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Name days of Igor according to the church calendar: nature and way of life

Angel’s day in the church calendar

A saint is a role model to strive for. To make specious deeds to be at least worthy of his name.

It is advisable to constantly re-read the life of the patron saint.

When they are going to baptize a child or take baptism as an adult, they choose the name of the saint they like. The day of his memory will be the name day.

Church form of the name — the origin and variations of pronunciation

In the Orthodox canons the name is pronounced and spelled «Igor.»

There are at least two versions of the origin of the name:

  • The first one is Scandinavian: it means “warrior” and “keeper of the god Inga”, “strong”.
  • The second version is the Old Russian «game»: «game» or «fun.»

Among the Orthodox, bearing the name of Igor, the patron saint of heaven is the blessed Igor Olgovich. Chernigov Grand Prince was in the monastery, seriously ill in captivity.

There are many variations of pronunciation in the daily life of the name Igor: Igorek, Igorka, Igoresh, Igoryukh, Igorechek, Gosha, Gog.

How to hold a name day

On the day of the angel, man spiritually approaches his saint. Orthodox on this day, baked birthday cakes and brewed homemade beer. They came to church, ordered a prayer service, and prayed.

And then, along with their relatives, they helped themselves at the holiday table, handing out pies to their neighbors.

Best gifts for angel’s day

  • Personal image or icon with the unabashed image of the saint
  • Art book or prayer book
  • Original candles, embroidery, other handicraft kits

Igor’s character and fate

Igoresh is a restless, restless boy. Since childhood, distinguished independence, hard work.

A good student, he in the lower grades receives comments for playful behavior.

The boy is a capable student, has a mathematical mindset. Prone to analysis, logical thinking.

It is not intended to get a higher education, it will be happy to work at the plant.

Can become an engineer, a high-grade worker. This is a born speaker, able to be a teacher, coach, lawyer, artist.

Igorek sports guy, he gives in to many sports. He loves music, plays the guitar.

Name days of Igor according to the church calendar: nature and way of life

Stubbornness is a distinctive feature of men named Igor. Sociable, easy to find contact with strangers. He can easily strike a person out of his circle if he is disappointed in him.

Dislikes non-binding and irresponsible people.

In mature years, materially established, held as a professional. This man is able to achieve everything himself.

Igor may drop the case halfway if he loses interest in him.

In his youth, a man likes girls, knows how to look beautiful, sings serenades. Achieves the best women, not sparing the strength and resources.

Strives to get into the circle of people with a high standard of living.

Having found a family will become jealous and demanding. Coziness, a beautiful homely atmosphere is extremely important to him.

Economic wife, caring and faithful — the ideal for him.

Igor is the unquestioned authority for his offspring. He is an intelligent, well-read, cheerful, resourceful father.

There are many children in his family.

Illustrious saint Igor Chernigov

Prince Igor was born in the twelfth century. At this time there was an exhausting internecine struggle between the principalities of Mstislavovich and Olgovich.

In 1146, Igor was put on reign. He swore to be a just ruler and protector of his people. Just fourteen days, rules Igor.

In the next battle, betrayed by his army, he hides his flight. Then he is captivated and put in a dungeon.

Name days of Igor according to the church calendar: nature and way of life

The prince falls seriously ill in captivity and is allowed to send him to a cure at the Kiev Theodorov Monastery. After healing, Igor remains a monk in the monastery, where he prays and cries all the time.

A year has passed, Mstislavovichi ruled in Kiev. The Kiev Chamber, against the will of the reigning prince Izyaslav Mstislavovich, decided to deal with Monk Igor.

The rebels cruelly punished the former ruler, torturing his already dead body.

In the church, God revealed a sign — over the body of the murdered martyr all candles were lit simultaneously. The relics of the prince were later transferred to the Spassky Cathedral of Kiev, and the icon in front of which he prayed is in Kiev — Pechersk Lavra.

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