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Named Xenia: days of remembrance of the church calendar

Ksenia: the day of the angel according to the church calendar

The calendar date of commemoration is the day of death or the finding of the relics of the saint. Every day, the birthday party can celebrate several saints of the same name.

There are unknown stories of the righteous and the defenders of the faith.

The name day is determined by the church canons, appropriating the name of the saint, falling on or close to his birthday.

How to spend angel day

Name days — this is the day when they bow and ask for intercession, instructions from the patron saint. In different situations and daily need to contact your defender.

It is worth holding it without too much fuss. Day of spiritual birth, when a person becomes close to his angel.

Orthodox believers previously made birthday pastries: balls, cheesecakes, pies and loaves. On the day of the name day, in the morning they attended church services, served a prayer for health, were attached to the icon of their saint.

Then the relatives helped themselves with pies, dined with family.

Birthday gift

  • Book, prayer book
  • Set for hobby, needlework
  • Cross, original candles or other souvenirs bought in a souvenir shop.

How to learn to be worthy of your patron

It is worth knowing the life, godly deeds and feats of the saint, to love him genuinely. As often as possible, apply with prayer and remember that every person has a holy prayer book about his soul.

To think about what you can sacrifice your principles and follow the example of the patron saint.

Church form name

Ksenia is a Greek name, meaning “guest” or “foreign”, “alien”.

Church form name — Xenia. Distributed throughout Russia and Ukraine, as well as in Belarus.

Derivatives named: Xenia, Xeniushka, Ksyusha, Ksyuta, Oksyunya, Oksanka, Ksanka, Aksyunya, Aksyuta, Syunya, Ksenya, Oksana.

Characteristic name secular

Good-natured girl, friendly and extremely gentle. Does not tolerate lies, very sensitive.

Ksyusha’s psyche is not very balanced, she is quite conflict-oriented, obstinate and touchy. It has a fickle character. Relationships with people can easily break, do not tolerate discouragement, easily go to confrontation.

Diplomatic relations are not her style; she loves leadership, is touchy and capricious.

This girl is very nice looking. It has a great taste, well dressed.

He loves to show himself in a favorable light, enjoys its popularity.

Named Xenia: days of remembrance of the church calendar

Due to unstable behavior, often has no friends. In close friends will choose the one that will obey her and agree in everything.

With age, a certain balance and wisdom is acquired. Becomes a great hostess, understanding and faithful wife.

It has culinary talents, a needlewoman. In the family, the main issues are dealt with on their own, resolute and reliable. The husband chooses the same strong and solid men.

The partner is often older than her, he can give paternal care, surround with warmth and understanding.

Xenia does not leave unfinished business, this woman is a responsible worker. Entrusted affairs performs with zeal, will not refuse to take a leading position. The boss will be strict and demanding.

She is appreciated at work. Oksana does not like collective activities with strictly defined frameworks and deadlines.

She prefers solitary work, where the result depends only on her.

Professionally wide selection. Doing sports, can be an athlete, gymnast, skier.

Ksenia — pediatrician or nurse, teacher and designer.

Ksenia is a selfless mother, often with many children. He arranges children in various circles, protects them, does not give offense.

Glorified saints named Xenia

Named Xenia: days of remembrance of the church calendar

  1. Everyone knows blissful Ksenia of Petersburg. She was a widow at all young, and they didn’t manage to make money with her husband. A loving girl has a spiritual devastation. She broke up with the acquired property, was on the street. To achieve the happiness of God, she became a holy fool. Ksenia was called Andrei Fedorovich, that was the name of her late husband, dressed in men’s clothes. Started wandering through the streets of St. Petersburg, mainly in poor areas. Humbly and unrequitedly accepted ridicule and mockery. She often labored at the church. She rejected gifts from the townspeople, preferring to wear the same clothes and shoes all her life. Over time, all the clothes turned into rags. Helped people by performing miracles. Where Ksenia appeared, trade improved, happy changes took place, people recovered. She began to respect, waiting for her arrival. She lived blessed forty-five years, buried in St. Petersburg. Canonized after 200 years. To the chapel with its relics, people stand in long queues, coming from different parts of Russia. She is prayed for health, female happiness, protection from sorrows.
  2. Ksenia Milasskaya, the reverend. Being the daughter of rich parents, she secretly left the house, sailed by ship to the city of Milass. She bought a plot of land and built a temple. Founded the monastery at the temple, was appointed deaconess. Ksenia considered herself a great sinner, was humble. Charity, consolation, guidance, and help are just a few of the virtues of Xenia Milassky. When Xenia’s earthly journey ended, there was a sign over the monastery. The glittering cross, surrounded by a light crown, did not disappear from the sky until the burial itself. By the relics of Xenia fall for the healing of disease.

At the first opportunity, you should do a daily prayer:

«Pray for me about God, holy servant of God, Xenia, as if I zealously come running to you, an ambulance and prayer-book for my soul.»

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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