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Name days in July according to the church calendar — how to make a choice

Name day in July according to the church calendar

Very often parents turn to church names and use names according to calendar codes. You can name the child according to the church calendar yourself or ask for help from the father, who will tell you which of the names will be the most suitable for your child.

Name days in July according to the church calendar - how to make a choice

If we turn to history, then there is information that our ancestors called children only after their birth. This method of choosing a name is used now. There are special calendars and specific dates that help choose a name.

The name can be chosen as important, and specifically for baptism. The child can even later decide for himself what name he likes best and in the future use only one of them.

The correct choice of name, according to the church calendar

Church calendar, in which there are a large number of names, allows you to select female and male names by date. These names mostly come to us from Greece, ancient Rome, and can also be native Russian.

And although many of them have not been used for many centuries, they should be noted. Such a name will always be unique, it will attract attention and this is a special tribute to the past centuries and our ancestors.

Now a large number of people prefer these names, because they have a special energy, they have special power.
The church calendar, although it contains many names that are not relevant now, is the best source in finding a name for your baby.
The church allows you to choose a name not only on the birthday of the child, but also pay attention to the list of names that fall out on the eighth day from the birth of the baby. This is exactly what our ancestors did — they chose the name on the eighth day.

If parents do not like church names on days 1 and 8 from the birth of a child, you can choose a name on day 40, which is considered by churchmen to be the best day for the baptism of the baby.

The boy’s parents have a certain advantage, because there are much more male names in the church calendar. But parents who have a girl born should not be upset, because, like in ancient times, the male name can be remade to the female mode, as it happened with the name John, the girl can be called John.

And there are a lot of such names. You should not hurry with the choice, it is necessary to consider all the options and choose the one that really suits your baby.

Name days in July according to the church calendar - how to make a choice

Male names in july

Named in July, the boys have in large numbers. The variety of names allows for a long time to choose the right name for your baby. Only parents can choose a name, and it does not have to be the name chosen in the church calendar.

It is not necessary that the name and the name at the time of baptism be the same.
Name day in July, according to the church calendar 2018:

  • July 1 — Alexander, Victor, Leonty, Nikanor;
  • July 2 — Barlaam, John, Paissy;
  • July 3 — Andrei, Athanasius, Gleb, Guri, Elisha, John, Lazarus, Luke, Methodius, Naum, Thomas;
  • July 4 — Alexy, Anthony, George, John, Julius, Paul, Fedor;
  • July 5 — Vasily, Gennady;
  • July 6 — Alexander, Alexy, Antony, Artemy, Herman, Joseph, Mitrofan, Peter, Theodore;
  • July 7 — Anthony, James, John, Nikita;
  • July 8 — Vasily, Dionysius, Konstantin, Nikolai, Nikon, Peter, Procopius, Simeon, Theodore;
  • July 9 — George, David, Pavel, Tikhon, Feramont;
  • July 10 — Ambrose, George, Martin, Samson, Serapion;
  • July 11 — Hermann, John, Cyrus, Xenophon, Paul, Sergius;
  • July 12 — Paul, Peter;
  • July 13 — Andrei, Arseny, Bartholomew, Basil, James, John, Matthew, Michael;
  • July 14 — Alexy, Arkady, Vasily, Damian, John, Konstantin, Leo, Nicodemus, Peter;
  • July 15 — Photius;
  • July 16 — Alexander, Anatoly, Konstantin, Mark, Nicodemus, Philip;
  • July 17 — Alexy, Andrei, Nikolai, Theodore, Fedot;
  • July 18 — Athanasius, Sergius;
  • July 19 — Avvakum, Anthony, Valentin, Vasily, Innocent, Isidore, Lucian;
  • July 20 — Herman, Lucian, Thomas;
  • July 21 — Procopius;
  • July 22 — Cyril, Pankraty, Theodore;
  • July 23 — Alexander, Antony, George, Daniel, Leonty, Peter, Stephen;
  • July 24 — Arkady, Leo, Nicodemus;
  • July 25 — Anthony, Arseny, Gabriel, Gregory, John, Michael, Serapion, Simon, Theodore;
  • July 26 — Anthony, Gabriel, Julian, Serapion, Stephen;
  • July 27 — John, Nicodemus, Onesimus, Stephen;
  • July 28 — Peter;
  • July 29 — James, John, Paul, Peter, Theodore;
  • July 30 — Lazar, Leonid;
  • July 31 — Athanasius, John, Leonty, Stephen.

Angel’s Day in July

According to the church calendar in July there is not a large number of girls’ birthday. But even a small number of names gives a certain choice. Perhaps even from such a small number of names, at least one will like.

After all, calling the baby named holy, most parents want to convey positive qualities and give the child a good life.

Name days in July according to the church calendar - how to make a choice

Female names in July:

The name for the girl is usually chosen more carefully than for the boy. Parents it is important that the name is beautifully combined with the name, had a lot of diminutive — pet forms, which could be suitable for the baby.

At the same time the name should bear positive energy. It is very important that the name was melodic, light and at the same time had a certain power.

Many parents are looking for names for the girl, which will be rare and pick him up so that the baby does not have many namesakes. It helps the child to feel unique. For such cases it is good to use the church calendar, it has a large selection of unique names.

Recent times more and more girls with rare names are celebrating their name day. Each of them is unique and correctly making the choice of the parents lay in the name of the best qualities.

Many say that before choosing a name from the church calendar, namely using the name of a saint, you need to learn more about this person, learn about fate.

If you want to name the girl by the name of the saint, then the clergy recommend visiting the church and praying to this particular saint, this will allow you to create a certain protective halo for the baby, the saint will protect her.

Name day in July

Girls and boys who celebrate their birthday in July usually have a huge and strong energy. And although these kids are usually very timid, but at the same time, they are attractive, and if their names are in honor of the saints — they attract others to their person.
For such people is not peculiar vanity, and although they are very organized and can manage a large number of people, they are calm. Even kids, they are extremely clever not for years and very insightful.
Even clergymen note the fact that children, who were named after saints, usually live much longer and happier. This means that you need to pay attention to the church calendar.

There are rules that should be followed when choosing a name for a child, according to the church calendar. These include:

  • You must responsibly choose a name. First of all, based on the fact that you select a name for your child and it should be comfortable for him if it is a question of his later life and education;
  • Choose a name is necessary so that it does not cause rejection and disputes among others;
  • The name should command respect, not ridicule. Very often, children who do not take pet names in earnest, which brings them a lot of inconvenience in life;
  • It is very important that the name is well combined with the surname and patronymic. You can even ask opinions from other people so that you can hear from the outside how the name of the child will sound to a stranger;
  • The important point is the choice of the name according to modern standards. Modern names and fashion in general are very changeable, and the name is still for life;
  • Remember that the name has a certain character and has a direct impact on the person. Before you call a child, you need to study the history of the name, quality and certain characteristics. Some names have hidden positive or negative sides;
  • Church ministers recommend to determine the name, which is indicated in the church calendar. It is easier to avoid disputes, and such names are always relevant and unusual.

When choosing a name for a baby, it is necessary to take into account a large number of factors, namely: character, positive qualities of the name, which of the saints possessed the same, and will protect the child throughout life. And even for a boy to choose a name using the church calendar is much easier than a girl, you should not be upset, but simply translate a male name into a female manner, thereby making the child’s name unique and memorable.

In the calendar for July there are a large number of male and female names. The main thing is not to rush to choose a name, but carefully weigh everything, consult with relatives and make the right decision.

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