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Nelly: Can the name influence the character and determine the fate of the child

Nelly — a mysterious influence on the life and temperament of a woman

The female name Nellie appeared in ancient Greece and was derived from the word «Neos». It will be translated as «new», «young.»

Consequently, the name Nelly will mean «young», «young.» It is also assumed that the name was originally a shortened form of the name Eleanor, which subsequently took root as an independent one.

Nelly: Can the name influence the character and determine the fate of the child

Name transformations

  • Nelly — full name
  • Nelka, Ellie, Nelia, Nela, Nelka — abbreviated
  • Affectionately — Nelechka, Nelyushka, Nefchik, Nelenka, Nelyuska, Nelyusya, Nelyusha.
  • There is no name in the Orthodox calendar.
  • The same root names are Eleonora, Cornelia, Neonilla, Ninel, Elena, Naila, Petronella.
  • It is recorded in the passport — NELLI.

Character Nellie

Baby Nelka behaves impulsively. She already has an explosive temper and can be easily brought to emotions.

Nellie is already a small leader who gets along with both peers and adults.

Successes in studies with Neli average, although not bad. She is more inclined to literature and other humanities.

In it lives the creative nature, is engaged in painting and theater. Often chooses this path in the future.

Nelly: Can the name influence the character and determine the fate of the child

Growing up, Nellie becomes an independent girl. On the one hand, she is sociable and sociable, quickly converges with people and finds a lot in common with them.

On the other hand, there is a certain isolation in her, and she sometimes prefers loneliness to a noisy company.

Nellie does not tolerate hypocrisy and never deceives anyone herself. Always speaks the truth in person and will not be silent. The independence of the girl can be guessed by her manner of behavior or by her way of life.

By her nature, she is a revolutionary and a rebel and lives by her moral principles.

Nelly has incredible appeal and appeal. She behaves and perceives as a true lady. She can so fascinate others that will remain in their memory for a long time.

In her appearance and behavior is felt style, which is determined by education and perception of the world.

One of the features of Nellie is her callousness and stiffness. She is rarely able to experience true feelings.

Not letting anyone and wow in the soul, hiding behind the mask of sarcasm, dulls all their inner feelings.

Nellie loves sophistication and soulfulness. For her, spiritual values ​​are more important than material values.

Often she is impetuous. Even if she is wrong, she hardly admits it. She herself is unpredictable.

From her you do not know what to expect. She herself does not know.

Nelly’s health is not particularly strong. Because of her dislike for sports and physical exertion, undesirable consequences can begin and affect the heart of Nelly.

Great attention should be paid to the nervous system. To avoid neurosis and depression, you must be able to relax and relieve tension.

Nellie always moves to her goals and does not give up. Even if she has everything bad with money, she can build a career in any field. Successful development will be in creative creative activities and related industries: designer, artist, fashion designer, advertising specialist, journalist, museum or theater employee.

Good progress can be achieved in medicine or science. In the work, Nellie also seeks independence.

Family and marriage

As a husband, Nellie chooses a person who is independent, intelligent and successful. He may be the owner of a character no less complex than hers, older than her in age.

They live together for a long time, but their life cannot be calm. Often there are conflicts for the right leadership.

They’ll be dragging the blanket over themselves all my life. Nelya can be called a good mistress with a stretch. Usually she attracts a housekeeper, mother or mother-in-law to household chores.

Relations with children are trusting, they do not indulge too much. Mom is a friend and adviser for them.

Will be a happy alliance with Gleb, Vladimir, Alexander.

Life will diverge from Artem, Peter, Alexei, Fedor, Stanislav.

Nelly: Can the name influence the character and determine the fate of the child

Astrological helpers

  • Mars — Planet
  • Yellow — Favorable Color
  • Topaz — Stone Mascot
  • Gemini — Sign of the Zodiac
  • Walnut — Auspicious Tree
  • Dragonfly — Patron name
  • Freesia — Crown Plant

Famous women whose name is Nelly

Soviet gymnast, Olympic champion Kim, Russian actresses Popova and Uvarova, Canadian singer and composer Furtado, German poetess Sachs.

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