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Name days of Alina in the church calendar of Orthodox and Catholics

Alina’s Angel Day in the Church Calendar

The name Alina is of European origin. It was very popular in Germany and France.

Translated from Latin Alina means foreigner, different, different. In the Scandinavian countries, it means — complacent, noble.

Slavic interpretation of the name translates as — Alina — scarlet, bright, noticeable.

The church form of the name Alina does not exist. Alina is not listed in the Imenology of the Orthodox and Catholic saints calendar.

But at baptism, the worldly name of Alina is replaced with Alevtina.

Angel Day Alevtina

  • July 29 traditionally honored martyr Alevtina of Caesarea, patroness of all women with the names of Alina, Alice, Elina, Evelina.

Name days of Alina in the church calendar of Orthodox and Catholics

The fate of the name Alevtina in Christian history

Very little is known about the early Christian martyrs who preached faith in Jesus Christ among distrustful peasants and commoners.

Alevtina of Caesarea was originally from Egypt. Together with her associates Pavel and sister Chionia, she professed the Christian faith to the common people, for which she became one of the objectionable ones to Emperor Maximinus the second.

He was extremely negative about Christians.

The sisters were sent to work in the quarries, where even men could not stand the hard work under the scorching desert sun. The girls were asked to renounce their faith, promising to save lives, but they were adamant. Then Maximin sent Alevtin and Chionia to Caesarea of ​​Palestine, where they were subjected to torturous torture.

After much torture, the girls were burned, and the man was beheaded.

Alevtina of Caesarea was canonized and deeply revered by women believers who pray in front of her icon for the health of their children, parents and close relatives.

It is not known where exactly the original icon of St. Alevtina of Caesarea is located. But copies of her face can be seen in many temples.

Believers often keep holy Alevtina among home icons, being able to always turn to her for help.

General interpretation and characterization of the name Alina

It is difficult to give an unambiguous interpretation of the name Alina, since its meaning is based on Arab, German, Belarusian, French, Ukrainian and Scandinavian roots. Perhaps, therefore, Alina has a very controversial and difficult character.

In childhood, this baby can bring a lot of trouble to relatives, as it will not be an obedient child. It always lurks a small rebel, not willing to obey the will of others.

From an early age she demands that her opinions be considered and that her desires be listened to.

This girl loves to focus on herself the attention of not only adults, but also their peers. Life seems to her banal and boring, if she does not lead to her gaze, does not hear compliments and praises.

Kindness, attention and care for this talented and extraordinary girl can work wonders. This may affect the fact that it fully unleash its potential and turn opportunities into real achievements.

In high school, Alina stands out among her classmates not only with a bright appearance, but also with the ability to quickly adapt to a new environment for her, to have a relaxed conversation with unfamiliar people. She is always smiling, open and interesting to others.

The fate of the adult Alina: the choice of profession, personal life and health

In his mature years, Alinochka is a self-sufficient and successful lady. Whatever difficulties are expected of her on the path of life, she has a firm composure, will and faith in victory.

Her life will consist of ups and downs, but it does not affect her spiritual qualities. Alina will continue to be benevolent, responsive and ready to help.

Alina’s strength lies in her belief in success. She is not prone to prolonged depression, although sometimes she can withdraw into herself.

She has emotional intelligence, is able to control her emotions and influence the behavior of others.

For Alina her professional implementation is very important. Since childhood, she can decide on her future vocation, engaging in enthusiasm in the sports section or attending drama school.

Name days of Alina in the church calendar of Orthodox and Catholics

This woman is very purposeful and initiative. She knows how to speak beautifully and competently, giving the impression of a skilled speaker.

Alina can be successful in sports, social and political activities, she can become the head of foundations, social services or charitable organizations.

Alina is striving to be public and recognizable, she is proud of her success, and this inspires her with new ideas. But in order for this beautiful and independent person to not lose faith in herself, she will definitely need the support of loved ones.

Love, family and health

Alina’s personal life is very diverse. This sexy and quite temperamental person for a long time can not find a decent couple.

Short novels, dating often end in disappointment.

But if Alina finds someone with whom she feels like a queen, she is ready to keep this man loyalty and devotion for many years. And if the spouse turns out to be weaker than her in character, she is able to dominate strongly, taking the leadership position in the family.

Alichka possesses fine intuition and innate diplomacy. She is well versed in people and can easily determine their motivation, intentions, goals.

This quality helps her to gather around her only those people whom she can really trust, listening to their opinion.

No matter how much Alina’s wise advisors are, she is always used to making independent decisions and being responsible for her actions. Perhaps, therefore, Alina easily feels in the role of a manager, managing even a large team of experienced employees.

Family for Alina is her support and support. She appreciates the love of loved ones and is always ready to support her old parents or distant relatives.

Alina is not in a hurry to marry. But if she ties herself to marriage, she will try to become a good wife and mother.

Alina’s health may not always be stable. In childhood, she is prone to colds, bronchitis and seasonal viruses.

Alina has a weak immunity, and if she doesn’t go in for sports during her life, she will definitely face chronic diseases in her old age.

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