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Named Margaret — in which days and how many times celebrate

Named Margaret for Orthodox saints — the patroness of the name

Women, girls and girls with the beautiful name Margarita name day twice a year. According to the Orthodox calendar, the church name Margaret coincides with the worldly, but until 2000, the ROC baptized all Margaret under the name Marina

  • July 30 th: Great Martyr Margaret (Marina) of Antioch;
  • 15.12 — nun, martyr Margarita Zakachurina.

The origin of the name and its features

Margarita has Greek roots. It came from the word «margaritis», which means «pearl». It is also known that this word characterized the goddess Aphrodite, who was the patroness of seafarers.

In Russian, the name came along with the spread of Christianity.

Named Margaret - in which days and how many times celebrate

In childhood, Margarita is hot-tempered and naughty little girl. She can make a tantrum practically from scratch, for example, if she does not want to buy what she wants. She never listens to her parents and hates when she is told.

It is sometimes unrealistic to agree with her — the more she urges her, the more she resists. In order for her to make concessions, she needs to be treated as an equal.

This agile girl is able to be a leader among the guys in the yard and loves to play active outdoor games.

Margarita is a capable child, but does not show diligence and activity in her studies. She has an excellent memory and intelligence. She is able to solve problems with increased complexity, while others are still solving simple tasks.

In graduation classes, Rita becomes more responsible and achieves results. She is a talented and gifted person.

She has a good ear for music.

Margo is not afraid to defend their opinions and ask uncomfortable questions. It is straightforward and open. If a person is unpleasant to her, she can express it directly.

Rita is steadily pursuing her goals. She is characterized by a sharp mind and practicality.

She easily adapts to new circumstances and, if necessary, can go to the trick.

Margarita has big ambitions, values ​​herself highly and is not devoid of healthy egoism. She is so self-confident that she criticizes any criticism of her as envy. With the people around her, she is straightforward and categorical, can speak out harshly, unable to hold back emotions in a difficult situation.

Its easy to ruffle. Despite the respect of colleagues, they keep away from her, because they know her temper and disposition to scandals.

To argue with her is very difficult and at times impossible, since it will be something supernatural to convince her. For her own opinion above all.

In professional activities, he will be a successful critic, economist, or even a judge, teacher, engineer, or research assistant. Will be able to realize their ambitions in a management position, as an entrepreneur or in politics.

Can reach certain heights in the artistic or musical field.

Rita is a very sociable and sociable person. About her social circle she knows everything thoroughly. It will be hard for her to console a friend, as she simply does not know how, but she will be able to give an objective assessment of the current situation.

She always tells her friends that without fear of meeting the difficulties and hardships of life, overcome all obstacles, and not sit in tears, be killed with grief and become disheartened. She herself lives only by such principles.

Margarita is very temperamental and sensual nature. Her bright appearance, impetuosity, directness and candor attract men to her.

She easily falls in love and rushes into the raging ocean of passion with her head. She can have a relationship with two men at once.

She will like it if they fight for her, and she will give preference to the strongest. She often makes mistakes, but she doesn’t get very upset about it. She may have several marriages.

Because of its frivolity and impermanence, it can be an unfaithful spouse. She does not like to be engaged in an economy and does it hardly. She loves children and tries to be friends with them, in strictness does not hold them.

He appreciates his independence and freedom.

Patroness of the name

Named Margaret - in which days and how many times celebrate

Margaret (Marina) Antioch revered by Orthodox Christians. Believers believe that it will help everyone who in prayers asks her to get rid of her illness, save her from malice, slander, curses, injustice and other troubles. It is also addressed in grief, repentance of sins and admonition on the true path.

Peasants consider her their patroness and ask her for salvation during the years of crop failure, protection of crops from pests and natural elements. Saint Margaret was born in Antioch. Her father served as a pagan priest.

Upon learning that the daughter became a follower of Christ, the father chased her away. She lived in the field and was an ordinary cowgirl. Roman perfect asked her to marry him and renounce his faith, but in response was refused.

During this 15-year-old girl was tortured and killed in 304 year.

The Venerable Martyr Margarita Zakachurina was born in the late 19th century. She was a nun in a rural monastery in Pakhota, and then worked as a dressmaker in the Labor Needle Artel.

In 1937 she was arrested and exiled to Kazakhstan. After 5 years, was sentenced to death.

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