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Name Svyatogor — the value of the name for the fate of men

The value of the name Svyatogor — the fate of man

The name Svyatogor is derived from the phrase «Holy Mountain». In the mythology of ancient Russia, this majestic bogatyr with the same name occupies a separate place, at the sight of which the dangerous tribes that hindered the development of the ancient Russian state hurried to retreat to safer places, such a legend and spread such a noble name.

Number of Saints: 2

As a rule, owners of such a number of souls are command people, friendly subjects of our society. The support of the neighbor in a difficult moment is not alien to them and they are always ready to come to the rescue and give their shoulders to the neighbor so that he will forget about all the problems that torment him.

Such people can often be insecure in themselves, insecurity and a lack of complexes can manifest itself about Svyatoslav only when he feels lonely.

Name Svyatogor - the value of the name for the fate of men

Planet: moon
Element: water
Zodiac sign: cancer
White colour
Metal: Silver
Mineral: white coral
Plant: lily
Beasts: Goose, owl, rabbit

Recently, names that are borrowed from Slavic mythology are becoming more common among young parents. Such decisions are connected with the persistent desire of parents to revive in modern men, their sons, those qualities that are inherent in real Russian men: kindness, masculinity, resilience.

Svyatogor, along with Dobrynya, Ilya and Alexander very well fit into the area of ​​these concepts and provide a similar force to the named boy.

The huge hero who lived on the holy mountains — this is who was named Svyatogor. Thus, even without plunging into the etymology of this word, we can conclude that it is derived from the phrase “Holy Mountain”, as resistant as Holy Mountain people can achieve success in any direction of their activities.

Characteristic qualities and talents

In order to learn more about the fate of the carrier of a given name, it is also necessary to begin the interpretation of its underlings, who mixed up with an abundance of names. Is it really that the strong hero was called by this name gives Sviru a bonus in development?

The huge hero who lived in the mountains was the very first person who was named by this name, according to Slavic mythology. With unprecedented power Svyatogor could even adjust the landscape of ancient Russia with one of his mace.

The qualities of a man named Russian bogatyr

The main qualities that each owner of this name will most likely be endowed with are:

  • Sociability.
  • Kindness.
  • Energy.
  • Optimism.
  • Equilibrium.

Svyatogor is always ready to share his ideas, he sensibly accepts criticism, but does not tolerate criticism from a person who does not understand at all what he is talking about. In this Svjatogor is very resolute and takes a firm position regarding such critics and skeptics.

About Svir can say with precision that he is an open person. It is not difficult for him to do several things at the same time, he is a versatile person who does not tolerate ordinary life and refuses to pale everyday life for the sake of his own desire, it is very consistent with the character of Svyatogor.

The area of ​​exact sciences is always open for men with that name, but it is not surprising if Saint prefers mathematics, for example, theology — they are good at everything.

A man adapts very well to new conditions; he can even be called “The Incorrigible Optimist”, which can lead the crowd and be a real soul of the company in any environment.

Name Svyatogor - the value of the name for the fate of men

Interpretation of the meaning of letters of the name Svyatogor

  • C — seeks a lasting life that will be associated with real love. He wants to financially provide for his own family and put it on its feet by any means and forces
  • B — volunteering, self-esteem, creative personality. Before us is a person who is capable of much to satisfy the secret and not so much needs of his ego.
  • I — “I” — not the main pronoun for a person with that name, he pays more attention to other people
  • T is theatricality, any plans and lengthy lists are alien to a person, he does everything in such a way that his actions coincide with an earlier planned way, or simply follow the call of his heart. Sometimes it can resort to intuition, as if this is the only option to solve the problem.
  • About — communication, true relationships. Svjatogor, who has an exceptional sense of justice, will not tolerate relations being built solely as a commodity-money exchange and will be categorically against equating them to such a phenomenon.
  • G — proud. Svjatogor is aware of the importance of his mind, and especially of his personal opinion, and is not going to reckon with a person who tramples down other positions on the same issue.
  • Oh — strong. A man gets up quite early both financially and psychologically. The boy quickly grows into a young man, and from a young man turns into a full-fledged man who acquires the right to make his own decisions and actions, which he uses not only to please himself, but also to please those who brought him up throughout this journey.
  • P — decisive. A great number of different obstacles can stand in the path of Svyatoslav, but he never drops his spirit and masterfully jumps over them with the help of his skills.

Sviru is always much more interesting to communicate with a person who has a rich inner world. The person will not look for a meeting with someone who has not hooked him with his reasoning and position.

For Svir, it is very important in communication to always be yourself, not to show off especially and, preferably, to completely forget about the standard mask that he puts on for everyone. For him, the value of friends in financial terms will also be important.

However, a young man doesn’t care much about what will happen, since such people tend to live only for one day, not taking experience from the past and especially not making plans for the future. Such a neglect of such a valuable resource as human time can lead him to an irreparable mistake, which men often regret.

Svyatogory very quickly find a solution for any situation that arises, simply using all of their rational resources, such men can acquire unexpected skills that can rescue them from trouble.

Family and relationships with loved ones

At work Svyatogor is much stricter than at home. But when a man comes home, for him immediately all the lion’s muzzles will lose their meaning and will be transformed into a dream, which he saw at a different time interval on the same day.

Such an attitude of such a person to the areas of his life.

For such a person, love without a certain constancy and loyalty is impossible — he wants to be 100 percent sure of his soul mate, otherwise their roads may rapidly diverge in parallel directions.

Owners of such a Slavic name are very often attached to people who have given them their love, financial support and shelter. It is not so easy to win the trust of Svyatoslav, you need to go through several layers of his character, but if you still managed to deserve it, you can be proud of yourself — now Svyatogor will never forget your kindness and will always reckon with one of the most important people in this mortal in his opinion the world.

In a reliable environment, a man with a similar name always feels great and is ready for real feats in order to achieve not only his goals, but also the goals of the person who encouraged him to act decisively. He never tries to betray another person and always wants to convey his position on the eradication of evil to others, in accordance with his interesting name, taken from East Slavic mythology.

Name Svyatogor - the value of the name for the fate of men

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