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Oksana: meaning of name, origin, fate, character, mystery

Oksana: the meaning and origin of the name, fate and character

Oksana is a Ukrainian variation of the name Xenia, which was used as an independent name. Its meaning is "hospitable", "foreigner". The origin is Greek.

According to the Orthodox calendar, women celebrate the name seven times a year: October 6, January 31, February 6, March 20, August 26, April 15 and September 15. The most revered patron saint is Ksenia of Petersburg.

A woman named Oksana is a sociable, smiling and extraordinary person who attracts the attention of men due to her charm and femininity.

Oksana diminutive pet forms: Oksyuta, Oksa, Oksi, Oksik, Oksyushka, Oksanochka, Oksanushka, Oksyuta, Ksyu, Ksyuta, Ksyushka, Ksyushechka, Ksyushenka, Ksyushik, Ksyushok, Oksanka, Xana, Ksa, Ksenka, Ksyusha , Oksononka, Oksichka, Sana.

Analogs in different countries:

  • in Belarus — Aksana;
  • in Finland — Senja;
  • in Japan — Okusana.

Oksana: meaning of name, origin, fate, character, mystery

The history of the origin of the female name in question originates from ancient times. In some sources it is indicated that Oksana (Ksenia) is a diminutive caress variation of the name Polyxia, the literal translation of which is "loving to receive guests".

In ancient Greek cities, small poems of a humorous nature, which were used as a greeting for guests, were called "xenia". These lines were meant to set a positive tone for the event and to arrange the guest to a friendly meeting.

Some linguists claim that the female name has a different interpretation in Greek and means "wanderer", "alien".

Oksana: meaning of name, origin, fate, character, mystery

Women named Oksana (Ksenia), who gained fame and world popularity:

  1. 1. Marchenko — TV presenter from Ukraine.
  2. 2. Sobchak — known TV presenter, politician, public figure.
  3. 3. Bayrak — Ukrainian screenwriter.
  4. 4. Robski is a Russian writer.
  5. 5. Skaldina — gymnast, honored coach of Russia.
  6. 6. Fedorova — model, winner of the beauty contest "Miss Universe".
  7. 7. Yakovleva — athlete, biathlete from Ukraine, Honored Master of Sports.
  8. 8. Akinshina — Russian actress.
  9. 9. Klimova — figure skater.
  10. 10. Bychkova — screenwriter and director.

Oksana: meaning of name, origin, fate, character, mystery

The mystery of the name Oksana, the fate and character of a woman are presented in the table:

MoralOksana can hardly be called a moral personality, because most often she acts in her own interests and can easily negotiate with her conscience
Type of characterOksana — sanguine with features of choleric
prosPositive traits include responsiveness, kindness, friendliness, sociability, cheerfulness, curiosity, autonomy, self-confidence, determination, perseverance
MinusesNegative characteristics include touchiness, pride, vanity, pride, naivety, arrogance, mercantile spirit
HealthOksana’s health can not be called strong. A woman has a weak nervous system, a slow metabolism, and there may be problems with the respiratory system. Often she suffers from allergies and has a predisposition to diabetes, so for the owner of this name is extremely important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and limit the use of sweets.
friendshipOksana is friendly, but she has few friends, while acquaintances abound. A woman will never refuse her friend and can listen to her at any time of the day or night.
SexIn sex, Oksana behaves modestly and shyly. It will open only to the man who will be able to see in her a passionate and ardent girl who gives out without a trace during sexual pleasures.
Mental capacityOksana can not be called too clever woman, she has superficial knowledge and skills. But over the years, she realizes that she needs to develop her inner world, and tries to devote self-education several hours a day.
IntuitionThe bearer of this name has brilliant extrasensory abilities. She can predict events and always trusts her own intuition.
Hobbies and passionsHobbies include cars, fashion, travel, literature, theater, music, handicrafts, photography, computers
ProfessionsOksana is suitable for professions such as journalist, lawyer, nurse, teacher, social worker, actress, model, manager, TV presenter.
MindA woman often changes her mind and cannot decide what is most important for her in life. She would never let a man in and give him a second chance if he lost her trust and betrayed once. This woman lacks patience and self-control, she can do a lot of stupid things in a fit of anger, which she will regret for the rest of her life.
BusinessOksana can become a successful business woman if she learns to manage her emotions and treat her financial savings correctly, investing them only in profitable projects. She needs to realistically assess their own capabilities and not chase easy money.

