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Orthodox church calendar names

Orthodox church calendar names

The Orthodox calendar of names allows parents to significantly save time before birth and quickly decide on a name. The calendar of names has a large variety of names that came to us from antiquity.

And if previously such names were rarely used, now more and more parents want a unique name for their child.

Orthodox church calendar names

Name days by months

Church calendar invites parents to choose a name depending on the month and date of birth of the baby. If the name does not match, you can choose a name that falls on the 8th day from the birth of the baby, this is exactly what our ancestors did.

But, if this name is also not suitable, the father in the church may recommend choosing a name according to the fortieth day from the birth of the child, because this day is best suited for baptism.

Orthodox people have always sought to ensure that the baby had an Orthodox name. Those who are familiar with the church calendar know that some names are repeated many times, and there are those that occur once and not more. But this does not mean that this or that saint was more important or more important for the church.

It is more likely due to the fact that the church has a long history, events and people are constantly changing, hence a certain repetition of names.

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