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Name days in October according to the church calendar

Name days in October according to the church calendar

How many people, so many opinions, and therefore there are adherents of the fact that the fate and character of a person is influenced by the year of birth according to the eastern calendar, the sign of the zodiac, the name and others. For some reason, they don’t remember about upbringing, education and the environment, but oh well.

Future parents can be understood: everyone wants an original and predetermined happiness for their children, and therefore they approach the choice of a name with great care, looking for all sorts of meanings and being guided by church traditions.

Why choose a child’s name in the church calendar

It is believed that receiving the name according to the holy calendar (in honor of the Holy or Holy, revered on the birthday of the baby), his relationship with the patron saint will be strong and inseparable.

Name days in October according to the church calendar

Is it necessary to give the child a church name if the parents are believers

The clergy explain that this is not a necessary condition of the Church, but if the parents want to give the child one of the Orthodox names, you can choose the appropriate one according to the church calendar. They are both in print and in electronic form on Orthodox sites.

What names are suitable for boys born in October

The choice of male names is quite wide. Most of them are familiar and familiar, but there are also curiosities like “Castor” or “Galaktion”.

The following are the names in secular form.

2 October — Alexey, David, Dorimedont, Igor, Konstantin, Day, Nikolay, Nil, Trofim, Savvaty, Fedor.

October 3 it’s better to call the boy Alexander, Hilarion, Ivan, Mikhail, Oleg or Fedor.

The 4th of October Alexander, Valentin, Alexey, Vasily, Daniil, Ivan, Vladimir, Isaac, Dmitry, Joseph, Kondrat, Melentiy, Andrey, Konstantin, Lawrence, Nestor, Peter are esteemed.

October 5 — Martin, Benjamin, Isaac, Feofan, Kuzma, Alexander, Fock, Makar, Nikolai, Peter, Fedor.

October 6 — Ivan, Anton, Innokenty, Andrey, Nikolay, Peter.

October 7th Memorial Day of Abraham, Andrei, Anton, Vasily, Vitaly, Vladislav, Galaktion, David, Nikandr, Pavel, Sergey, Spiridon, Stepan.

October 8 think of such names as Athanasius, Prokhor, Roman, Herman, Nikolay, Pavel, Pafnuti, Evgeny, Maxim, Sergey, Theodosius.

October 9 — Vladimir, Afanasy, Dmitry, Ivan, Alexander, Nikolay, Efrem, Tikhon.

October 10 name the child by the following male names: Ignatius, Mark, Aristarkh, Mikhail, Nikon, Peter, Savva, Veniamin, Sergey, Fedor, Victor, German, Dmitry, Filimon.

October 11 Alexander, Valentin, Vasily, Vyacheslav, Hilarion, Kirill, Mark, Nikon, Khariton are remembered.

12 October name the son of Ivan, Cyprian, Theophanes.

13 October think about Alexander, Alexey, Vasily, Vyacheslav, Grigory, Leonid, Matvey, Michael, Peter, Procopius, Seraphim, Semen.

14 October Alexander, Nikolay, Peter, Roman, Georgy, Grigory, Ivan, Alexey, Mikhail, Sawa, Fedor will be the best option.

October 15 the names of Andrey, Boris, Vasily, George, David, Dmitry, Ivan, Kasyan, Cyprian, Constantine, Michael, Peter, Stepan, Fedor, Jacob.

October 16 Celebrate Angel Day with Paul, Denis, Ivan, Peter and Rustik.

17 October they recall Stepan, Tikhon, Vasily, Pavel, Dmitry, Yerofey, Vladimir, Guriy, Mikhail, Nikolay, Peter, Yakov.

October 18 — Kuzma, Gabriel, Denis, Evdokim, Demian, Innokentiy, Makar, Gregory, Matvey, Peter, Tikhon, Alexey, Philip.

October 19 — Nicanor, Ivan, Makar, Thomas.

The 20th of October Choose between Demyan, Joseph, Leonty, Mark, Nikolai, Sergey, Julian.

October 21 — Victor, Ambrose, Vasily, Pakhom, Vladimir, Dmitry, Ivan, Varlaam, Isidore, Nicodemus, Pavel, Seraphim, Nikolai, Peter, Trifon.

22 of October — Maxim, Stepan, Abraham, Konstantin, Andronicus, Peter, Yakov.

October 23 — Efim, Andrei, Hilarion, Ambrose, Innokentiy, Kirill, Thomas, Kuzma, Pavel, Savva, Cyprian, Sergey, Anton, Simon, Yakov, Stepan.

October 24 — Hilarion, Anatoly, Leo, Moses, Anton, Joseph, Ambrose, Isaac, Makar, Nikon, Feofan, Alexander, Philip.

the 25th of October — Fedot, Martin, Ivan, Kuzma, Lawrence, Andronicus, Maximilian, Nikolai, Denis, Taras, Theodosius, Makar, Alexander.

October 26 — Karp, Nikita, Veniamin, Nikolai, Anton, Innokenty, Trofim.

27th October — Peter, Kuzma, Michael, Nazar, Ignatius, Nikolai, Svyatoslav, Maximilian.

28 of October — Dmitry, Efim, Ivan, Denis, Semyon, Athanasius.

29th of October — Ivan, George, Eugene, Alexey, Leonty, Terenty.

October 30 — Anatoly, Demian, Joseph, Alexander, Isidor, Kuzma, Andrey, Lazar, Anton, Leonty.

October 31 — Joseph, Gabriel, Nikolay, David, Sergey, Luke, Semyon, Fedor, Andrey, Julian.

Name days in October according to the church calendar

Orthodox names for girls born in October

Compared to the men’s “catalog”, there are not so many variants of female names. There are even «empty» dates.

October 1 — Ariadne, Euphrosinia, Irina, Sophia, Teresa.

2 October — Maria.

October 3 — suitable day for Tatiana.

The 4th of October — Agnia.

October 5 revere Jonah and Praskovia.

October 6 Choose between Iraida, Polyxenia or Rebekah.

October 7th notice the name of Thekla, and eight — on Euphrosinia, and ten — on Akulinu.

October 11 remember Anna, Tatiana and Maria.

October 13 — Alexandra and Apollinaria.

October 14 — Vera, 15 — Anna, sixteen — Theodosius or Jadwiga.

17 October — Veronica and Jonah.

October 18 — Alexandra and Jonah.

The 20th of October — Jonah, Pelagia.

October 21 — Elizaveta, Nadezhda, Jonah, Taisiya, Maria, Pelageya, Tatyana.

October 23 — Evlampiya.

October 24 — Zinaida.

October 26 — Zlata.

27th October — Praskovya.

29th of October — Eupraxia.

October 31 — Euphrosinia, Elizabeth, Zlata.

Astrologers argue that people born in the tenth month of the year have natural optimism, energy and tremendous vitality, the ability to find a common language with people and inner attractiveness.

The name is not the most important thing that parents can give a child, but this is already a lot. In addition to the Orthodox, there are a number of equally original, stunning, and magnificent names, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have one in the Orthodox calendar.

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