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Name Leia: fate, career and professional preferences

Meaning of the name Leia: origin, character, and fate

The name is of Hebrew origin, meaning «tired.» The second version of the meaning of the name: «graceful», «antelope».

Israeli women, German women are called so often enough, and the name Leah stuck in Orthodoxy.

Variants of the name: Leyushka, Leechka, Lake, Lea, Liya, Liechka, Liyushka.

Character and fate

Sociable, sociable girl. Since childhood, protects their interests, impetuous, sharp.

Can be unbeaten, hurt. Poorly controls himself in moments of resentment, quarrels.

Problems with education, excitable nervous system.

At school Leechke is quite difficult to sit in the classroom, violates discipline.

The girl is not very confident in her abilities, self-esteem is quite low, so conflicts with peers and educators are not uncommon.

She is not attracted to reading, there is no zeal in the development of academic subjects.

On the contrary, the girl is interested in communication with friends, you need your own circle. There she feels comfortable, has the ability to express themselves.

Face can act unpredictably, thoughtlessly, subject to frequent mood swings. However, she is inquisitive and curious.

Name Leia: fate, career and professional preferences

Character as he grows up is many-sided. Leia becomes a rather determined woman, sociable and sincere.

To the best of self-centered, may insist on his, but somewhat unorganized.

It is rather hardworking, but subject to change of a place of work, avoids routine. In search of harmony in life will try several professions.

Appreciates loyal friends, betrayal will not forgive. Also respects someone else’s opinion.

Energetically, the name is light, impulsive, it arouses interest in its owner with its singularity.

Undoubtedly, Leia loves interest in her own person, is somewhat selfish, and she likes to be in the center of attention. Attractive for men, show their best.

Sometimes it suffers because of inconsistency, conflict, but can learn to control, engage in self-education.

He does not save offenses, tries to forget and let go of the situation, but he is deeply worried about love failures.

In Leah’s life, there are few friends, her impulsiveness, the harshness of this hindrance. But friends and cheerful company is there.

She is very curious, up to date, restless.

A woman can stand up for herself, despite the external fragility and insecurity.

Some representatives of the name practical and cautious, independent financially. Others — infantile, need care and maintenance.

Positive traits: gentleness, livability, good nature, modesty. Do not be offended, resolute.

Negative traits: excessive emotionality, lives in anticipation of the worst scenario of the development of life.

Astrology Name, Angel Day

  • Heavenly body, planet — Sun, Venus, Moon
  • Zodiac constellation — Virgo, Aries, Gemini
  • Rock, mineral — onyx, beryl, amber, jade
  • Plant, tree — Date Palm
  • Coloring, color — red, black, burgundy
  • Animal Totem — Antelope

Catholics celebrate birthday in honor of Leah of Rome on January 1, March 22. There is no name in the Orthodox calendar.

At the baptism, Lee will be given the name of the chosen saint.

Love, family, compatibility

The impressionable, admiring woman likes the opposite sex, easily enters into a relationship. Save them is not easy.

Due to its impulsiveness, capriciousness tends to dominate. She rarely succeeds.

Able to show the best qualities in the period of romantic courtship. With further development, loses interest in the partner.

Survives the gap, long recalling the details of the union, compares previous relationships with these.

Rarely happy in marriage, will select an older man, in need of support. In such a family, the main concerns and problems will lie on the man.

In everyday life is not particularly neat.

The family, where the supremacy of the husband reigns, and there is material wealth, Leia will do her best to preserve.

Women’s happiness and harmony can only be achieved with a favorable combination of career and family. Not working, being a housewife, will seek to meet their interests and curiosity, there can be discord.

Does not know how to keep a family budget, is wasteful, can spend a lot.

Name Leia: fate, career and professional preferences

Not particularly keen on the idea of ​​having children. In a strong marriage can be an excellent mother, proud of the success of children, is treated like adult personalities.

Leah’s children often grow talented and practical.

Lasting marriage: Sergey, Boris, Wilen, Cyril, Leonid, Robert, Egor, Valentin, Dmitry, Leo, Grigory, Nikolay, Fedor.

By nature, Leia has good health.

Sensitive nervous system, unstable psyche, leads to depression. Problems with digestion are frequent, the immune system is weakened.

Career, professions

Unsuccessful study at school, not a reason to doubt their abilities. Enough zeal, penetrative nature and the will to success.

Leia can be realized in any profession. Possesses life experience, wit, knows how to communicate, to have to himself.

Diligence and perseverance a woman has, is inclined to reason, analyze. Can become a scientist, a prospector.

Do not give up and administrative work, a fair and reputable employee.

She will make a great sales agent, consultant. Can work in accounting, secretary, bank clerk.

Name Leia: fate, career and professional preferences

In rare cases, Leah is able to shoulder a real career so as not to need materially. Able to cultivate perseverance, patience.

The woman possesses undoubted creative abilities, classes in artistic and writing activities, drawing, and photography are not excluded. All his life he is attracted to the development of spiritual practices, the search for harmony.

On the path of creative search will achieve much.

Professions from the field of pedagogy, psychology, even in the military field are not excluded.

Lea’s Mystery

Manipulates other people, practically do not care about moral barriers. Conflict, no remorse.

Famous Lea bearers

  1. Leah Goldberg, Israeli writer
  2. Lia Solomyanskaya, screenwriter
  3. Lea Seydoux, French model
  4. Leah Pipes, American actress
  5. Lia Akhedzhakova, actress
  6. Lia Zelimkhan, musician
  7. Lia Kebede, Ethiopian Fashion Model
  8. Lia Eliava, Georgian actress
  9. Lia Slavina, psychologist
  10. Lia Bugova, actress
  11. Lia Bondarko, linguist
  12. Lia Yakhontova, mineralogist
  13. Lia Panova, ballerina
  14. Lia Rosina, actress

Horoscope name

«Winter» Leia — does not express his own opinion, conflict-free. Good-natured and objective.

He is engaged in his life, entertainment, visits to theaters, exhibitions and other countries. Not inclined to create a marriage.

In the summer, born Leas are melancholic and depressive, prone to hypochondria and self-flagellation. Provide companion the opportunity to care for and guide their lives.

«Autumn» women will live in a good marriage, livable. Need a strong partner.

“Spring” carriers of a name possess excellent actor’s data, can pretend to be weak, having received desirable result. Manipulators.

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