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Name days in March according to the church calendar

Name days in March according to the church calendar

My husband and I are believers, so we decided to give the baby an orthodox name. Calculated that the term will come in March 2018 and went for a consultation to Archpriest Vladimir.

I hasten to share information.

How wide is the choice

Angel’s Day (name day) is not a one-time occurrence, some saints are remembered by the Church several times a month. Confessors assure that the choice of the Orthodox name will make the connection between the child and the Angel stronger, but it is not necessary to call the baby that way.

Angel’s Day can be taught not on the date of birth: the closest memorial day of the namesake Saint or Holy on the calendar.

Name days in March according to the church calendar

View options for girls and boys are best in the church calendar. Below are the names of the calendar in secular form.

Female names on calendar pages are much less common, but some dates like March 14 or 20 are full of options.

There are much more male names, and they are periodically repeated. There are familiar to everyone Petit and Vasya, and there are cutting ears Cyprian and Porfiri.

How to name a child born on March 1-7

The sacrament of baptism connects the child with the heavenly patron, after whom he is named. The Day of Memory of the Holy or Holy, whose name the baby bears, becomes his Angel’s Day (name-days). There are many Saints with the same name, but different stories.

Do not want to dig so far? The child himself will be able to choose a patron when he grows up.

The first week of spring gives a lot of great choices for both girls (Anna, Maria, Olga) and boys (Makar, Pavel, Fedor, Ivan, Nikolai, Vladimir and others).

Name days in March according to the church calendar

Name Day from March 8 to 15

In the second week, Michael and Peter are often remembered, and many pages of the female calendar are empty.

  • 8.03. Those born on International Women’s Day should be called Kuzma, Alexey, Mikhail or Ivan. You can choose one of the following: Alexander, Nikolay, Polycarp, Anton, Sergey.
  • 9.03. There are two options: Hilarion and Ivan.
  • 10.03. Name the baby Anton, Taras, Eugene, Alexander or Fedor.
  • 11.03. Orthodox worship Sevastyan, Nicholas, Peter, Ivan and Sergey.
    Daughter is better to call Anna.
  • 12.03. Stepan, Makar, Timofey and Sergey — this is how a baby can be called. The names Peter, Michael, Julian, Prokop and Jacob will strengthen the boy’s connection with the angel.
  • 13.03. Give the boy one of the following names: Ivan, Vasily, Nestor, Arseny, Sergey.
    Name the girl Kira or Marina.
  • 14.03. The church honors the memory of Vasily, Alexander, Peter and Michael. Remember Ivan, Anton, Nestor and Sylvester.
    The best options will be Daria, Alexandra, Evdokia, Matilda, Antonina, Matrona, Anna, Nadezhda and Olga.
  • 15.03. Agafon, Joseph, Arseny or Fedot are considered favorable.

What name to give the baby born on March 16-23

Almost every day of the week has a female name or several. Male enough to choose to your liking.

  • 16.03. There are few options: Sevastyan and Mikhail.
    The church remembers Martha.
  • 17.03. The boy who came into being is better called Gerasim, Alexander, Daniel or Vyacheslav. The calendar indicates Paul, Gregory, Vasily.
    A girl can become Juliana.
  • 18.03. Mark, George or Fedor, David or Konstantin, Nikolai, Ivan — choose which of the names is closer.
    Iraida is today’s name for a girl.
  • 19.03. The calendar contains three names: Konstantin, Arkady and Fyodor.
  • 20.03. Unusual names like Ephraim, Nile, Lawrence, Nestor or Yemelyan are guaranteed to the child. In addition, there are Vasily, Nikolai, Eugene and Paul.
    Auspicious day for Xenia, Catherine and Maria. Slightly outdated Evdokia and Matron can also be chosen.
  • 21.03. Give the boy the name of Ivan, Vladimir and Theodosius.
  • 22.03. Think over Valeriy or Kirill, Alexey or Mikhail, Ilya or Athanasius. You might want to give the boy the name Valentin, Ivan, Alexander, Nikolai. Do not discount Sergei, Dmitry and Taras.
    Name your daughter Alexandra or Natalia.
  • 23.03. The day gives a lot of options like Victor, Ciprian, Denis, Leonid and Mark. You can stay at Kondratiya, Dmitriy, Georgia. Michael, Pavel are also offered.
    A wide selection of female names: along with Anastasia, Claudia, Galina, Nick and Vasilisa come to the fight.

Choosing a name for a child born on March 24-31

  • 24.03. Vasily and Ivan — worthy names, like George, Sofron.
    From female options — Theodora, Sabina.
  • 25.03. Pay attention to the seeds, Alexander, Vladimir, Sergey and Ivan. You might be interested in Dmitry, Konstantin, Gregory.
  • 26.03. Spiritualists advised to stay on Alexander, Nicholas, Michael.
    For the girl, the beautiful name will be Christina.
  • 27.03. The boy will be able to bear the name of Rostislav, Mikhail, Theodosius.
  • 28.03. Michael, Alexander, Denis, Alexey — such options are available to parents.
    The girl will suit Maria.
  • 29.03. They remember Anton, Roman, Denis, Pavel, honor the memory of Yemelyan, Trofim, Alexander.
  • 30.03. Gabriel, Makar, Alexey, Pavel are beautiful Orthodox names.
  • 31.03. The boy should be called Daniel, Cyril, Dmitry, and the girl Natalia.

Born in March. What are they

Jupiter is considered the patron saint of March birthday people: these people are extremely active.

Purposeful and ambitious, they seek to conquer the heights, wanting to get the maximum. Most see the meaning of life in obtaining wealth and achieving comfort, but it would be rash to call them mercantile.

Thrifty is the right definition.

Often have a developed sixth sense, on which they rely throughout life. Perfectly catch the mood of others, therefore, are able to find the right words.

Good comrades, but excessive gullibility leads false friends into their lives.

People with a good heart, they are overly concerned about the lives of others, so the desire does not always remain on their own. Prone to guilt and blind acceptance of social dogma.

They have a non-standard view of the world and a wide range of interests, delving into the areas of interest. Often find themselves in the works.

Diligent workers, trying to perform tasks efficiently, but subject to influence from the outside.

Choose with your mind and heart, do not forget that the main thing is not the name, but the love and care that parents give to their baby.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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