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Name days of Tatiana on the church calendar: fate and life path

Tatiana: the day of the angel according to the church calendar

The Day of Remembrance of the Saints is the date of the end of their earthly life. The church celebrates several names every day, often with the same name. It is believed how many people — so many souls.

A person celebrates the name of the church church calendar, and after leaving the other world, he is also commemorated by the name given at baptism.

Church form name

Name-days are the day of commemoration, worship and chanting of the memory of a Christian saint, in whose honor the name was received at baptism. To find out in honor of which heavenly patron a person is named, you need to find the date of birth in the church calendar and celebrate the day of the angel of the saint that falls on that day.

Or in the number following the date that immediately follows the day of birth (most often it is the eighth day).

In the interpretation of the church, it is customary to pronounce — Tatiana.

The name Tatiana is ancient Greek. Means «organizer, founder, protégé.»

It is also a Slavic, Russian name.

It is quite common in the world, and everywhere the original form of the name Tatiana, Tetyana, Ta — tzu — yana is always guessed.

Diminutive — caressing variations of a Christian name are truly diverse and beautiful: Tatyanka, Tanya, Tanya, Tatochka, Tata, Tatiana, Tanyuta, Tanya.

It has long been said: «By name and life.» This means that it is very important to know everything about the name that they want to name the child. It is necessary to read the biographies of Christian saints and choose for the soul.

The name of the famous Christian saint will help to correct the path that a person has to go through in earthly and eternal life.

Secular characteristic of Tatiana

Tatyana justifies the meaning of her name. This is a solid, punctual, principled woman.

As a child, Tanya is a real tomboy and «fighting friend» of boys. Solid character can be seen from childhood.

Independent and independent — a potential leader, and then a leader.

Engaged in various circles and sections, studies well, does not tolerate boredom and monotony. Stubborn and uncompromising, does not recognize objections, can be selfish.

Loves praise, approval of the higher management. With double the zeal will begin to perform the assigned tasks.

She needs inspiration.

Name days of Tatiana on the church calendar: fate and life path

A rather liberated woman who is not shy about performing on stage, is extremely artistic and educated. In the company and the team — clearly a noticeable person, has certain attitudes, do not sacrifice principles.

Competent in many areas of knowledge, capable of long and productive work, moving toward the intended goal.

In the profession it is often successful, it can become both a skilled seamstress, and a scientist — a mathematician.

Tanechka — actresses, choreographers, artists, teachers, librarians. She will not give up her career if this opportunity comes up.

Tatiana’s true vocation is home economics. Here she has no equal: rearrangement in the apartment, cleaning, improvement, decoration of housing. The woman is a notable florist, a gardener.

Truly, arranges and improves everything around.

The family often seeks supremacy, subjugating the husband. Jealous, dominant, therefore, difficult relationship with her spouse.

She loves children, but does not give independence, likes to control all processes.

Tata loves trips, hiking, changing places.

Famous Holy Martyrs

  1. Tatiana was born in a noble family. She dedicated the life of the church, faithfully served God, helping the sick and the poor. In the time of persecution of the Christian faith, many people were executed. When Tatiana was captured and forced to kneel before an idol, she crossed herself and prayed. At that very moment, a devastating earthquake occurred, destroyed an idol, many persecutors crushed the collapsed walls of the temple. Tatiana gouged out her eyes, beat them mercilessly, and she prayed for her tormentors. And then four angels stood around, protected her from blows. The monsters, having suddenly heard the voice of God, turned to the Christian faith, for which they were executed. For several more days, the torturers tried by all means to take the life and force it to renounce Christ. They threw her to be devoured by lions, razor-cut her body, betrayed the fire. But the steadfastly steadfast righteous remained invulnerable. At the end of the third day she was beheaded with a sword, her father was also executed, because he had taught her daughter to the faith of Christ.
  2. Martyr Tatiana (Gribkova) lived at the turn of the 20th century. She lived in the Kazan Golovinsky Monastery for almost thirty years, then the holy parish was destroyed by the Bolsheviks. Tatiana returned home, keeping the usual way of life in the monastery, working tirelessly. On a false denunciation, she was arrested “for anti-Soviet agitation”, did not renounce her faith, and was shot in 1937. Received a crown of martyrdom from the hands of Christ. New Martyr.

Student’s day

In 1755, the Russian empress Elizaveta Petrovna ordered the establishment of a university in Moscow. This happened on the day of the holy martyr Tatiana.

Later, a temple was built at the university, which was subsequently destroyed by fire, but rebuilt and consecrated again. At the festive divine service — the name day of the martyr Tatiana, the service is held by the Patriarch himself.

January 25 is the student’s day, and St. Tatiana is invariably considered the heavenly patroness and intercessor of all students.

Name days of Tatiana on the church calendar: fate and life path

How to spend a birthday day

Angel Day is filled with spiritual meaning. On this day, it is necessary to remember your heavenly patron, so that he can help with everyday worries.

Birthday and name day should be the main in life.

On the day of the birthday, it is advisable to come to the temple to confession, in advance to prepare for it. Celebration should be a moderate, gracious celebration.

If the day falls on lean time, then the table should be appropriate.

A daily prayer should be said to his holy Tatiana, for guard and intercession:

«Pray to God for me, holy saint of God Tatiano, I am so eagerly running to you, an ambulance and prayer-book for my soul.»

Saint Tatiana is praying for the successful passing of exams, tuition assistance, sickness and infirmity. Ask for a comfortable old age.

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