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Name days of Galina — dates, fate, nature and health

Name Day Galina — character, fate and career, the date of the name

In Greek myths, there is a feminine creature that looks like a mermaid, who was responsible for the tranquility of the sea, so that sailors could get home. This creature was called Galane from the word «calm», now it is spread like Galina.

In some countries, this name is pronounced differently, for example, in Poland — Halina, in Greece — Galen.

The history of the name Galina and the forms of his pronunciation

The diminutive form of the name: Galochka, Galka, Galya, Galchonok, Galechka, Galinka, Galushka, Ghana, Alya.

According to the church calendar, the female name Galina celebrates the day of the angel three times a year: February 23, March 23, April 29.

Name days of Galina - dates, fate, nature and health

Pros: Confident, solid, obedient, cheerful, creative, workable, sacrificial.

Cons: Vain, arrogant, demanding.

From a young age in Galina, her self-confidence and her actions are noticeable, growing calm and not giving any problems to her parents. She likes to spend time outdoors with friends, often comes up with new games.

More friends with boys than with girls, with whom it is a bit difficult to find a common language. She likes to flirt in front of a mirror, try on various outfits. Susceptible to another’s grief, then sleep badly.

From parents more like dad, with whom he spends a lot of time.

Due to her diligence and excellent memory, Galina studies well, but there are not enough stars from the sky. More drawn to the humanities.

Loves to read a lot, especially adventures. Classmates love her for honesty and reliability, she can tell them directly that she does not like, but will do it gently, without offending them.

In the company of loved ones can be arrogant, loves when she is praised. Often it is a ringleader, incapable of revenge.

Galina will simply strike a person who has seriously offended her forever.

In adulthood, retains the same activity and goodwill. Able to achieve his honest work, without deception and sophistication. Often he criticizes himself, knows how to notice shortcomings in himself and tries to correct them.

He looks down on those around him, considers himself better than anyone, with age he becomes softer and more tolerant of other people’s shortcomings. Galina are either excessively talkative, which can not be stopped, or uncommunicative.

Galina has the ability to manage to remake a lot of things in a day, to manage everywhere and not to get tired. With good and necessary people, Galina herself is benevolent and courteous, and with unpleasant people she behaves cold and detached.

As a child, Galina rarely suffers and until her old age she tries to look after her health, annually undergoing a preventive examination. All instructions of the doctor clearly performs.

Chooses a job for the soul. The financial side of the work or its prestige Galina is not interested. Her main thing — to enjoy the process of work.

Responsible approach to their tasks and can become a professional in their field. Avoids working conflicts, does not get involved in the intrigues of colleagues, for which she is respected.

Especially the highest results can be achieved in the creative profession. Galina will make an excellent teacher, doctor, journalist, designer.

Name days of Galina - dates, fate, nature and health

Around the beautiful and well-groomed Galina are usually many fans, of whom she will choose someone who is richer and more prestigious. Which will extol the positive qualities of Galina and carry her on her hands. Loves expensive gifts, trips to restaurants.

To keep Galina close to him, the chosen one needs to invent new entertainment every time, to experiment in sex. If Galya loves a man, he will not be able to return her back.

Galina marries usually come out late, because they carefully approach the choice of their future husband, not everyone is suited to her inflated demands. May remain a single mother and will not be this.

Galina will make an excellent housewife, keep her home in comfort and cleanliness, prepare delicious dishes. Children adore her, for their sake she will tear anyone away.

Horoscope named Galina

Aries — Hardworking, persistent. All goals and actions are thought out in advance to the smallest detail.

Strives to be in the numbers of the first, but does not like to be famous.

Taurus — Independent, incredulous. He does not believe anyone’s word, surrounds himself with friends from childhood whom he can trust.

It is undesirable to joke about her, may be offended for a long time

Gemini — Optimistic, convivial. Leads an active lifestyle, around her is always a lot of fans and friends, some of them are jealous of her.

Cancer — Indecisive, compliant. Surrender faster than overcome the difficulty.

In order for it to achieve something, it must be pushed, supported.

Lion — Rude, purposeful. Not capable of tactful communication, has the gift of manipulating people.

All arrogant.

Virgo — Creative, closed. In large and noisy companies it does not drag. In art, well versed.

In business, she needs an incentive.

Scales — Feminine, charming. It easily enchants people, calculating, sometimes rude.

If you learn softness, it will be a very nice lady in communication.

Scorpio — Self-confident, arrogant. Difficult to communicate, often pushes people away with their sharp qualities of character.

It can only be softened by a patient man.

Sagittarius — Active, fun. He likes to make others compliments and give good emotions.

He sees only good things in people, which is why he is often disappointed in them.

Capricorn — Diligent, selfish. Does everything to praise her.

Can work without days off and holidays, in communication a little boring.

Aquarius — Matured, unhurried. Prefers to spend time alone, prone to depression.

Husband will be the perfect wife.

Pisces — Dreamy, romantic. The gentlemen chooses similar to themselves romantics, but stronger in spirit, who can protect her.

Male Name Compatibility

Name days of Galina - dates, fate, nature and health

  • Planet — the sun.
  • The color of the name is Raspberry.
  • Season — Spring.
  • Happy day of the week — Wednesday.
  • Lucky number is 8.
  • Metal — Aluminum.
  • Zodiac sign — Aries.
  • Element — Air.
  • Totem animal — Galka.
  • Plant — Sweet Peas.
  • Tree — Pine.
  • Mineral talisman — Pomegranate.

Famous people named Galina

  • Galina Ulanova is a Russian ballet dancer.
  • Galina Vishnevskaya — Soviet singer.
  • Galina Polskikh — Soviet actress.
  • Galina Kulakova — Soviet athlete.
  • Galina Shcherbakova — Soviet writer.
  • Galina Volchek — Russian actress.

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