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Named Hope on the church calendar of Christians

Angel Day of Hope in the church calendar

The Russified name Nadezhda came to the Slavs from ancient Greece and sounded like an “Elpis” literally translated into the language of the ancient Slavs — “hope”. Today it is found everywhere, the significance of confidence is embedded in it in a favorable outcome of events, of life.

Girls with this name can celebrate their angel’s day by choosing one of their dates, chronologically more suitable for their birthday.

  • 14.03. — mts. Nadezhda (Abbakumova).
  • 21.10. — mts. Hope (Azhgerevich).
  • 20.03. — prmts. Hope Kruglov.
  • 30.09. — the girl Nadezhda (Roman).

The first three of the list are the new martyrs, the last saint has a more ancient history.

Named Hope on the church calendar of Christians

Character — main features

Already a girl, Nadya demonstrates herself a stubborn girl who does not want to yield to anyone. Likes pokapriznichat, insisting on his.

She loves to go to parties, tries not to miss anything. School years for Nadya are very busy. She is not only among the first students, but an active visitor of various circles and sections.

Part of her childhood hobbies remains for life, for some it takes the place of the main profession.

The owner of a very contradictory traits of character. With her there is no time to miss friends, fans, and parents.

The combination of weakness and willpower, emotionality and peace is Nadyusha. Do not occupy a woman of dedication, generating hardness of character. She will always defend her interests, but by nature she has a generous and noble heart.

Sometimes for the sake of a loved one is able to part with the last penny. Almost always loved by her spouse, so much so that he does not notice that he has long settled under her hard heel.

The owner of a male type of character sets a goal, goes and reaches it. It can prove itself as an adventurer, and under certain circumstances, as a fraud.

The full name in the church calendar is Hope.

Saints in the history of Christianity

Named Hope on the church calendar of Christians

There are several women of different times and nations who deserve holiness and reverence for their righteous life and exploits. Nadezhda Roman (name day 30 September).

Nadezhda Roman

Memorial Day for the girl:

It will be about the daughter of Sophia, a pious widow who raised three children. From an early age, her mother instilled in her daughters love for the Christian faith.

Having found out about this, the evil people sent a denunciation to the ruler Andrian. He, being a pagan, ordered to bring a wonderful family to him.

The guard delivered St. Sophia and her Faith, Hope, Love in the imperial chambers. There was a strict demand to renounce Christianity, but to no avail.

The girls did not obey, firmly refused. For this, the cruel master began to torture little daughters in front of Sophia.

The first blow took Vera 12 years. She was humble and the Lord took her.

Two younger sisters: Hope and Love, also followed the scaffold, but did not renounce their love for the Lord. Nadia was 10 years old, and small — 9.

The widow, Saint Sophia was not subjected to physical torment, but she was shocked by what was happening. Having buried her executed beheaded children, she sat at the grave for three days, and then she gave up her soul to God.

It happened in the second century in Rome.

Martyr Nadezhda (Abbakumova)

In 1880, a girl was born into the Moscow province, which was destined to become a holy martyr. From an early age, a child knew what peasant labor was, and often had to help poor parents.

Becoming an adult girl married, gave birth in a marriage of 4 children.

In the years of the revolutionary events, Basil’s husband dies, and the woman has to raise her children alone. During the period of persecution of clergymen, the saint takes an active part in the work of the church council. She had to fight to ensure that the temple was not destroyed, and in 1928 the villagers chose the church warden.

We had to work even harder, but it didn’t work with our farm, it just didn’t have enough time.

With the advent of the policy of collectivization, she spoke out against the collective farms, remaining the only one-person owner in the village. Not cope with the payment of excessive taxes, Nadezhda Petrovna came under trial several times.

In 1935, the family of the elder had to part with the only cow, it was withdrawn in debt.

In 1938, Abakumova Nadezhda and local priest Fr. Peter Lyubimov were taken into custody. 5 days after the trial, they were shot.

Where the graves of the martyrs still remains a mystery.

Martyr Nadezhda (Azhgerevich)

The next saint is a native of Minsk province. The child was born to a believing family of peasants in 1877. With her maturity, she managed to receive a blessing for monasticism, but did not manage to be worthy of the angelic rank.

She lived in monasteries near Moscow, since she did not have her home.

The first time involved in the case of seizure of church property. Later, in 1937, she was arrested.

During interrogations, she did not hide her anti-Soviet views, saying directly that innocent people are being destroyed. On the means of their existence indicated poverty.

17.10. — listened to my sentence, and 21.10. the saint was shot. The remains of the martyrs found peace at the site in Butovo.

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