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Name days of Sergei on the church calendar: the fate and way of life

Sergey: the day of the angel in the church calendar, when they celebrate the name day

Church form and name options

The name comes from the ancient Roman, Latin «Sergius», the basic meaning of «high esteemed» and «decent».

The church code adopted the name Sergius. By this name many celebrated saints have been baptized.

There are many variants of the pronunciation of a name in everyday life: Seryozhenka, Sergunka, Sergunya, Gray, Seryozhka, Sergeyka, Sergusha.

The name of Sergey was mainly carried by the clergy, noble grandees and nobles. The peak of popularity came in the middle of the twentieth century.

How to determine the date of the birthday

Sometimes, a person, already an adult, does not know the date of his birthday. Church holy calendar contains several days of commemoration of one saint, and tens of saints have the same name.

Then, in the heavenly intercessors, choose any saint bearing the same name. The next day after the date of birth and will be the day of the birthday.

How to celebrate birthday

You should pray fervently to the patron saint of the house or to attend the service in the church. Then, you can celebrate the day of memory, gathering relatives at the table.

What to give for the day of the angel

  • Personal icon, icon with the image of the patron saint
  • Book or collection of prayers
  • Candles of unusual shape, souvenirs purchased in the church shop

Characteristic of Sergey

In early childhood, extremely painful and restless child. As they grow older, their health improves, and in their character such features as masculinity, vigor, decisiveness and stubbornness start to guess.

Almost all representatives of the name have a pleasant appearance.

By nature he is a kind and sincere person, which does not prevent him from being sufficiently closed. He prefers to deal with problems himself, without burdening his close ones. Empathizes with other people’s problems, ready to come to the rescue, regardless of time.

Find a solution to the most hopeless cases, he can be trusted.

It is a binding performer, keeps promises. Prefers empty talk action.

The team is valued for livisity and non-conflict. Outwardly calm and patient person, but can show aggression, easily losing his temper.

Touchy, but diligently hides it.

Name days of Sergei on the church calendar: the fate and way of life

Sergey is an excellent professional in the business to which he devotes his life. He prefers to work alone, not too talkative.

Do not impose your opinion.

Will be a great actor, director, musician, photographer. It has an artistic taste.

He will conquer the writer’s path, because he has a good imagination, he is inclined to reflect on the meaning of life.

The man is professionally involved in sports, will devote himself to military affairs, law enforcement.

Not indifferent to technology, travel, loves to be in nature. Connoisseur of pleasure, often does not know the measure, does not think about the consequences.

The wife chooses a good housewife, loyal and compliant woman. Not seeking to dominate the family, but always has an opinion. A difficult partner can be unpredictable.

Sergey is very jealous, will not forgive treason. May marry twice.

In raising children, the reins of government are handed over to his wife.

Such men as Sergey are attractive and remain in memory for a long time.

Glorified saints: life and spiritual feat

Name days of Sergei on the church calendar: the fate and way of life

  1. Sergius of Radonezh is a glorious son of the Russian land. He stood at the base of the Trinity — Sergius Lavra, called for the militia against the Tatar — Mongol Horde, blessing for battle. Sergius was born to pious parents; in childhood he was an extremely quiet child, and learning was also difficult. Overcoming the hardest trials, he lived for two years in a forest in a chopped little church, on the site of which the Trinity Monastery gradually appeared. As his leader, he worked like a slave, exhausted from hunger. The reconciler of the warring, the founder of more than four dozen monasteries and monasteries, performed many miracles, including the resurrection of a dead child. The Mother of God showed his face to him, promising forever the protection of the laurels. Sergius lived to old age, he foresaw his departure. A unique historical fact is that he canonized the saints during the life of his disciples (others are honored with this honor after centuries). Sergius belongs to the idea of ​​a monastic dormitory, when all novices are equal to each other and do not have property. St. Sergius of Radonezh is addressed with a request for deliverance from vanity, the humility of pride, for the good education of children and students, for instruction and for health.
  2. Sergius of Valaam preached the adoption of Orthodox teachings in Karelia, displacing the Swedish Catholics, who by force implanted their beliefs. Together with his brother German, they founded the Valaam monastery. Under Sergius, eldership was revived, numerous sketes were established on separate islands.
  3. Sergius of Malopinezhsky was raised by his parents in reverence for God, love of reading. From thirty years he served in the parish of Malopinezhsky, died at the age of 92 years. Glory has affirmed him as a humble, selfless, kindest presbyter. There is evidence of miracles that occurred at his grave.
  4. Sergius of Rome was a military leader. He was a secret Christian. This fact opened on the denunciation. Then, he was forced to worship an idol, but he refused. Said he believes in Jesus. In women’s clothes, together with the associate of Bacchus, they were led around the city to be mocked by people with iron hoops around their necks. Bacchus died without renouncing the faith, and Sergius was led to the next town for execution. He walked in iron boots that were crammed with nails. Sergius cut off his head with a sword. He is one of the very first canonized saints.

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