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Name days of Andrew on the church calendar: fate and heavenly patrons

Andrew: the day of the angel according to the church calendar

Andrei is an extremely common name in the Slavic world: he celebrated more than forty days a year. After all, the majority of children in old times were called righteous, glorious names.

The days of veneration of saints are on the date of the end of their earthly journey. The church commemorates many saints with the same name every day.

A person celebrates the day of the angel during the earthly journey and, in repose, he is commemorated by the name with which he was baptized.

True believers Christians denounce children strictly according to the canons of the church, trying not to call them the names of martyrs, to save them from such suffering. If the name in the calendar, falling on the child’s birthday, parents do not like — they can choose the name they like and on this day to baptize their child.

Name days are the day of worship and chanting of the life of their saint.

Church form name

The name is Greek, Russian: means «brave», «courageous» and «brave».

The most famous saint is Andrew the First-Called — one of the twelve apostles, the disciples of Jesus.

According to the Church Code, the name “Andrei” sounds.

Many Slavic countries have their own variations of the name: Andriy, Ondrej, Ondrya, Andrzej, Andrew, Adrian, Andrian, Andreas, Henri, Andris. There are many of them.

In Russia, a diminutive — petty, everyday form of a name is also incredibly diverse: Andrejka, Andryushka, Andryukha, Andreichik, Dryulia, Andryulya, Andrya, Andrian.

In the name of Andrew were named many powerful and noble persons, church hierarchs that went down in history.

The nature and life of Andrew in the secular interpretation

Since childhood, Andrejka has been a curious, active leader. He takes part in all the games, organizes them himself, jokes and laughs infectiously. Possesses rich imagination.

Adores mobile, noisy games.

Everyone loves him, touches, praises. Andryusha has an inquisitive mind, the depth and kindness of his soul is astounding. People around him feel jealous of him, considering that he is lucky.

But the young man himself is a “blacksmith” of his own happiness. Do not forget to work hard to achieve results.

Name days of Andrew on the church calendar: fate and heavenly patrons

The team is always in good standing, non-conflict.

It can work in various fields: from creative professions to law enforcement agencies. Great lawyer, speaker.

In business, it will succeed, is prone to hoarding, stingy.

He himself chooses a woman, often older than himself, in which, over time, he is deeply disappointed. At a more mature age, having a substantial material baggage and a stable career, he marries a bright, young lady.

Children are again appearing, whom Andrei loves wholeheartedly, as well as children from his first marriage. Good father, family man.

Men with this name are happy, fate is generous to them. They help relatives, actively relax, love to travel.

Famous saints named Andrew

Name days of Andrew on the church calendar: fate and heavenly patrons

  1. Andrew the First Called, the Holy Apostle. As a boy, he devoted himself to God, being in the disciples of John the Baptist. The name of the First-Called was given, because, as a young man, the first was called to be an apostle. Andrew converted the faith of his brother, the future Apostle Peter. He witnessed a divine miracle when Christ fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread; and also saw the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus. Andrei preached in the Balkan Peninsula, in Abkhazia and in the upper reaches of the Dnieper. From the descriptions of Nestor the Chronicler in the «Tale of Time Years» it follows that Andrew installed a cross on the site of the future city of Kiev. He predicted that many temples would be built here. Subsequently, Kiev will indeed become the capital of Kievan Rus. The apostle also visited the land of the Slavs in the future city of Novgorod. He preached in Rome, Byzantium, where he founded the Constantinople Christian Church; contributed to its rapprochement with the Russian Church. He was repeatedly persecuted, beaten up, but the Lord always showed miracles of healing. Andrei was crucified by the pagans; he preached from the cross for two days. When, fearing popular anger, it was decided to remove the exhausted apostle, he began to pray fervently to prevent it. So, in the city of Patras, Andrew the First-Called Andrew reposed. Apostle Andrew prayed for the protection of the Fatherland from wars, encroachments on independence. He helps in healing from diseases, protects fishermen and sailors. The flag with the image of St. Andrew’s Cross became the symbol of the Russian fleet.
  2. Saint Andrew, Archbishop of Crete. He was born in Damascus. Up to seven years he suffered dumbness, began to speak after converting to the Christian faith. An educated orator, philosopher, devoted himself to asceticism in the monastery. They are extremely meek, ascetic. He served as a clerk, deacon, then became Archbishop of Crete. He composed many prayers and chants, composed the “Great Penitential Canon”, now called the “St. Andrew’s Standing”. The founder of such a thing as «canon». He wrote hymns, the teacher. Poet and preacher of the word of God.
  3. Andrei Rublev, icon painter. He was born around 1360, was well educated, and studied in Byzantium and Bulgaria artistic skills. He painted icons in the Trinity — Sergius Lavra and the Savior — Andronik monastery. The artist lived in an atmosphere of amazing holiness and humility to God. Icon painter — ascetic, took the veil, achieved great skill in his charitable occupation. Listed as the saints, for the extraordinary feat of icon painting.

We celebrate the name day

Angel Day should spiritually elevate the carrier of the name above his problems, be peaceful and serene. This is a very significant day of the year, along with birthday.

In the morning, you need to plan to visit the nearest temple, pray to the patron of your name. Ask for help in daily worries, about the health of loved ones.

You need to believe that the patrons of the name will certainly take care of you.

Prepare a table with festive dishes, dine with good friends and relatives in a peaceful atmosphere.

As regularly as possible, you should say a prayer to your heavenly angel:

«Pray to God for me, holy and holy of God Andrew, as if I zealously come running to you, a quick helper and a prayer for my soul.»

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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