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Named Eve on the church calendar of Christians and Catholics

Eve’s Angel Day in the Church Calendar

The ancient biblical name Eve means with other Heb. lang literally «life giver, life-giving.» To be more precise, from חָוָה (hawah) — “breathe”.

Some translate as mother and mother. It should be noted that the name of Eve on the church calendar is extremely rare:

  • 25.04. — for Catholics.
  • 27.08 — for Christians.

Named Eve on the church calendar of Christians and Catholics

Eva Forms

  • diminutive — Evochka, Evusik, Evushka.
  • brief — Evka.

People named Eve celebrate their angel’s day in the week of the holy forefathers — Adam and Eve. Second resurrection

The name is found in all nations of the Christian world. There are also close, related variants that have a similar semantic meaning:

Since childhood, little Eva is showing qualities inherited from both parents. Kindness to her from dad, and obstinacy and stubbornness from mommy.

Growing up, the girl does not lose these traits, but rather becomes more principled and persevering.

As a woman has a strong sensuality, it is sometimes very conflicted on the basis of jealousy. She is alive in all its manifestations, for which she is very loved by the strong sex. She is never bored; something always happens.

There is an important feature: the betrayal of a loved one will never be forgiven. She needs a hot man, with cold and reasonable nothing add up.

Being married Evangelines are hospitable, love guests, arrange meetings and parties. Gives its appearance a lot of attention, but not the main thing. Usually in the family one child.

Despite loyalty and constancy in relation to the partner, they can be married twice.

In the business sphere she chooses professions related to communication, a large number of people, constantly changing events. This may be a pedagogical activity, journalism, work in show business.

Named Eve on the church calendar of Christians and Catholics

Martyr Eve

Eva the Mother

According to the Bible is considered the progenitress of all mankind. Violated the commandment of God, deceived by the serpent.

The fruit itself tasted and Adam bowed, forgetting the ban. For which he received the punishment.

The loss of heavenly life, death at the end of the road, the possibility of giving birth.

Being with the Lord under the wing were happy people. Having left him, they knew grief and misfortune.

But not everything is hopeless. One of the descendants of Eve will destroy someday an adder, with its life, death and resurrection.

So hope in the hearts of people was abandoned by God.

Eve from Dre — (Catholic)

Memorial Day: 08/24 (06.09.)

Eva from Leodium

There is very little information about this holy. It is known that from an early age she believed in Christ.

While still quite a girl, she became friends with another Christian Juliana. She, in turn, became famous for being the initiator of the now popular processions of God’s Body.

A friend was a resident of M. Kornishon.

Over the years, the girl Eve has shut herself up from the world. She lived in a small, walled-up cell that belonged to the church. Martin When the persecution of Christians began, Julian had to hide, as they were looking for her.

Eve took her to her poor corner. There they both continued the work begun, popularizing the celebrations in the name of the Body of Christ.

From 1246 it was installed. They were supported by very famous and respected people in those places:

  • The future Pope Urban IV,
  • Saint-Chery Hugo et al

Died over. Eve in about 1264. Pope Leo 13 himself approved the cult of the martyrs and rulers.

Named Eve on the church calendar of Christians and Catholics

New Martyr Abbess Eve, prmts.

Memorial Day: August 27, 07.02 (Trans.)

Akulina Pavlova was born on July 10, 1879. in s. Issa Mrskovskoy lips. the peasants. Over time, she became an abbess in the city of Penza.

The first arrest was in 1929 in the Saratov region. (p. Beams).

What period was given is not known for sure, according to some sources — 3 years of exile, for others — 8 years.

Since 1935, Akilina was the abbess of the Moscow Sretensky Monastery. He, too, was destroyed, and mother sent him to Shymkent.

There, together with other exiled bishops, she organized secretly a community of monks. Made the grooming of new nuns.

Another time they arrested my mother in 1937. On charges of counter-revolutionary activities, Troika was sentenced to death by the UNKVD. 08/27/1937 Killed in the South Kazakhstan region.

During the interrogation of Akulina Vasilievna, she denied everything, without giving out anyone, did not name a single name.

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