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Name days in August according to the church calendar

Name days in August according to the church calendar

Very often, before the birth of the baby, parents think about the name. Sometimes, relatives and friends take part in this exciting activity. Everyone wants to suggest a name, to prove that his version is the best.

Some couples try to name the child in honor of celebrities, or use names that were popular in antiquity. It is very important not to hurry with the choice and explore all possible options.

Sometimes couples use names according to calendar codes to give the kid patronage from higher powers. Choosing a name according to the church calendar, you can independently or ask for help from the priest.

Name days in August according to the church calendar

Our ancestors very often did not pre-select the name of the child, but only after birth, they turned to the father and he opened the Saints and called names that coincide with the date of birth of the baby. This method of choosing a name can be used today.

For this there are special calendars where you can choose a name for the child.

Rules for choosing a name on the church calendar

In the church calendar there are a large number of names, they are divided into: female and male. A large number of the names submitted came to us from Greece, Ancient Russia, Rome. Many of them were not used for a long time, and they gradually moved into the category of unused.

But now more and more people are turning their attention precisely to such names, because they are rare and unique, and still have a special spiritual meaning.

Of course, there are names in the calendar that have not been used for many centuries, but the church calendar is still considered the best source in finding a name for a child, especially if parents want to create a certain protection of good forces.

In some cases, parents do not like the names that fall on the baby’s birthday. In this case, you can see other names that fall on the eighth day from the birth of the baby.

If we talk about our ancestors, then on the eighth day from the birth of the baby, the naming ceremony was held. The church canon also allows the choice of a name on the 40th day of birth, if the previous names do not match. After all, this day is usually considered the best for the baptism of the baby.

Our ancestors have always tried to appear with a child before God on this particular day.

Name days in August according to the church calendar

It is worth saying that parents who have a boy born have a definite advantage, because it is precisely the male names on the calendar that are much more than the female names. And this fully explains the fact that our ancestors very often called girls male names, slightly modifying.

So, if the girl was born on John, then she will bear the name of John.

Male names of August

Named in August, the boys have in large numbers. Choosing a name is always easy, as there is a large variety of names. Parents will be able to find the most suitable.

Moreover, now there is no compulsory acceptance of the name at the time of baptism in the church, as it was before. Only the parents themselves can decide what name to give the child, even if it is not included in the list of church names.
Names of male names in August, according to the church calendar 2018:

  • 1.08. — Seraphim, Roman, Dmitry, Stefan;
  • 2.08. — Konstantin, Afanasy, Fedor, Alexander, Tikhon, Nikolay, Sergey, Egor, Alexey, Efim, Sawa;
  • 3.08. — Peter, Ivan, Yegor;
  • 4.08. — Cyprian, Michael, Fock;
  • 5.08. — Apollinary, Fedor, Andrei, Vitaly, Michael;
  • 6.08. — Roman, David, Illarion, Gleb, Ivan, Polycarp;
  • 7.08. –Christofor, David, Oleg, Makar;
  • 8.08. — Moses, Rodion, Sergey;
  • 9.08. — Klim, Ermolai, Nikolay, Ignat, Vladimir;
  • August 10th — Moses, Vasily, Nikanor, Prokhor, Nikolay;
  • 11.08. — Michael, Akaki, Anatoly, Nikanor, Seraphim, Parmen, Sergey, Konstantin, Timon;
  • 12.08. — Luka, Puncture, Ivan, Herman, Valentin, Anatoly;
  • 13.08. — Vasily, Grigory, Evdokim, Veniamin, Sergey, Konstantin, Denis, Yury, Vladimir, Nikolay, Maxim, Ivan;
  • August 14–– Dmitry, Joseph, Anton, Maximilian, Leonty, Fyodor, Alexander, Spas;
  • Aug 15 — Vasily, Theodol, Roman;
  • August 16th — Anton, Kuzma, Nikolay, Vyacheslav, Roman;
  • 17.08. –Maksim, Denis, Martinian, Dmitry, Anton, Ivan, Konstantin, Mikhail;
  • 18.08. — Andrei, Maximilian, Semyon, Ivan, Vincent;
  • 19.08. — Spas, Feoktist;
  • 20.08. — Michael, Dementiy, Anton, Afanasy, Mitrofan, Dmitry, Mercury, Stephen, Elisha;
  • 21.08. — Yegor, Nicodemus, Emelyan, Casimir, Kasyan, Moses, Joseph, Leonid, Miron;
  • 08/22 — Mark, Anton, Fotiy, Yakov, Egor, Dmitry, Julian, Leonty, Markiyan, Ivan;
  • 23.08. — Roman, Athanasius, Vyacheslav;
  • 24.08. — Lawrence, Fedor, Mark, Maxim, Makar, Donat;
  • 25.08. — Fotiy, Savva, Leonid, Arkady, Alexander, Castor, Vyacheslav, Dmitry, Nikolay, Anton, Sergey, Yakov, Ivan;
  • 26.08. — Seraphim, Hippolyte, Maxim, Paramon, Vasily, Konstantin, Yakov, Nikolai, Tikhon;
  • 27.08. — Akaki, Vladimir, Alexey, Alexander, Fedor, Micah, Mark, Vasily, Arkady
  • 28.08. — Levky
  • 29.08. — Demid, Alexander, Lawrence, Nil, Stepan;
  • 30.08. — Philip, Pavel, Kipriyan, Miron, Dmitry;
  • August 31.- Denis, Ivan, Hilarion, George, Leo, Sofron, Eugene, Frol, Makar, Christopher, Gregory.

