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Named Taisii on the church calendar Orthodox

Angel Day of Taisia ​​on the church calendar

Days of remembrance of saints named Tais several times a year, so the day of the angel can be celebrated on the following days:

  • 04.04. — the martyr Taisia.
  • 23.05. — Taisia ​​of Egypt.
  • 21.10. — prp. Taisia ​​of Egypt, Theban.

Origin and meaning

The name itself has been known since the time of Alexander the Great, and this was the name of the commander’s hetherer. Translated from other Greek. lang as late, although there are other meanings:

  1. wise
  2. belonging to the goddess Isis

With such a beautiful name are known several saints, the name day in the year are not one-time. It was especially common in ancient Egypt and Greece.

Church form — Taisiya, but many others:

  • Taiska (colloquially)
  • Taisya (people)
  • Taiku — (idle talk)
  • Taya (short).
  • Tayuha (rude, crony).
  • Tayushka (diminutive).
  • Taychik (affectionate treatment).

Named Taisii on the church calendar Orthodox

A brief description of the woman Tai

From an early age is smart beyond his years. In addition, it is able to cheat well, if the situation requires.

Always energetic and emotional. Despite this, he is able to restrain himself, not to open his soul.

Able to store important information for a long time, do not spill the beans.

As a teenager, already shows independence. Very independent of the opinions of others.

Self-sufficient, self-confident, which helps in moving up the career ladder. Full of ideas. He loves and knows how to work.

The chef is considered a valuable employee.

When married for love, it will be revealed from the best sides as a mother and wife. She can get married by necessity or by calculation, but she will not be happy, although she will never show it.

Story of Saints

There are three known martyrs who were canonized by the Christian church with the given name, therefore there are as many dates on the church calendar.

Named Taisii on the church calendar Orthodox

Taisia ​​the Martyr

Memorial Day: 04.04.

There is almost no information about this saint. The only thing that has come down to our days, her martyrdom, because she professed faith in Christ among her fellow countrymen, without fearing the threats of rulers, remained a Christian until she died.

Taisia ​​of Egypt

Memorial Day: 23.05.

The life of a woman proceeded in the 5th c. She lived in Egypt with her relatives. When the rich parents gave their souls to God, she became involved in charity. Anyone in need of treatment could turn to her and receive help.

The house served as a refuge for wanderers. She was surrounded by love and reverence.

After a while, the inheritance began to melt before our eyes, the girl herself now needed. Into this difficult stage of life, impious people begin to curl around.

A woman falls under their influence.
It happened that the monks came into the house, with whom she had once helped. Seeing Taisia ​​in such a state, being upset, they turned to John Kolov, his Abba.

He responded, went into the house of the sinner, looked into her eyes, and at the very tears flowed from his eyes.

The hostess was surprised at such a reaction, wondered what happened to him. The elder said that on her face there is a demon playing and having fun, and he is bitter because the woman has departed from Christ.

The girl fluttered, began to ask for advice.

After a short time, Abba John and Taisia ​​went silently into the wilderness. There the wanderers spent the night.

Having baptized his companion, the monk put it to the head of the sand. Himself snooze a little off.

The next morning, I began to wake up to go on, but it turned out that the sinner was dead. The man was upset that she did not have time to take communion, to become a nun to atone for sins.

At the same moment, the voice of God comforted him that one hour of repentance of the harlot was more important than other days that were not so sincere and selfless.

Taisia ​​Egyptian Thebaid

Memorial Day: 21.10.

Life told that the saint was born to a harlot who attached her to her work. Being very beautiful, the girl was driving men crazy, ruining them, causing all sorts of suffering.

Once, for a conversation, the sinful house of the prep. Paphnuti the Great. His words were not in vain, Taisia ​​arranged a grand bonfire from her treasures on one of the city squares.

After she went to the monastery, settled in her cell for 3 years, where she ate only once a day.

At the expiration of the time of St. Paphnutius asked Anthony the Great if the recluse had received the Lord’s forgiveness.

All monasticism began to pray for God to give a sign. This happened in the dream of Pavel Preprosy, where the couch guarded by beautiful beauties appeared to him. A voice from the sky announced that it was intended for the harlot Taisiya.

Paphnutii spoke about the good news of the cell. She fell ill in two weeks and died.

So the saint was forgiven.

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