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Nameday Stepan on the church calendar of the Orthodox

Angel Stepan’s Day on the church calendar

A man named Stepan can celebrate birthday on one of these days:

  • January: 17, 24, 27.
  • February: 21, 26.
  • March: 12.
  • April: 6, 8, 10.
  • May: 9, 10, 20, 30.
  • June: 6, 20, 25.
  • July: 13, 18, 26, 27, 31.
  • August: 1, 13, 15, 25.
  • September: 2, 28.
  • October: 7, 15, 17, 22, 23.
  • November: 10, 12, 13, 17, 24, 25.
  • December: 11, 15, 22, 23, 28, 30.

If you count all the dates, you get an impressive number: 53. As a rule, the day chronologically closest to the birthday is chosen, but this is not necessary.

It is possible and even necessary to celebrate birthday as an independent holiday.

Nameday Stepan on the church calendar of the Orthodox

Briefly about the meaning

The name Stepan has ancient Greek roots. Translated literally ring, the crown of «Stefa-nose.»

Like many now common words and proper names appeared in the lexicon of Europeans with the adoption of Christianity.

Church form named Stepan

There are a lot of options that are used in literature and colloquially:

All of them have a place to be, but in the passport and other documents the correct form is Stepan or Stefan (if so written in the birth certificate). According to Orthodox canons, the church form is Stefan..

In the religious literature of the past centuries, Stephen is most often found.

Distribution among different nations

In Europe, quite a popular name. His options are:

  • French — Etienne.
  • Hungarian — Istvan.
  • Polish — Stefan.


Since childhood, Stepan — a big mischief. He plays everyone, loves to play outdoor games, knows how to inspire his peers on new adventures. Easy to communicate, reliable in friendship.

He himself will never offend anyone, and quickly forgets if someone has hurt him. Never emphasizes its superiority, even if it really takes place.

He loves to create, but the lessons for him are tiring.

The guy adapts well to new conditions. He is always supported by friends.

Well versed in mechanisms. At work, if he is a boss, he is demanding, but fair.
With ladies quickly establishes contact. Stefan knows what kind of compliment you might like. Marries well, but the spouse is jealous.

Sometimes there are grounds for this. In general, fate, giving a man a good temper, can make him unhappy.

History of saints

Nameday Stepan on the church calendar of the Orthodox

Judging by the dates of birthdays, in Christianity there are a lot of martyrs and new martyrs. Each has his own tragic life, which he did not spare in the name of Christ.

Stephen the First Martyr

Apostle Peter once installed 7 deacons. Among them, Stephen, archdeacon, was considered the chief.

He was recognized as a protomartyr, since he was one of the first to accept suffering for Christ.

It turned out as follows. For his sermons they called him to the Sanhedrin, where his angry accusatory speech did not please the Jerusalem lawyers, so much so that they stopped their ears.

In a rage, the crowd pounced on the saint and were stoned behind the city.
In honor of the murdered saint, Queen Evdokia (Greece) built the church of St. Stephen on a memorial site.

The relics of the first martyr are especially revered by believers.

Martyr Stephen Kazansky

The saint was born near Kazan in Russia. He lived in a small town among the Muslims, whom he himself was.

By nationality Tatar. For three decades I didn’t get out of bed, since my legs had already lost weight.
During the siege of the Russian army of the capital of the Kazan Khanate in 1552, the patient learned about the events. He was amazed that such a fortified city managed to be captured by Tsar Grozny.

I decided that the Russian Orthodox helps their Russian. He wanted to turn to God, and suddenly he would help him.

The man really wanted to be baptized, and a miracle happened. He recovered that day. On foot, I went to the lucky Sviazhsky archpriest Timothy.

The ceremony was held. Having been baptized, Stephen returned to his people, where a crowd of disgruntled met him, demanding that they return to their faith, but the saint was firm.

Then he was killed in anger.

Holy prep. Stefan Mahrishchy

He is the patron saint of all those whom his parents named Stepan (Stephen). Before his face is usually asked for health, getting rid of serious ailments. Especially he helps epileptics, broken paralysis.

It serves as protection from enemies, overt and covert. Stefan Mahrishchessky is also addressed when there is a mute or tongue-tied family in his family.

Stefan Lazarevich High, Serbian, King (New)

The Orthodox Name Day: 07/09/01/08.

Year of birth approximate: 1377. He was born in the royal family of Serbia of the Great Martyr Lazarus and St. Milica.

During the tyranny of the Turks in Serbia, he defended his country and people from raids. Spared no expense in building temples, giving the needy to those in need. Reputedly wise ruler and merciful man.

In 1427 he was gone.

Stefan, Serbian

Memorial Day 04.10./17.10.

St. Stephen lived in the 16th century. in the Serbian state. At that time, it was subjected to cruel looting by the Turkish army.

Stephen was a real warrior, filled with courage and courage, not sparing himself for the sake of his native land.
Preserved legends about his kindness and attitude towards colleagues. In the famine, he distributed his bread to people. Saint

Stephen was buried 10/4/1515. Light streamed over his grave.

The Turks in search of treasure, got it from the grave, the body of the warrior remained incorruptible. The Serbs bought the remains and hid in the monastery of Frusztskaya mountains.

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