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Namedoms at Raisa — when they are celebrated and which saints are honored

The days of the birthday of Raisa according to the Orthodox calendar

Women named Raisa are celebrated twice a year. In the Orthodox calendar, the name Raisa is mentioned.

It is also a synonym for Iraida.

  • 18.09 — the martyr, the maiden Raisa (Iraida) of Alexandria (Antinopol).
  • 10.10 — the martyr, the maiden Raisa (Iraida) of Alexandria (Antinopol).

Interpretation of the name and character of Raisa

The name Raisa is interpreted from the ancient Greek language from the word «radios» as «submissive», «easy», «compliant.» It is also believed that the roots of the name go to the Arab culture. According to this version, the name is listed as “boss”, “mistress”.

In Orthodoxy — the original form of the name Iraid.

At the mention of this female name, a brave and cold woman appears. However, not all raises are so belligerent and masculine.

They do not have great strength, but they are still active, joyful and cheerful. They have a bright personality and endowed with creative imagination.

They are characterized as witty and charming persons.

Little Raisa — a girl full of activity and kindness, loves to fool around. In any situation, she enjoys life. She has a good eye and a violent fantasy.

Raisa has an easygoing temper. With it, you can always find a solution that will suit everyone. Raisa appreciates accuracy and order and demands it from everyone around her.

Rachika has a good sense of humor, she is funny and loves to have fun. Often she herself is the initiator of jokes, pranks.

For himself, Paradise can always stand and answer.

Namedoms at Raisa - when they are celebrated and which saints are honored

Raisa is an erudite person. She takes her studies and development seriously, fulfilling all the tasks diligently and in good faith.

Paradise has an innate sense of tact. She will never curry favor and impose. Paradise is a very versatile person.

She likes a variety of things, that it is difficult for her to make a choice, which is better. She has a creative spirit and artistry, has agility and flexibility, loves to play sports.

Raisa has a strong character, big ambitions and an analytical mindset. She observes her interests above all. Her demands on herself and others are very high.

She constantly moves towards her goals, easily avoiding all obstacles. Paradise does not believe in the intuition, guided only by its own intelligence, experience and common sense.

Her diligence and responsibility can only be envied. She will be an excellent lawyer, teacher, engineer, economist, writer or actress.

She is waiting for success in the trade or banking sector. Her leadership skills will help her become an excellent leader.

She is ready to listen to anyone, but will always make her own way. With colleagues, she is tactful and friendly, but in affairs shows her authority.

Paradise is often vindictive and does not forgive resentment. In anger can be vicious and sarcastic.

She will not tolerate pressure and influence on herself, takes the criticism and advice hard.

Raisa has many friends and girlfriends. She is a loyal and reliable friend who can tell all the secrets and who will always give the right advice. In the spouse, she chooses a practical, intelligent and strong representative of the opposite sex.

She will be a caring mother, a wonderful hostess and will be able to lead the family. In her house there is always order and comfort, which she carefully creates.

He likes to receive guests at home, surprising them with his culinary masterpieces. Squanders do not call her.

The family budget spends sparingly, keeps it under control. He takes care of his children, teaches, gives important and valuable instructions.

Her main character traits can be called intelligence, love of life, confidence and imperiousness.

Patrons name

There is little data about Saint Rais. She is known to be the daughter of a presbyter, who suffered for the Christian faith during the reign of Emperor Maxentius at the beginning of the 4th century.

She lived in Alexandria and was a nun at the local monastery.

Namedoms at Raisa - when they are celebrated and which saints are honored

One day she went to fetch water and saw a ship with prisoners on the quay. They were men and women, priests and monks, and they absolutely did not know where they were directed.

All of them were arrested for being members of the Christian faith. At the time Raisa visited the prisoners, she was also shackled. When the ship moored in the port of the Egyptian city of Antinopol, the prisoners were tortured and executed.

Raisa was tortured and beheaded first.

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