For boys to pick a name is very difficult. After all, the name must not only fit well with the name, but also fit the little man.

Name days in August according to the church calendar

When choosing a name, very many parents pay attention to a famous person with the same name so that the son can also succeed in strength and courage. Some names from ancient times have a special, strong energy and men with names like Vladimir, Alexander are always courageous, strong and strong-willed.

Angel’s day in women in august

In August, as in the rest of the month, women’s names are much smaller. Often the names of Slavic origin.

And before you give the child a name, you should definitely get acquainted with the characteristics in order to know which qualities can develop more in the child.

Women’s Angel Days in August:

The name for the girl is always chosen more carefully than for the boy. It is important for parents that the name be combined with the surname, has many diminutive — pet forms that could be suitable for the baby.

At the same time the name should bear positive energy.

Many parents are looking for a name for a girl that will be rare and pick it up so that the baby doesn’t have many namesakes.
It is for such cases that it is good to use the church calendar, because there is always a large selection of unique names and parents will have something to choose from.

In recent years, more and more girls with rare names are celebrating their name day. In August, almost every day there is a special holiday dedicated to a particular name.

Each of them is unique and correctly picked up — parents can put in the name only the best qualities.

A person whose birthday in August is usually distinguished by a special mind, creativity. He never doubts in his abilities and always confidently goes to the goal.

Name days in August according to the church calendar

Even our ancestors believed that the name could have a special energy and serve as a kind of talisman and protector for humans. Observing these canons to this day, even church leaders say that evil can be defeated using only your name.

Features of choosing a name for a baby

Choosing a name is very responsible. It is necessary to take into account a large number of factors before you name the baby exactly as you intended. You can follow these specific rules to make the choice faster and more correctly:

  1. The choice of the name should be done so that it sounded melodiously along with the surname and patronymic. Very often, parents choose complex names that are completely incompatible with the surname and bring a large amount of inconvenience to the child;
  2. Very neatly need to treat fashionable names. Almost every few years there are special names that are massively used by parents. But, fashion is changing very quickly. Today the name may be popular, and in a few years it will be absolutely ridiculous;
  3. If you decide to name the baby in someone’s honor, then you need to be very careful. It is worth learning about a person or a famous person as much as possible. To follow the character and behavior, the attitude to others and the world. Very often a child can take over part of the fate of this person. To avoid this, you should choose really positive names, and best of all — the names of the saints;
  4. When making a decision about the child’s name, one should take into account religion and place of residence. Now a large number of parents call children in foreign manners, which absolutely does not fit into the traditions and place of residence. In this case, the child may have conflicts at school and other specific problems associated with the name.

Many parents are sure that if a child is named in honor of the saint, the baby will receive positive energy. It is for this reason that it is not advised to give the child the name of the great martyr and call it after him.

More about the rules for choosing a name according to the church calendar, see here:

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