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Name days in December according to the church calendar

Name days in December according to the church calendar

We picked up the name of the child for a long time, until a friend advised me to look at the Orthodox Church calendar for the name day: they say, closer to God, and you will have to choose less. I recently baptized our Vanya.

I am pleased to tell why the spiritual fathers recommend calling the baby an Orthodox name, how many Angel Days a person has and what names can be given to a little miracle born in December.

Why and whether it is necessary to give the child an orthodox name

The priests do not insist on the child receiving even the believing parents of an Orthodox name, since there is no such rule in Orthodoxy. Leaving the choice of the parents, they still recommend to consider this possibility.

And that’s why.

It is believed that, being named in honor of one or another Saint, the child strengthens the relationship with him and receives patronage, which is able to help at the decisive moment. The saint or saint will look after the little one throughout their lives and appeal to his mercy.

Name days in December according to the church calendar

Angel Day: what a holiday

Even devoutly religious people are not always familiar with church traditions, and therefore do not make a distinction between the guardian angel and the Holy One, after whom the child is named. The first is the divine protector sent by Heaven at birth, and the second is the patron after the Mystery of Baptism.

Memorial Day of the Holy or Holy, whose name is the baby, the closest in the calendar to the date of birth of the child, and it will be his Angel’s Day. On this day, confessors recommend visiting the church, to pray to their patron before the image.

The number of days in a year when they remember the Holy Saint of the same name is not important. Angel Day a person can only be once a year.

Interesting to know

Previously, a child received a name not from parents or relatives, but from a priest. The church charter stated the need to name the child on the 8th day of life.

The priest independently chose the name according to the calendar, so that the day of the sacrament over the child coincided with the Day of Remembrance of the Holy or Holy.

Giving the newborn a name, the child was brought to the icon of the Mother of God, describing a cross in the air. Thus, the newly-minted Orthodox believer presented himself to her patronage.

Birthday then was not considered the main holiday in people’s lives, therefore it was celebrated modestly (if it was celebrated at all), while Angel Day was celebrated on a large scale. Holiday cakes were spread, and the more, the more the birthday was.

In the evening, gifts were given, guests came who could not even remember the date of birth, but they had no right to forget the day of baptism, especially the godparents.

Name days in December according to the church calendar

Choosing an Orthodox name baby

To make your choice easier, use the church calendar, which lists the Days of Remembrance of All Saints, broken down by months. The sequence and content is not changed, so in 2018 the list of names will be the same as in the previous one.

Behind the list of women’s and men’s names on the calendar are people with unusual life stories, Christians who went to Heaven because of the faith and support of the Lord. Before choosing what name the child will receive, get acquainted with the story of the supposed patron to tell the child about it in time.

How to choose

According to the rules, the name is chosen in accordance with the date of birth and the closest Holy Day in memory of the day ahead of the calendar. For example, a boy or girl was born on December 4th.

You should refer to the church calendar, and see the names from 4.12 inclusive. Before — it is impossible!

Who celebrates the name in December

There are traditionally fewer female names, since the majority of men are saints, but this does not mean that there are no options. The names of the Saints presented below are given in secular form.

The choice is yours!

Name days in December according to the church calendar

  1. Memorial Day is celebrated by Nikolai, Roman, Anastasius and Plato.
  2. Veniamin, Adrian, Leonid, Ignatius, Christopher and Konstantin will be an excellent choice for a child. Think also over Valentin, Semyon, Hilarion and Varlam. Gerasim or Timofey, Ivan or Avdey, Denis or Mikhail — the choice to make to you. Today, Alexander, Peter, Gennady, Porfiry, Sergey, Fyodor, Dmitry and Yakov are also remembered.
  3. Makar, Alexey, Ivan, Grigory or Vladimir — such names can be given to the boy today. Name the baby Arseny, Yemelyan, Hilarion or Alexander. Pay attention to Basil, Joseph, Anatoly and Nicholas.
  4. The only option for today is Alexander.
  5. Jacob, Boris, Sawa, Valerian, Peter and Arkhip can celebrate today names. Mikhail, Vasily, Faddey, Gerasim, Pavel and Vladimir can make a company for them. Ilya, Alexey, Maxim, Ivan, Prokopy, Fyodor or Mark can be excellent names for a boy.
  6. Honor the memory of Fedor, Boris and Alexei. Gregory, Makar, Ivan and Alexander are also remembered.
  7. Name the boy who was born today Mitrofan, Gregory, Procopius, Mark, or Evgraf. Excellent options are Alex, Eugene, Ivan, Alexander and Michael.
  8. Yaroslav and Vasily, Pavel and Seraphim, Clement and Alexander are many names for today. Do not forget about Peter, Victor, Illarion and Gregory. Dmitry or Ivan, Andrew or Kuzma, Simon or Nikolai — you decide.
  9. Stop picking on Tikhon or George, Julian or Nazare. Ilya, Mikhail, Vasily, Ivan and Peter are beautiful names. Baby fit Nikolai, Innokenty and Jacob.
  10. Think, perhaps, Nikolai, Roman and Alexey are what you need. Dmitry, Boris, Ivan, Vladimir, Andrei and Nikon will be beautiful names. You might be interested in Sergey, Vasily, Fedor, Vsevolod or Jacob.
  11. Today, Vikentiy, Sergei, Andrei, Nicholas and Gregory are remembered, they honor the memory of Thomas, Peter, Erofey, Timothy and Konstantin. Alexey and Nikifor, Vasily and Pavel, Seraphim and Daniel, Stepan and Fyodor, Ivan and Khariton are variants of men’s names for this day.
  12. Name the boy Nikolai or Ivan, Denis or Sergey.
  13. Only two options: Ivan or Andrew.
  14. Orthodox names Nahum, Anton and Dmitry will strengthen the relationship of the child with the patrons.
  15. Today we have to choose between Dmitry, Sergey, Athanasius, Matvey and Vladimir. Do not discount Stepan, Konstantin, Boris, Kuzma and Moses. Andrei, Nikolay and Ivan are familiar to everyone names, like Pavel, Kirill, Fedor.
  16. 16. This day is good for Fedor, Efrem, George and Andrew. You can call the baby Nicholas, Gabriel, Savva or Ivan.
  17. Determine between Alexander, Dmitry, Vasily, Ivan, Gennady, Nikolai and Alexey.
  18. Zakhar, Sergey, Ilya and Gennady are wonderful names.
  19. It is better to name the baby Nikolai or Maxim.
  20. The choice must be made between Vasily, Peter, Ivan and Mikhail. Today they remember Leo, Anton, Pavel, Gregory and Sergey.
  21. Call the boy Cyril.

Birthday calendar from December 22 to December 31, I suggest to look below.

Name days in December according to the church calendar
Name days in December according to the church calendar

3 numbers call your daughter Tatiana, Anna or Thekla, 5 — Praskovya.

December 7 is the commemoration of Augustus, Catherine and Anis.

10 — the only option — Thecla.

11 Think over Anisia, Praskovya and Anna.

December 15, you can choose Margarita, Faith or Tamara. Choose Mary, Antonina, Fevronia or Matrona.

16 — day Glyceria.

For girls born on December 17, the names Catherine, Barbara, Anastasia, Kira and Yulia will suit you.

December 21 baby can become Anfisa.

When choosing a name for a baby, keep in mind that divine protection is wonderful, but the warmth of the heart and soul, earthly love and care are given by the child to the parents, and here the name does not matter anymore. God bless you!

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