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Named after Vladislav on the church calendar — orthodox angel day

Angel’s Day Vladislav on the church calendar

It is well known that the popular and sonorous today Eastern and Western names do not have the day of an angel, therefore, at baptism, the priest chooses to such children the most consonant church names. But sometimes it happens that even the well-known Slavic names do not have their own saint — well, or almost not.

Yes, it turns out that if Vladimir has 5 heavenly saints, Yaroslav has 3, then Vladislav has only one patron.

Named after Vladislav on the church calendar - orthodox angel day

This name has a single name date.

  • October 7 (or September 24, old style).

With this date, our ancestors had a lot to do. For example, it was believed that if a birch tree did not have time to lose all its leaves by Vladislav’s day, the first snow would have to wait a long time.

Church form name, its origin

In this case, in the sacred books and the church calendar the name is written in the same way as in the birth certificate: Vladislav.

The name has Slavic roots. It is translated as you already guessed: «owning fame», «glorious».

What fate, character awarded carrier of the given name?

Named after Vladislav on the church calendar - orthodox angel day

Character. Vlad is a real diplomat, balanced and stable. He does not like to argue in vain and almost never makes his case with the help of a scream.

He is very independent, does not like when they are led, and even commanded.

His weakness (and even not the fact that this is precisely weakness) can be called secrecy: he experiences all the feelings deep inside himself, without even showing them to his relatives. In addition, if this guy treats people with respect, then he does not love animals too much, he can even deal with them cruelly.

  • Childhood. Vladik is a real little gentleman, he will never hit a girl, and if someone in the kindergarten constantly opens the door to the teacher, but that will be Vlad too. This is a very restless little tot, from which it is necessary to hide everything: matches, household chemicals, sockets. He is inquisitive, nimble, and sometimes it seems that he is completely fearless.
  • Youth. Unlike most peers, this guy is not prone to bad habits. He cares about his own future — a good graduation from school, joining a prestigious university, creating a brilliant career. Also, the carrier of this name likes to care for itself, to follow a certain style, therefore, among peers, he is often considered handsome. And besides, this is the first party-goer at school.
  • Mature years. This is a very purposeful person who loves luck. When communicating with the opposite sex, Vlad “turns on” a true aristocrat, charming and decent. As for the career, this person will go to success by any means, even achieve his own hands. When he gets married, he turns out to be an economic person, often helping his wife with household chores. He sincerely rejoices at the birth of a son, but even more if he has a daughter.

And how is the carrier named on the love front? Which girl, girl or woman will Vlad certainly fall in love with, and which one will not touch the strings of his heart? The answers are in this video:

In honor of which saint Vladik is named?

Named after Vladislav on the church calendar - orthodox angel day

The heavenly patron of the carrier of this name is St. Vladislav, the Serbian king of the Nemanjic clan.

Interestingly, in his family he was not the first saint: his grandfather Stefan Nemani is known as Simeon the Myrochite (after his death, his relics became incorruptible and miraculous, exuding angelic flavor), his father was Saint Stephen the First-Called, and his uncle was Saint Sava, the archbishop.

Interestingly, Vladislav became king not by right of birth. First, his brother Radoslav came to the throne. But it turned out that even though he was a wise man, he fell “under the heel” of his wife, a beautiful, but very self-willed woman.

The nobles (as well as the uncle of the ruler) were unhappy with this state of affairs, therefore Radoslaw took the monastic vows, and his younger brother ascended the throne.

This king was brought up in the spirit of Orthodoxy, and throughout his life he tried to evade military and civil strife, solving political affairs peacefully. In addition, he built temples (so that many icons are depicted with a small church in their hands). For example, it was thanks to him that the Mileshev monastery was erected (dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord), decorated with refined fresco painting.

It has survived to the present day and is considered one of the most important monuments of the Serbian Middle Ages. By the way, one of the frescoes depicts Vladislav himself (this is the so-called ktitori or donator’s portrait, that is, an icon depicting a person who allocated funds for the construction of the temple).

One of the icons of this saint is also in the Belgrade Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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