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Olesya: meaning of name, origin, mystery, fate, character

Olesya is a gentle and melodious name, reminiscent of forest mystery and tranquility. Its sound is like the chirp of birds and the slight rustling of leaves from the blow of the summer breeze. For a while the name was forgotten, but now it is gaining popularity again.

It endows its possessor with femininity, sensuality and good nature. However, in many respects the character of the girl named Olesya depends on the time of the year during which she was born.

The history of the name is ambiguous. There are two versions explaining the origin of the name Olesya.

According to the first, it is derived from the Greek male name Alexander, as a result of which the meaning of the name is translated as "protector" or "protecting people". According to the second version, the name Olesya has Old Slavonic roots.

Researchers believe that it is derived from the ancient name of Lesan, which means "living in the forest".

The formName
BriefLesya, Osya
DiminutiveLesya, Olesya, Lesyunya
RelatedLesana, Alesya

The following patronymic names will be most suitable for the name Olesya:

  • Alexandrovna;
  • Nikolaevna;
  • Konstantinovna;
  • Denisovna;
  • Georgievna.

The name has a double spelling — Olesya and Alesya. In this case, both versions are correct and are not reflected in the meaning of the name.

Olesya is a popular female name in Ukraine, Alesya is a Belarusian version.

Olesya: meaning of name, origin, mystery, fate, character

The name Olesya is not included in the Orthodox calendar. His owners are most often baptized under the name of Alexander. In this case, the birthday of the church calendar girl can celebrate several times a year:

  • 18th of Febuary;
  • March 14, 22;
  • April 2;
  • May 6, 31;
  • June 26;
  • July 17th;
  • September 30th;
  • October 13,15;
  • November 19;
  • December 23rd.

Sometimes for the baptism of Lesia they use the name of the saint, on the day of which the little one was born. Then the day of the angel girl will celebrate according to the baptismal name.

The name Olesya corresponds to the number 6, which indicates harmony in the soul, a developed sense of beauty, kindness, responsiveness, and enterprise.

Olesya: meaning of name, origin, mystery, fate, character

The following talismans will bring good luck to the girl:

Zodiac signLibra
Name colorWhite
Patron planetJupiter
A rockEmerald
FlowerForest violet, orchid
Day of the weekFriday

Olesya: meaning of name, origin, mystery, fate, character

The most comprehensive interpretation of the name is given by Boris Higir. According to him, the girl is tied to the family.

People of this type are called Monogamous. Characteristics of the name allows you to lift the curtain of the future and find out what nature an adult Lesya will have:

  • Positive traits: kind, responsive, honest.
  • Negative traits: lack of perseverance, excessive vulnerability.

Little Lesenka is a tireless, cheerful and cheerful child. She practically does not cry, always stays in a good mood.

Girl — outlet for parents. But if they are to indulge her in everything, then the little girl will begin to twist the ropes out of them, since the manifestation of selfishness is inherent in her.

And this is not so much a character trait, as a childlike spontaneity, when a child considers the manifestation of attention from an adult as a recognition of his exclusivity and originality.

Olesya is a real father’s daughter, although in her character her mother’s features are more apparent.

During her school years, Lesya begins to show her independence and the desire to achieve everything on her own. The girl is smart, reads a lot, has a great ear for music.

She studies well, what pleases teachers and parents. She visits many circles, where she has many girlfriends.

Olesya has practically no boys as friends, she simply does not pay attention to them.

Despite the fact that fate often presents Lesa with unpleasant surprises, she does not lose heart. She lives easy and carelessly. She rarely has far-reaching plans, often the girl can not even decide to the last with the future profession.

Laughter Lessenka prefers not to think about serious things, but to rejoice at each new day, without scoring its pretty head with various trifles. During this period, it is important for parents not to miss the daughter and set her on the right path.

With age, Olesya slightly changes. Now this is an imperious and purposeful woman, in the character of which masculine features begin to dominate.

She is straightforward, she loves when people pay attention to her, and she tries to stand out from the crowd not only with the help of oratorical abilities, but also with the original appearance.

The extravagance of Olesya often scares strangers away from her, but once they get to know her better, the constraint in a relationship disappears. A woman is reasonable, honest.

She is a real moralist who lives exclusively by the rules and demands the same from others.

Olesya attracts the attention of the opposite sex with the help of her extravagance and eccentricity. Men like a bright and uncomplexed girl. In his youth, Lesya carelessly relates to relationships, often has new novels.

But as he gets older, he understands the meaninglessness of his actions, finds his one and only, and does not let him go a step further. Olesya is completely dissolved in this relationship, forgetting everything and everyone.

Lesya Monogamous. Having found her beloved, she will groom and cherish him.

Family is the most important and valuable thing in a girl’s life. The only problem in the relationship with her husband may be that the girl does not always decide to express what she thinks.

Arising omissions often lead to conflicts and quarrels between spouses. For the rest, Lesya is an ideal wife. She is a great hostess; she gives all her free time to her children and her spouse.

The older generation girl also pays a lot of attention and care.

The secret of a woman is her mercantile spirit. However, Olesya herself calls it thrift, but people around her have their own opinion on this.

From early childhood, Olesya manifested creative abilities. The girl sings well, dances, painting.

At an older age begins to be interested in the design of houses. The girl does not like the monotony around her, which is why she often makes the rearrangement and repair in her home, travels a lot.

