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Name days of Vladimir — what days to celebrate, what he loves

Name Day of Vladimir on the church calendar

Church holidays are very important for each name, especially if the owner is a believer. But before you engage in the celebration of these holidays, you should directly delve into the nature of the name of the birthday man himself.

After all, how else?

We will not paint the full description of the name of Vladimir, because you can read it on our website if you see fit. You need to know not so much about the name Vladimir, nevertheless something is nevertheless necessary.

After all, the name day is connected directly with the owner of the name, and if you do not observe at least some rules, for example, you will congratulate Vasily in the same way as the curious Vladimir, then you will face a swift defeat. Believe the word, do not confuse the name of Vladimir and the day of the angel, for example, Helen.

Even from the point of view of numerology, Vladimir belongs to the number 2, which characterizes directly calm people, and the same Elena sat down on figure 4, which characterizes very restless, rather stubborn and extremely hardworking people. Of course, it is necessary to congratulate both of them in different ways, even though their days coincide in some way.

That is why we will discuss Vladimir’s character a little. Of course, it is worth understanding that any man wants to live in comfort and in a good family, which, at best, he must create himself.

Raising a child is also a duty for Vladimir, who appears in the role of an exemplary family man and an excellent father. There is nothing left of the former “owning the world”, because this time he owns a whole social unit — his family, and if he does this task, then his children and grandchildren will be worse off owning the whole world.

But this is only a lyrical digression, in fact, Vladimir is rather worried about the whole person, he is characterized by innate anxiety, which is a kind of lever in his work, without him he would have embarked on various adventures on his fifth point. But do not interfere in the personal affairs of this person, he absolutely does not tolerate intervention.

Name days of Vladimir - what days to celebrate, what he loves

Interesting qualities of Vladimir

Since childhood, Vladimir is trying to jump over the heads of peers, he leads in various sports competitions, but most of all the boy likes mathematics. It happens to be extremely naive because of this mindset, even from school it participates in mathematics competitions where it would seem that it finds different ways to solve one problem.

But in life everything is completely wrong, and often because of this factor he has failures in relations with opposing women of the weak and fair sex, who can not immediately see in Vladimir a strong and formed personality.

Although Vladimir is not a perfectionist, Vova has already formed a sense of ideal and justice. He does not like people who are under the power of bad habits and he tries not to succumb, constantly changing and improving, it is very important for him not to stand still and acquire more and more new good qualities.

He has an extremely fast reaction to all the events that are taking place, that is why she succeeds in everything, and that is why his ancestors were “invaders of the world of everything. For Vladimir, it is extremely important that the opinion that he makes from others, which is why he is always in a state in which he is a kind of “agent” who recognizes his own status.

Although Vladimir is faithful in marriage, he is rather “used” now, and does not always love his wife. This is especially associated with those men in relations with whom any passion has long disappeared.

He seeks to make as many changes in family life as possible, nevertheless leaving it rather an ancient institution, he does not tolerate too radical changes that could lead to a complete breakdown of the old order and the formation of a new one that could be between him and his wife. He hates such families with their views literally everything.

If it is created by ancestors, then it is unchangeable and cannot become a part of Vladimir’s life. Although he may change something at will, such a change is often incorrect in his opinion.

Vladimir’s wife should have all the qualities that his friend, while constantly listening to the opinion of the most important man. Yes, she must believe that Vladimir is the most important man in her life, after, of course, her father.

Name days of Vladimir - what days to celebrate, what he loves

How to celebrate birthday

What can you please this «powerful» birthday? According to our sources, men named Vladimir often prefer fish, so salmon with a delicious sauce will be an excellent choice for these names.

Various soups, even foreign «content» can perfectly fit the table for this event, if properly served.

Name day: January 21, January 24, January 31, February 5, February 7, February 10, February 12, February 16, February 26, March 3, March 7, March 21, March 25

When, according to the church calendar, the name day of Vladimir: February 7, Vladimir Kievsky and Galitsky, Metropolitan, Holy Martyr.

Phonosemantics: The word Vladimir itself is very good to fall on the tongue, gives the impression of a beautiful foreign word, something good and sweet, like the character of Vladimir himself.

Talisman: the tower, which is located under the dome.

In order to correctly mark the name day, you need to understand that Vladimir does not need a large-scale celebration, he wants to celebrate in accordance with the ancient church canons, because the name Vladimir itself is rather ancient. And Vladimir himself does not want to make noise, just wants to be with people who love him, who could tell a lot not only about how to properly celebrate the holiday in accordance with templates, but also know the birthday boy well.

This also applies to qualities that Vladimir values ​​in people — he adores versatile, developed, good people, with whom you will not only get bored, but also when you need to, you can just keep quiet. Otherwise, a person loses his value and becomes a “walking radio”, which only reproduces a huge flow of information, but nothing useful comes from him, you can hardly hear useful information from his mouth.

A person — a walking encyclopedia for Vladimir is also of no value, since he does not need isolated facts, everything must have his time, because Vladimir is an extremely organized person, for whom mutual understanding and harmony with himself are important. For this reason, the world around Vova consists only of kind, beautiful and educated people, he is looking only for people who are worthy of his circle in order to feel there like a fish in water.

Name days of Vladimir - what days to celebrate, what he loves

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