Women born at different times of the year exhibit the following characteristics:

SummerThis lady is strict to herself and those around her, she has a strong spirit. For summer Oksana iron discipline and endurance are peculiar, she makes the right decisions and acts quickly and purposefully. The bearer of this name, born in the summer, has a keen sense of justice. She will never allow anyone to enjoy other people’s successes and infringe upon the weak and defenseless.
SpringThis woman does not imagine her existence without risk and adrenaline in the blood. Spring Oksana strives for general recognition, she wants to manage people and feel like a winner in all areas. She is ambitious, demanding and adamant in her judgments. Oksana, who was born in the spring, does not want to be content with little and seeks wealth and fame, directing her energy in the right direction
AutumnThis girl can not be called too sociable and liberated person, she behaves in isolation and does not trust anyone, likes to listen more than speak. She is attentive to detail, insightful and scrupulous. Autumn Oksana thoroughly approaches to any work, she is a reliable partner, loyal friend and caring wife
WinterThis is an amorous, soft and weak-tempered girl who does not know how to refuse and does not notice that others use her kindness. Winter Oksana is devoid of a sense of humor, she is childishly naive and easily susceptible to bad influence, does not know how to stand up for herself, and often gives up on the world around her. Her heart is open to all, she trusts people and will never show aggression towards loved ones

As a child, Oksana exhibits qualities such as stubbornness, selfishness, and capriciousness. She cannot be called her mother’s assistant, since the girl avoids washing dishes and other household chores, inventing various excuses and excuses.

Oksana is curious and restless, often makes tantrums and knows how to get what she wants from her parents.

The bearer of this name cannot be forced to do anything with the help of shouts and threats. The girl only gets angry and is more likely to be in spite of her parents.

Oksana is smart, quickly grabs information and shows independence from an early age. She loves nature, can not remain indifferent at the sight of a small puppy or kitten, and if parents give her a pet, she will take care of him as a little child.

Oksana at school does not differ in special performance and studies diligently only in those subjects that she likes. The bearer of this name tends to geography, drawing and literature.

She does not like math, chemistry and physics, and she does not even try to penetrate into these subjects, preferring to simply skip lessons or "sit back" in the classroom, without showing special activity.

The girl has many friends, she is involved in extracurricular life. Shows himself in creative contests.

Oksana skillfully reincarnates on stage, she is able to play the role of Baba Yaga or Juliet, she sings beautifully and has a good body control, despite the fact that she is prone to fullness.

The girl is hot-tempered, emotional and persistent, does not know how to adapt to the circumstances. She is touchy, cannot control herself and often suffers from her incontinence and impulsive behavior.

If parents put forward categorical prohibitions and ultimatums to her, Oksana can contact a bad company to prove her "maturity".

This girl begins to live early in adult life and leaves her father’s house, hardly reaching adulthood. She does not want to get a good education and believes that she can take her place under the sun, without making special efforts for this.

She finds a job while studying at school, and she has enough money to buy jewelry and visit entertainment facilities.

The girl has high self-esteem and heightened self-esteem, she never admits that she was wrong in something, and constantly makes the same mistakes. Oksana is difficult to build relationships with peers.

She considers them boring and narrow-minded people with whom there is nothing to talk about.

Young Oksana is a person in whose life everything depends on her mood. It is difficult to understand her, but loved ones love her despite all the shortcomings and find a reason to be proud of this reckless girl.

Oksana falls in love at an early age and can leave everything for her beloved and go with him to the ends of the earth. The girl realizes with her mind that she can make a mistake, but her heart advises her to try and embark on a love affair. This woman does not need long courtship and expensive gifts.

She gives herself completely to the senses and demands the same from her partner.

Oksana may get married at a young age, but after a few years she will divorce when she realizes that it was just her first love. The bearer of this name will not consult with her mother and father when she decides to marry.

She will notify her relatives at the very last moment and will not be very upset if her choice is not approved.

Oksana can marry according to the calculation, if she does not manage to achieve material well-being on her own. However, such a marriage will not last long.

No money will keep this girl next to a man to whom she is indifferent.

Compatibility with Oksana with male names in love relationships and marriage:

  1. one. High — Eugene, Ruslan, Alexander, Sergey, Maxim.
  2. 2 Average — Vladimir, Ivan, Nikolay, Alexey, Peter, Vasily, Oleg, Victor.
  3. 3 Low — Boris, Stepan, Svyatoslav, Dmitry, Grigory, Stanislav.

Oksana can be called a good housewife and a caring mother only if a woman feels loved and desired. In a family where the husband does not pay enough attention to his wife, there are scandals with the smashing of dishes and jealousy scenes, she breaks her anger on children and all household members feel unhappy.

When a woman is happy in marriage, she is kind, patient and gentle, she does everything possible so that her family does not need anything, and diligently performs her household duties. Oksana is a hospitable hostess, always happy for the unexpected arrival of guests and will find something to treat them.

Free time the carrier of this name likes to spend for needlework or reading a book. She likes traveling and being photographed in different countries, she is not indifferent to fashion and interior design, she loves to create unique things with her own hands.