The girl has no big problems with health. An important role in this is played by hobbies for sports and commitment to proper nutrition.

The only problem may be the respiratory organs, so Lesia should protect his throat in cool weather.

Due to the unusual nature of the character Olesya is unlikely to become a regular seamstress or seller. The girl will try to show all their talents and find their niche.

Most often she becomes an actress, fashion designer, master of ceremonies. It can also manifest itself in male professions and become a military man, an engineer or a geologist.

It’s unlikely that Olesya can open her business, the girl’s wastefulness will be to blame. But if she still makes a decision and opens a case, then she cannot do without a good assistant.

Olesya is an open and bright person. She is energetic, easily changes her place of dislocation, likes to be visible and bask in the rays of universal glory.

A woman is reasonable enough, but in critical situations can rush into the pool with her head.

The name of a man often affects his compatibility with Olesya:

Strong marriageFriendly relationsTotal incompatibility
  • Dmitriy;
  • Alexander;
  • Eugene;
  • Sergei;
  • Vladislav;
  • Vyacheslav;
  • Novel;
  • Daniel
  • Oleg;
  • Igor;
  • Makar;
  • Fedor;
  • Konstantin;
  • Paul
  • Peter;
  • Maksim;
  • Plato;
  • Ruslan;
  • Vladimir

Description of the nature of the girl, taking into account the time of year:

"Winter" Olesya is closed, not very self-confident person. She is a homebody, does not tolerate large companies and noisy holidays. Sometimes it is too hot-tempered, but after drawing the necessary conclusions, it quickly leaves.Olesya, born in spring, it is difficult to restrain his impetuous nature. She wants to be at the same time everywhere. The girl can not control her time and expenses. She is constantly trying to improve her financial situation, however, her tendency to squandering and absent-mindedness does not allow her to achieve results."Summer" Olesya is hardworking, stubborn and overly scrupulous. She was accustomed to do everything on a schedule and under no circumstances depart from her intended plan. In family life, she values ​​mutual respect, stability and regularity.Autumn awards Lesia with kindness and the ability to sympathize with others. The girl is ready to immediately rush to the aid of everyone who needs it. That is why she chooses to work in the social sphere. She can work as a volunteer, a hospice nurse, a tutor in an orphanage

Each letter in the name of a person leaves an imprint on his character:

  • About — the wealth of the inner world, developed intuition, the ability to empathize with his neighbor.
  • L — symbolizes creativity, artistic taste.
  • E — the need for self-expression, the desire to be always in the spotlight.
  • C — indicates the love of luxury, power and capriciousness of its owner.
  • I — the desire to stand out from the crowd, the desire for appreciation and universal admiration.

The nature and fate of Olesya depending on the zodiacal affiliation:

Zodiac signName feature
AriesThe girl is temperamental, impulsive, never sits still. Cultivation is the life thing of Lesia-Aries. A husband is looking for a passionate person who would match her temperament.
TaurusThis woman is completely dissolved in the family. She can be called the perfect wife. She is affectionate, gentle, in all things pleasing her husband and supporting children. However, in most cases, the surrounding is not appreciated, taking for weakness. Therefore, it will be able to create a strong and strong family only with a person who shares her views on life.
TwinsMischievous, unpredictable, adorable fun company person. Men pay attention to her, but do not start a serious relationship, because they do not see her as a woman who can become the keeper of the hearth.
CrayfishThis person has a contradictory character. It seems as if two people live at the same time. One is tactful, loyal to the mistakes of others, the second is envious, ugly, overly demanding
a lionThanks to the ability to restrain his emotions and control the situation, Olesya-Lev proudly bears the status of leader not only at work, but also in the family circle. A strong marriage with a girl is possible only with a man who can obey her and never argue with her.
VirgoImpulsive, tough and rectilinear woman. She always speaks the truth in the face, which is why many dislike the girl. She will marry a man who will perceive her as an ideal. Olesya-Virgo will not change even for the sake of high feelings.
LibraComprehensively developed person who always achieves a goal. He is able to reason logically and find a way out even from the most difficult situations. In her personal life she is not very lucky; most often she gets married several times.
ScorpioPurposeful, practical and focused personality. Striving for power and leadership. She has few friends, because not everyone can withstand her explosive nature. Marries a man held, often much older than Olesya herself.
SagittariusPossesses leadership qualities, intelligent, attractive in appearance. He loves luxury and wealth, always striving for a secure life. Therefore, marry often goes by the calculation
CapricornCheerful, cheerful, optimistic. Able to endear a person, therefore, has many friends. She values ​​kindness and sincerity in people. In family relationships, the main thing for her is loyalty.
AquariusSmart, restrained, pragmatic. Always trying to stay away from scandals and clarify relationships. Eloquent — it easily finds common language even with the most sullen person. However, his personal life prefers not to spread
FishSentimental and vulnerable person. More than anything, afraid to be deceived. Therefore, it hides its inner world, putting on a mask of indifference and egoism. Her husband will be a man whom she can trust
  • Olesya Barel is a Soviet basketball player;
  • Olesya Zheleznyak — Russian theater and film actress;
  • Olesya Lyashenko — Russian singer;
  • Olesya Aliyeva — Russian skier;
  • Olesya Povkh — Ukrainian athlete;
  • Olesya Emelyanova is a practicing teacher and inventor.

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