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Oleg’s Name Day — Angel’s Day, Church Calendar

When Oleg’s birthday is celebrated — the story of the saints and the day of the angel

According to the Orthodox calendar, carriers of the male name Oleg celebrate the birthday on October 3. Orthodox saint, revered on this day — Oleg (in the monastic style Vasily) Romanovich Bryansky.

Also, this day is the day of memory of the Prophetic Oleg — the blessed Russian prince. In the church form, the name Oleg does not change and remains in the variation that is familiar to us.

Oleg’s Name Day

In early childhood, Oleg tends to accumulate only bad habits. Wise advice of parents, teachers and other adults carelessly passed by the ears.

In his preference, when choosing friends, self-interest can be traced — Oleg often lets in his circle of friends those who, in his opinion, can be of some use in the future.

Fortunately for his parents, he gets good grades in his school years if he doesn’t cater to very bad company, which will discourage his interest in studying and instill other, much less useful interests. In this case, he can pick up twos in all subjects.

Oleg's Name Day - Angel's Day, Church Calendar

It is often difficult to interact with this man, so he chooses the same friends for himself — exceptional personalities. In Oleg, two seemingly contradictory features are combined — self-esteem and self-criticism.

Given that he is usually self-confident, he can often be demanding of himself and criticize his ideas and actions.

Thanks to congenital care often comes out dry from water. Even if he is sure that he is doing the right thing and is acting correctly in general, he will still be safe once again.

This quality often saves him from trouble.

Oleg’s characteristic

A man named Oleg is often called a jack of all trades, which he really has gold. Rarely finds like-minded people who are able to share his views and beliefs, because they are difficult to communicate. Throughout his life, he will be accompanied by such qualities as neglect of domestic affairs, imperiousness and determination.

Oleg’s inner strength is tuned for good — it does not harm anyone, does not humiliate anyone.

This man retains a strong attachment to his mother throughout his life. When choosing a life partner, he will also focus on his mother, trying to find the woman that best suits her image.

The chosen one will have to accept the fact that the mother will always be in the first place for him.

Oleg's Name Day - Angel's Day, Church Calendar

Oleg’s marriage will be strong, because he is a faithful spouse. However, the issue of raising children will have to be entirely left to the shoulders of the wife. This man does not know how to find a common language with them, and in general is not adept in the intricacies of the educational process.

Often his children inherit a difficult and intractable temper of the father.

History of the saint

Holy, revered on October 3, — Bryansky Oleg Romanovich. Mention of him can be found as one of the participants of the campaign against Lithuania in 1274.

In 1286, he was also a participant in the campaign to Smolensk, organized by his father, which ended in failure.

Subsequently, left the throne, leaving it to his brother Michael, taking in the Bryansk Petropavlovsk monastery named Vasily monastic tonsure.

When they began to honor the saint

Saint Oleg has been honored since 1900. Initially, this decision was made in Bryansk.

The local Duma declared the day of his memory is not trading. Memorial Day of Prince Oleg Bryansky Since 1903, there is in the months of Russian saints.

Oleg's Name Day - Angel's Day, Church Calendar

In the early 1930s, when Orthodoxy was subjected to severe trials, the relics of Saint Oleg, fortunately, were saved from reproach. They were safely hidden in Vvedensky church and survived to our days.

People who took part in the rescue and preservation of the relics, vowed to keep this action secret and the location of the relics. It was only in the mid-nineties that this secret was made publicly known, and the believers again gained access to the sacred relics.

Oleg’s Day

Orthodox priests are advised when congratulating the birthday man on the day of the angel to present him with gifts in some way connected with the Orthodox faith or the church.

The most appropriate and suitable gifts are the following:

  • Personal Icon;
  • Church candles;
  • Spiritual books;
  • Vessel for holy water.

Honorable and sincere words spoken from the heart are most suitable for congratulations. You should not strive for the beauty of the syllable.

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