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Named Yaroslav on the church calendar: when to celebrate and what to donate

Beautiful name Yaroslav: the day of the angel and the life of the saints with this name

The name refers to the ancient, still pre-Christian. God harvest Yarilo, especially revered by the Slavs. So this name appeared, it consists of two words: “Yar” — ardent, furious, strong and “Glory” — glory.

Literally, Yaroslav is a fierce glory or a bright glory.

Old Slavonic names in modern everyday life, and even officially recognized by the church, are not so many. One of them is Yaroslav.

Many famous historical figures in the early years of Christianity were baptized under other names, but it was the worldly names that came into the church calendar (in the case of a person’s canonization).

The church is allowed to baptize a boy under the name Yaroslav, but the girl should choose another naming (there are no saints named Yaroslav, although there is a worldly female name of Yaroslav).

The wonderful name Yaroslav looks very modern, they are often endowed with children in Russia and Slavic European countries.

Diminutive pet forms: Yarik, Slavik, Yar, Roslik, Yaroslav, Yaroslav, Yarichko.

When the angel’s day is celebrated

Three times a year, the birthday of Yaroslav is celebrated. Princes are considered patron saints: Yaroslav the Wise and Yaroslav of Murom, as well as the new martyr Yaroslav Savitsky.

In the pagan names, when the fertility god was glorified, was the Yaril day. July 7 was celebrated this holiday.

Of course, this has nothing to do with Orthodoxy and Catholicism.

What to give for birthday

Good gifts are:

  • Sets of any skill (cutting, burning, modeling, and others);
  • Books containing descriptions of heroic victories, on personal and spiritual growth;
  • Icons, images, souvenirs from the church shop.

Secular characteristics of the name Yaroslav

A common male name with a glorious history. Yarik is the center of the family: he is loved, engaged with him, in every way he develops.

Named Yaroslav on the church calendar: when to celebrate and what to donate

Being always the object of attention, he becomes far ambiguous person. On the one hand, the boy is good-natured, cheerful, playful and carefree.

Other traits are formed due to excessive guardianship and supervision: arrogance, duplicity, self-will and even cruelty.

In his childhood, Yarchik is very inquisitive, he loves insects and animals, this passion does not leave him in his transitional age, and in adulthood.

This boy is rather absentminded, hopes for adults that he will be prompted in time for this or that decision. It becomes indecisive, it is cool to study.

The young man tries early to separate from his family, moving away from abundant attention and problems with his parents. He already has a plan for building his life in his head.

In this sense, he can be envied.

Adult years drastically change Yaroslav. He becomes pragmatic, strong-willed, stubborn and persistent. He has inherent and not too pleasant features: rigidity, rudeness, aggressiveness.

However, this is quite an ironic man, and the internal good-natured state skillfully hides from others behind various masks.

He easily adapts to any conditions, avoids unpleasant situations, avoids open conflicts. It can fall on the influence, but has common sense and stop in time.

The guy likes compliments, praise, a little vain. He tries to be a leader, to make decisions, but he prefers to share responsibility with someone.

He has friends, both among ordinary surroundings, and among dubious people, as well as from the highest strata of society.

He needs to be near people who can appreciate it, admire him and listen to his opinion.

Adult Yar is a diverse man. Like the opposite sex, having a charismatic look. It is attractive for women, there are always fans around Yaroslav.

He does not attract long and family ties. He loves freedom, can be left without a family.

Entering into a successful relationship, transformed. He is a good, loyal family man, he loves, and we love his wife, he is interesting and safe with him. Children and family will remain in first place among his life priorities.

Yaroslav is trying hard to ensure a better life for the family, he works a lot.

Can master many professions. Creative fields: musician, writer, artist, designer.

It is a good psychologist: it will be an excellent teacher, trainer, doctor, massage therapist, psychotherapist.

Named Yaroslav on the church calendar: when to celebrate and what to donate

He is interested in science and research, biology, theology. Well versed in computers, will choose programming, graphic design, design.

A person with this name will build his business, here he will be helped by purposefulness, the ability to make quick decisions and enterprise.

Famous historical figures

  1. Jaroslav Hasek — Czech writer
  2. Smelyakov Jaroslav — poet
  3. Yaroslav the Wise — Prince of Kiev
  4. Ivashkevich Jaroslav — Polish translator and writer
  5. Kaczynski Jaroslaw — Polish politician
  6. Baryshev Yaroslav — Artist
  7. Pekelsky Yaroslav — violinist musician
  8. Jaroslav Khabarov — hockey player
  9. Borodin Yaroslav — sculptor
  10. Soukup Yaroslav — biathlete
  11. Jarrko Nieminen — tennis player
  12. Yaroslav Amosov — Mixed Martial Arts Fighter
  13. Evdokimov Jaroslav — singer.

Life of Saints

Holy Prince of Kiev Yaroslav the Wise — the most famous of those who bear that name. And also it is the zealot of faith revered by the people. One of the sons of Vladimir the Baptist of Russia.

Jaroslav was baptized under the name of George. He actively promoted the ideas of Christianity on the lands entrusted to him. He founded the city of Yaroslavl (Bear Corner).

By his order, many churches, temples, now — these monuments of art were built. These are the Church of Elijah the Prophet, the St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, the Kiev-St. Sophia Church.

During his long reign, the state not only led and won the war, but also flourished and strengthened. In the name of his innocent brothers Boris and Gleb (they were destroyed by their brother Svyatopolk), he established the day of their worship. They proclaimed the first library at the Cathedral in Kiev, the holy scripture was interpreted to the poor people.

Priests were sent to many cities and villages, with a certain salary. Under the leadership of the prince was published «Russian Truth» (a set of laws and regulations of Kievan Rus).

Named Yaroslav on the church calendar: when to celebrate and what to donate

Jaroslav Savitsky is a new martyr. He served as a priest, had a wife and three children. In the late twenties of the twentieth century, when the real persecutions of faith began, he was the head of a church outside Moscow.

Resisted collectivization, organized a demonstration against it. In 1937 he was shot.

Stood to the end in his faith, noted his strong spirit, courage and education.

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