strain because of the money.

He is often haunted by financial failures, meetings with dishonest people who harm him, but the boy is almost always reborn from the ashes.

In love, fickle. It flashes quickly and can also cool instantly.

Ladies like his company. He is looking for his only one, if he considers that he has found it, he immediately marries. As a family man, he completely copes with his role.

Strive for leadership.

Saints History

In the church calendar there is not one saint Roman. There are several of them; each has his own difficult fate, which demonstrates devotion to the Christian faith.

Roman Sladkopevets

Roman's Name Day on the Church Calendar of Christians

A Greek boy, the future saint, was born in V in Emes. After studying, he became a deacon in Beirut.

Later he serves as a cleric in the Constantinople church of St. Sophia. For sincere faith, he was approached by Patriarch Euthymius.

This did not please other ministers who began to harm him. The novel did not have a strong voice, good hearing, and his enemies pushed him to the pulpit during the service and forced him to sing.

At the pre-Christmas service was attended by the emperor himself and many nobles. The voice of the saint trembled, it was not clear that he sings.

Roman experienced feelings of shame in front of everyone. Returning to his home, he devoted himself to prayer before the icon of the Mother of God.

He was the appearance of the Blessed Virgin. Mary filed a scroll, indicated that the offended chewed it.

After this night, Roman found not only a wonderful voice, but also the gift of the poet.

Inspired, he made up the famous Kondak holiday of the Nativity of Christ. He successfully sang his hymn the next day. Received gratitude from high persons and a nickname from the people, Sladkopevets.

Wrote over 1000 prayers.

St. Blessed Prince Roman Olegovich

At the time of the Golden Horde, he defended faith and the Fatherland. In the battles with Batu, both grandfathers of the holy prince fell on the battlefield.

The Orthodox ruler always stood on the side of his subjects, spoke out against tax collectors, did not let them ruin people. The servants of Khan Mengu Timur told him about Roman Olegovich.

The prince was called to talk to the Tatars (1270 g). He was offered to choose: death is cruel or their faith.

The prince remained a Christian to the end, calling the faith of Khan false. For this he was torn to pieces, cut into pieces, beheaded.

Began to read the martyr Roman Ryazansky immediately after what happened.

According to tradition, an annual procession is held in his homeland, a prayer service is served, and in 1861 the church was consecrated.

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