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Named men and boys named Valery according to the Orthodox calendar

Angel Day Valery on the church calendar

The name Valery is common in the Russian people. It symbolizes courage and strength.

Orthodox Christians have patron saints called by this name. All men and boys named Valery can celebrate the name day 4 times a year:

  • March 22 — the martyr Valery of Sebaste;
  • 06.05 and 07.11 — the martyr Valery;
  • 20.11 — the martyr Valery Melitinsky.

Church and worldly names are identical — Valery.

The origin and meaning of the name Valery

The name Valery is very sonorous and strong, which is justified by its value. The name came to us from ancient Greece, where the name Valerius meant “to be strong”, “to be healthy”.

In Russian, the name appeared only in the 19th century. The name began to gain popularity in the post-revolutionary period, when people wanted something new and gave newborn names to the newborn.

And by the 60th year, the name was in the top 10 popular names in the country.

Named men and boys named Valery according to the Orthodox calendar

Valery grows up a restless child, which gives a considerable share of problems to his parents. He can not sit quietly, and loves to fool around and make some noise.

For successful study, he lacks patience and perseverance, preferring instead of boring classes to drive the ball with the boys in the yard. From a young age he shows his organizational and leadership qualities.

However, it is important for parents not to overlook that these qualities are directed in the right direction, otherwise problems cannot be avoided. They need to show love and patience to the son, because he rarely listens to someone’s opinion and early becomes independent.

Adult Valery has a good sense of humor and a sharp tongue, because of which he often finds himself in unpleasant conflict situations. He does not know fear, and he often does not think about the consequences of his actions and actions. Valeria is characterized by activity and curiosity.

He likes to give advice to everyone. Otherwise, he feels his uselessness.

He tries to please others, but he usually lacks tact and delicacy. He is touchy, and when he is offended, he can talk in a temper and make nonsense.

Valery is always and in every situation full of optimism. He is rarely seen in a bad mood and despondency. In the team and among like-minded people, he often becomes the leader, because in any critical and difficult situation he can remain cool and clear-minded, make decisions quickly and correctly.

He categorically does not like orders and rules and does not want to accept, but he likes having fun and not thinking about the consequences. Valery is very self-confident and flippant with life, which is why he has many problems. He needs to be a little more critical of himself and more delicate to others, then many problems could have been avoided.

Valery often becomes the soul of the company, because he likes to have fun and be the center of attention. He is a devoted friend, a pleasant and interesting conversationalist, loves children and animals.

Valery has high self-esteem, although he himself does not think so. He is a very principled and persistent man. Sometimes it is quick-tempered and impulsive, although it can pull itself together and curb its emotions.

His character is enough desire to win, and fate is favorable to him and gives him all the new chances to correct a lot and move only forward.

Patrons name

In Orthodoxy, there are not many saints named Valery, but like all the saints, they faithfully believed in the Lord.

Valery Sevastiysky

It was one of the forty Sebastian martyrs. They are the soldiers of the Roman army who were stationed at the city of Sebastia. Their warlord demanded that they renounce their faith in Christ and become pagans.

For this, he sent everyone to the icy lake and made him bare. For those who agreed to renounce their faith, he prepared a bathhouse near the lake.

Only one person could not stand the agony, but as he ran to a warm bath, he fell dead. One of the guardsmen who watched it all, believed in Christ and joined the martyrs.

Soon they were all beaten and burned.

Named men and boys named Valery according to the Orthodox calendar

Valery Melitinsky

He suffered for his faith in the Lord during the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian, the most cruel persecutor of Christians. He ordered that all his subjects worship the pagan cults, and those who disagree were tortured and executed. Once Diocletian ordered the killing of believers living in Cappadocia and Armenia, where the Christian faith spread rapidly.

Among the warriors who received the order to exterminate the infidels was the martyr Valery, who refused to carry out the order of the emperor. Like other Christians, he was thrown into prison, and after interrogations and torture, he was beheaded.

Named men and boys named Valery according to the Orthodox calendar

Since the birthday of Valeriyev 4 times a year, named by this name honors his patron on the day that is closer to his birthday.

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