Oksana can be realized in the creative field. She has all the necessary talents to become a writer, model or actress of theater and cinema.

A woman can be a qualified specialist in the field of beauty and medicine; she can make a good teacher or primary school teacher, since the bearer of this name loves children.

Professions related to communication, are able to bring Oksana not only material, but also moral satisfaction. For some of the owners of this name are suitable areas of activity that are considered male: politics, sports, law enforcement and military professions.

Oksana’s mascots and happy symbols:

AnimalHare rabbit
PlanetJupiter, Saturn
Lucky numberfive
ColourGreen, blue, turquoise
A rockSapphire
Day of the weekSaturday
ZodiacAquarius, Leo
Flowerwild Rose

Depending on the sign of the zodiac, under which Oksana was born, the interpretation of the character of the carrier of this name changes.

She is a temperamental and bright woman who values ​​her own well-being above all else. She does not care about the opinions of others and other people’s problems, she focuses only on meeting their own needs and achieves what they want by any means.

Oksana-Aries is an ambitious, strong-willed and intelligent woman who is an excellent manipulator.

For such a woman there is no framework and laws. She herself manages life and does not pay attention to moral and moral norms of behavior.

Oksana-Aries always stands out from the rest of the girls and knows how to win over anyone.

This girl needs a man with whom she will feel free and easy. He should not be jealous, show aggression or try to remake the character of Oksana. A person who does not meet the requirements of the carrier of this name will be refused in a rigid form.

The woman does not stand on ceremony with her fans and does not give them vain hopes.

For Oksana-Taurus, stability and consistency are important. She does not like surprises and sudden changes.

It is important for her to feel secure in any situation and to be confident in her future.

This woman is carefully planning her day and it may seem like her life is boring and uninteresting. She does not take spontaneous decisions and lives according to the laws of conscience, but she manages to achieve her goals and achieve success in the work field using only honest methods.

This woman does not start casual romance and will connect her destiny only with the person whom she will see in the role of the father of her children. There is a possibility of marriage with an erudite and wealthy man who will be able to provide Oksana-Taurus with a worthy future.

This incredibly energetic lady wants to be aware of all the events that are happening around her. Her credo is "all or nothing".

She lives one day and very painfully transfers own falling and losses.

Oksana-Gemini is a dual personality: she can be a lazy, melancholic and hopeless woman who cannot defend her own point of view, but can also be an active, independent and assertive person who will overcome everything on the way to her goal. She does not like monotony and monotonous work.

She needs thrills and constant adrenaline in the blood to make her feel happy.

Oksana-Gemini is inconstant, windy and treats everything with humor, therefore she is not suitable for a very serious man who will admonish her. She will find her happiness with a merry fellow who will give her unforgettable emotions and turn their life together into a fascinating adventure.

This is a touching, aristocratic, well-read girl with a fine mental organization. Oksana-Rak is suspicious, not self-confident and completely unadapted to life. She sees the world only in dark shades, it is difficult for her to have relationships with men.

Such a woman is not easy to find a common language with other people.

Oksana-Rak is dreamy, prone to tantrums and causeless sadness, she will find cause for concern in everything.

The girl has excellent acting data. This woman loves to play in public and draws attention to her person in all sorts of ways.

Oksana-Raku is impossible to please, but she can be offended by one word that was said with the wrong intonation. She always revenges her offenders, and no one should make an enemy in the person of the bearer of this name.

She is cunning and cunning, able to come up with a sophisticated plan for the destruction of a competitor or rival.

Most of all, Oksana-Rak dreams of marriage and a family living in luxury and financial prosperity. This woman will become the keeper of the home and devote her life to the only man who should be a sensitive, attentive and wealthy person.

An arrogant, vain and proud girl goes through life with her head held high and knows her worth. Oksana-Lev doesn’t trade small things, she sets a high bar for herself and tries to regularly educate herself.

Such a lady does not spend a single minute of her time in vain, she is calculating, practical and economical, knows how to correctly manage money and quickly achieves financial independence.

Oksana-Lev is not accustomed to adapt to anyone, she has pronounced leadership qualities and can lead people. From it the talented head and the fine organizer will turn out.

This girl does not know how to lose and never stops at what has been accomplished. She has an incredible endurance and inner core that helps her bring her ambitious plans to life.

Oksana-Lev will find happiness with an intelligent, resourceful and gallant young man who will not be a careerist and owner, will give his wife complete freedom for self-realization.

In this woman, beauty and mind are successfully combined, she is tactful, affable and sociable, never intrusive and finds a middle ground in everything. Oksana-Deva has clear life priorities, she adequately assesses her own strength and does not set herself overvalued goals.

