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Name days in January according to the church calendar

Name days in January according to the church calendar

Behind the window blizzard and blizzard. The winter month — January — does not allow to relax. Children whose birthdays in January are distinguished by patience, perseverance and courage.

Constancy and coldness of mind are also present in their character.

Not only a month, but also a child’s birthday affects his life path. And since all parents want for their children only good fortune, they choose a name in accordance with the day of birth.

Name days in January according to the church calendar

Choosing a name for those born in January

A person is not allowed to have two names. One name — the so-called worldly — for strangers, outside the family. The second name — given by the Christian canons — is the name for the rite of baptism.

This name is known only to the closest people.

It is not surprising that some ethnic groups in Russia still have this practice of naming a new person. Let’s see what name to choose for the boys and girls in January.

Please note that you must choose a name for the child according to the calendar on the 8th day after the birth of the child. Female or male at this date and will be the name of your child according to the calendar.

Some baptize a child only after the 40th day of birth. In Orthodoxy, it is believed that on this day it is necessary to introduce to God a new man.

What is the calendar

So call the list of names of saints in accordance with the days of their commemoration.

Whether the name affects the life path is a controversial issue. All moms and dads want to protect the child from all bad things and give him the best.

Someone from the parents chooses a name according to his taste and desire, and someone according to the calendar calendar.

Name days in January according to the church calendar

How to choose the name for the baby on the calendar

Situations are different. It is possible that looking at the eighth day from the birth of the child in the calendar, the parents find it difficult to choose a name. All the names are beautiful, what to choose?

Usually they do this: they choose the strongest saint, his or her icons are usually in each temple.

If you study the Christmas calendar, you will notice that the names for girls are much smaller. Since initially, there are more male saints than women.

In such circumstances, you can choose a male name for your daughter — for example, there is Eugene, Alexander, Julius.

You can give names — Eugene, Alexandra, Julia. If you look at the names of the next, 9th day from birth — there will definitely find a good name.

It is not forbidden to do so.

By the way, birthdays have not been celebrated before. In a, people came to the temple, put a candle at the icon of their patron, said a prayer.

Name days in January according to the church calendar

What’s in a name

Siluan from Athos many centuries ago wrote that the saints, in whose honor the children are called, hear and see everything. Therefore, they heed the ardent prayers of their parents.

You need to honor and respect your saint, you also need to find out everything about his life and heroic or martyrdom. It used to be that the Saint, whose name you bear is your object to follow, within reasonable limits, of course.

It is believed that this Saint always comes to the rescue in difficult times and protects a person from the moment of naming to death. It is customary to think that the Martyr, who is close to God, shelters the mind of the ward from the influence of the demon and evil forces.

At a time when they consulted with the priest for almost any reason, it was he who, according to the church calendar, chose him and baptized the child.

If you carefully read the list of names, you notice that there are very rare names. And now, in the XXI, many names are again heard: Luke, Paphnutius, Jacob, Lukerya, Mark and many others.

Name days in January according to the church calendar

Male names on the calendar in January 2019:

  • Gregory — vigorous;
  • Ilya — having a divine name;
  • Daniel is a divine Judge;
  • Silverstin — forest man;
  • Anthony — competing;
  • Nikita is the victor;
  • Philip — loving horses;
  • Sergius (Sergey) — highly respected;
  • Basil — the ruler;
  • Paphnuti — fat;
  • Ivan — bestowed by God;
  • Peter is like a rock;
  • Fedot — given by God;
  • Rodion is a hero like;
  • Constantine — Stoic, permanent;
  • Nikolai — the winner;
  • Stepan — crowned;
  • Mark is the one who was born in March;
  • Theodore is a divine gift;
  • Joseph — added;
  • Jacob — next on his heels;
  • Trofim — feeding;
  • Vyacheslav — loving glory;
  • Pavel — small;
  • Arhir — ruling horses;
  • Emily is a jealous person;
  • George is a cultivator of the land;
  • Micah is like the Divine;
  • David is a favorite, adored;
  • Semeon — heard by God;
  • Michael — “who is our God?”
  • Pride — modest;
  • Maxim — great, dear;
  • Anatoly — east;
  • Eugene — belonging to a noble family;
  • Benjamin is the son of a helper;
  • Vladimir — the powerful, belonging to the nobility;
  • Fedor is a gift from God;
  • Yaroslav — the brightest, glorious;
  • Vyacheslav — more glorious;
  • Denis — from the forces of nature;
  • Seraphim — like a serpent flying;
  • Radmir is the one who brings joy to the world;
  • Cyril — owning;
  • Matthew is a man of God; he who is given by God;
  • Arkady — a shepherd;
  • Roots — horned;
  • Marcian — dominant, dominant;
  • Hippolyte — traveling on horseback.

Name days in January according to the church calendar

Female names according to the calendar in January 2019:

  • Anastasia — returned to life;
  • Agatha is good, kind;
  • Eugenia — from a noble family;
  • Claudia — calm, phlegmatic;
  • Augustus — sacred, great;
  • Agrippina — restraining will, able-bodied;
  • Anfisa — fresh flower;
  • Mary is serene;
  • Antonina — acquired in return;
  • Agatha — with kindness in character;
  • Domna — dominant;
  • Anna is godly, from God;
  • Varvara — stately long-lived;
  • Evdokia — with favor;
  • Euphrosinia — with joy and goodness in the heart;
  • Matrona — revered as mother;
  • Natalia — blessed, dear;
  • Fedor — given from God;
  • Theodosius — conservative, with principles;
  • Martina is a militant, a man in herself;
  • Melania — dark;
  • Emilia — with a strong character;
  • Ulyana is cheerful;
  • Juliana — flown from Jupiter;
  • Arina — bringing peace and tranquility;
  • Irina is peaceful and calm;
  • Polina — from the sun;
  • Tatyana — domineering;
  • Vasilisa — regal, spouse of the governor;
  • Agnia — innocent, tender;
  • Nina — persistent, charming, with responsibility;
  • Elena — from the sun;
  • Neonilla is young;
  • Oksana — itinerant;
  • Ksenia — from foreign places.

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