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Natalia’s Name Day — love, destiny, character and church form

Natalia’s Angel Day — family, destiny, character, love and church form

Beautiful female name Natalia is very popular in the Slavic countries. From Latin, it translates as «native» or «Christmas.»

In ancient times, girls born on Christmas were given the name Natalia. From the Hebrew language, the name Natalya is translated as “presented by God,” they called girls born to their parents, who were already desperate to have a child.

In some countries, the pronunciation of the name Natalia, Natalie, Natalle is slightly different.

The diminutive-tender form of the name: Natik, Natusik, Natasha, Natasha, Natusya, Tusya, Natuska, Natalochka, Natasha, Natalka, Talka.

Natalia's Name Day - love, destiny, character and church form

Name days according to the church calendar

Church form named Natalia — Natalia. Angel Day Natalia celebrates 5 days a year. Holy patron saint of women named Natalia:

  • The holy martyr Natalia Nikomidi is revered on September 8. She was born in a Christian family, married a pagan Andrian, who later believed in Christ, for which he was put in prison, where, by order of the Roman emperor Maximilian, he was cruelly tortured. Natalia was present at the torture of her husband, two years later she died of emotional distress after the death of her husband.
  • The new martyr Natalia Sundukova — revered January 11. She was born in the family of a priest, in 1939 she was arrested, accusing of anti-Soviet propaganda. Shot in 1942.
  • Martyr and novice Natalya Ulyanova is revered on March 22. She was born in the family of the joiner, was a novice in the Novodevichy Convent. She was arrested in March 1938, shot dead a few days later.
  • Martyr Natalya Baklanova — revered March 31. Born into a peasant family, became a novice of the Novodevichy Convent. In 1937, she was arrested; on March 31, 1938, she died in hospital from a serious illness.
  • Martyr Natalia Kozlova — revered September 14th. She was born in a peasant family, was the head of the Epiphany Church. In August 1937, she was arrested, shot in a month.

Natalia’s character depends on the time of year of birth:

  • Winter — Smart, serious, prudent, restrained, successful.
  • Spring — Difficult, sophisticated, emotional, artistic.
  • Summer — Optimistic, independent, domineering, confident.
  • Autumn — Practical, self-confident, reasonable, ambitious.

Little Natasha early becomes independent, growing serious, active and very energetic girl. At the same time, she is shy, does not immediately agree with the guys, but she knows how to be friends with them, does not conflict. He is fond of creativity, dancing, singing.

If you give it to the creative circle, then it will achieve significant success there. Natalya is quick-tempered, she does not remember offenses, but her offensive words hurt her deeply.

Little Natasha needs an eye and an eye because of her excessive activity, from which she often receives physical injuries. The negligence of their own actions will remain with Natalia until adulthood.

In transitional age, Natasha becomes more responsible, more executive, more confident in herself. He studies well, strives to be the best in the class, and often completes school with honors. He likes to participate in school plays, competitions, he loves to go hiking, attends sports sections.

She is loved by both teachers and children. Around Natasha there are always many friends, among them are relatives.

Her advantage is that Natasha can be re-educated, to improve her character.

Thanks to her qualities, sociability, sociability, sense of purpose can be an excellent Natalia. She can become an excellent organizer. Loves to communicate, does not conflict, when necessary, give way. In companies, she is always a welcome guest.

Sensitive to their own failures. Almost never gets on the curve path of life.

As a child, Natasha is prone to catarrhal diseases, her body becomes so strong by adolescence that she almost does not get sick until she is an adult. It may have a rash on the skin.

In adulthood, there may be problems with the cardiovascular system.

Natalia loves to communicate, therefore she tries to choose a profession related to communication: teacher, manager, journalist, writer, TV presenter, actress, singer. Natalia, thanks to her tactfulness and decisiveness, is appreciated by her colleagues and bosses. Work conflicts Natalia tries to smooth out.

He does not like poverty, so he tries to earn more money so that he does not need anything. A demanding and strict boss will come out of it, unable to retreat and always achieving goals.

Charming and charming Natalya easily conquers men, changes them like gloves. She does not agree to sex without love, in bed she is not passionate and gives up the initiative to a man. After parting, most often on her initiative, men cannot forget her for a long time and try to get her back.

Avoids vulgar and slovenly men.

Natalia's Name Day - love, destiny, character and church form

Natalya dreams of a strong and reliable family, so she is seriously choosing her husband. Her husband should praise Natalia more often, give her leadership, then family life will be smooth and strong.

Natalia will be a great hostess who knows how to do everything around the house. Such economic women as she is now very few. Natalia does not always have a good relationship with her mother-in-law; it would be better if they live separately.

Mother from Natalia will be strict, demanding, but loving. Painfully experiencing illness and failure of members of his family.

If Natalia does not meet the man of her dreams, then she can be alone.

Male Name Compatibility

  • Planet — Mercury.
  • The color of the name is Red.
  • Season — Summer.
  • Happy day of the week — Wednesday.
  • Lucky number — 2.
  • Metal — Silver.
  • Star sign — Virgo.
  • Element — Water.
  • Totem animal — swimming beetle.
  • Plant — Burnet.
  • Tree — Aralia.
  • Mineral Mascot — Bloodblood.

Famous people named Natalia

  • Natalia Durova is a Soviet trainer.
  • Natalia Kasatkina — Soviet ballet dancer.
  • Natalia Sats — Soviet director.
  • Natalia Krachkovskaya — Soviet actress.
  • Natalia Andreichenko — Soviet actress.
  • Natalia Varley — Soviet actress.
  • Natalia Gundareva — Soviet actress.
  • Natalia Bondarchuk — Russian actress.
  • Natalia Bessmertnova — Russian ballerina.

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