Such a woman quickly finds common topics for conversation with anyone, she is eloquent, charismatic, but she behaves in public with restraint and modestness, she does not brag and is not proud of her talents. Oksana-Deva is creative in nature, she loves to write poems, stories from her life and play music in the winter evenings, being alone.

Oksana-Virgo will be a great party for an intellectual. She will find a common language with her mother-in-law and will be able to make a good impression on all the relatives of her future spouse.

This woman has an unstable psyche, she behaves unchecked, can be arrogant and obsessive, she doesn’t know a sense of tact. The character of Oksana-Libra consists of contradictions: she is selfish, but at the same time she is sympathetic and compassionate, stingy and jealous, but she can give the latter to the needy, naive, but can be a thoughtful and prudent woman.

Oksana, born under the constellation of Libra, is characterized by such qualities as carelessness, carelessness, frivolity and unwillingness to take responsibility for her life. Oksana-Libra is accustomed to blame anyone, except herself.

She prefers to criticize, but her own shortcomings seem insignificant.

Such a woman does not seek to create a family. She needs a skilled lover who will acquaint her with the world of sensual pleasures, but will not require any obligations and agreements between young people.

Oksana-Libra is able to become a good wife and loving mother when she is fed up with such a life and reaches adulthood.

This is a stubborn, self-centered and shocking woman who is not accustomed to reckon with the opinions of others. Oksana-Scorpio can use tough methods to eliminate competitors and believes that she has no equal in the conduct of work affairs, and in love relationships.

Such a lady likes undisguised flattery and words of admiration; she doesn’t understand people very well, and it is difficult for her to find a person of a congenial spirit.

Oksana-Scorpio loves to show off her achievements, she never hides her own opinion about a person and does not choose words to express her displeasure. This girl is impatient, narcissistic and thinks on earth, therefore, others consider her an uninteresting companion and try to avoid the society of this lady.

A man who knows how to look good and has the skills of seduction can easily seduce Oksana-Scorpio and then return to reality. If this woman falls in love, she can change drastically for the sake of her chosen one and will become a real delight for him.

Sensual and unpredictable nature has a wonderful sense of humor and is optimistic. She sees advantages in everything, and life seems to be more beautiful next to her.

Oksana-Sagittarius never despair, hysterics and tears are alien to her, she is spontaneous, charming and very feminine.

Oksana, who was born under the sign of Sagittarius, always has brilliant ideas that she tries to translate into reality. TSuch a woman calmly accepts criticism and draws appropriate conclusions.

Oksana-Sagittarius is kind, merciful, she helps everyone and can sacrifice much for the happiness of her loved ones.

This woman is real "abductor" men’s hearts. But Oksana does it without malicious intent, being in search of her one and only man who will give all her warmth, affection and care.

A reliable, serious and thorough person knows how to keep secrets and never divulges personal information. Oksana-Capricorn is independent, she copes with all the difficulties that have fallen to her lot alone and does not complain about her hard fate.

This woman has a masculine character and an enviable self-control.

Oksana-Capricorn thinks soberly in any situation and is not inclined to give in to panic. To any case such a lady approaches in good faith, she is both a good performer and a successful leader who competently organizes the work of her subordinates.

This woman can not be pissed off and made nervous, she is confident in the future and is not accustomed to doubt her own abilities. Therefore, next to her should be a man who goes through life confidently and decisively, shares the values ​​of Oksana-Capricorn and will become a faithful friend for her.

This is a foolish and changeable, but at the same time good-natured and responsible girl. Oksana-Aquarius is attractive, always in the center of attention and gives the impression of an intelligent and calm woman, until she shows others her true character.

When this woman is in a bad mood, she can hurt her loved ones, but after that she will definitely ask for forgiveness for her unacceptable behavior.

Oksana-Aquarius is straightforward and can not hide her true emotions, so she will not communicate with people who are unpleasant to her. She does not tolerate deception and hypocrisy, feeling deception on an intuitive level, and immediately exposes the liar.

Oksana-Aquarius is not looking for easy ways in life and achieves success on their own.

Such a woman would be an honest and simple man who loves the truth as well as his future spouse.

This girl goes with the flow, and nothing will make her change her habitual way. She is lazy, slow and takes everything to heart.

She does not like adventures and never gets involved in risky activities, preferring calm and measured life.

Oksana Pisces is not good at people and often makes mistakes in love when choosing the wrong man to create a family.

Such a woman does not want to make money, but she spends it with pleasure, without denying herself anything. She is accustomed to luxury and comfort, so she needs a man who can provide a decent living. In this case, the spouse should not rely on the economy of Oksana-Pisces.

She does not want to stand at the stove and such an occupation as cleaning the house, considers unacceptable for herself.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

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It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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