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Name days in April according to the church calendar

Name days in April according to the church calendar

In the Christian religion, every day of April is commemorated by the names of the martyrs who make up the common church calendar. Named on these days celebrate Christians, named in honor of one of the saints at birth or during the sacrament of Baptism.

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For a believer, it is very important to know that he has a patron with the same name. In difficult times, the Orthodox turn to their spiritual savior, and the day of memory of such a saint is revered as Angel Day.

Sometimes the worldly name does not coincide with the name at baptism, since the calendar of saints calendar keeps only the memory of the great martyrs of the Christian faith. These names came from Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Judah, as well as from Ancient Russia.

Name days in April according to the church calendar

Calendar of the calendar of the first half of April

April is a month rich in names. So from the first to the eighth of April, 2018, women with the name of Maria, Sofia, Daria, Claudia, Julia, Svetlana, Uliana, Taisiya, Aglaya, Anastasia, Feona, Lydia, Varvara, Akulina, Larissa celebrate the birthday.

Angel Day is celebrated during this period by men named Hilarion, Abraham, Efim, Innokenty, Nikita, Vasily, Rodion, Sergey, Herman, Miron, Vladimir, Thomas, Kirill, Veniamin, Gregory, Ilya, Mark, Alexey, Andrey, Peter, Egor, Albert, Kondrat.

Among the great martyrs with a female name, Anastasia the Modeler is especially revered. She is the patroness of women nursing babies. The same saint was prayed for salvation by convicts who were imprisoned.

From ancient Greek the name translates as deliverance and liberation.

Name days in April according to the church calendar

One of the most popular names is Maria. The name was borne by the mother of Jesus Christ.

And in the Bible this was the name of the prophetess of the Jews and the sister of Moses. Angel Day Mary is celebrated on the first, fifth and ninth of April.

In the Catholic and Orthodox faith, the name means serenity.

Among the saints with male names, the apostle Peter is famous, and he is considered the patron saint of many megalopolises, as well as those workers whose work is connected with the maritime profession. The ancient Greeks personified this name with rock and stone, and the person named so was considered very reliable, loyal and strong in his convictions.

Vladimir — Slavic name, meaning to own the world was originally pagan. It was Prince Vladimir who began the history of Christianity in Russia.

He is revered as the patron of large families, and in some Catholic countries he is accustomed to pray to those who sincerely repent of a great sin.

Ilya marks his birthday in April. This Hebrew name was glorified by the prophet Elijah, who ascended to heaven in a chariot of fire. The saint patronizes pilots, motorists and all whose profession is associated with a constant risk to life.

Dates are the name day — the fifth and seventeenth of April.

From the ninth to the seventeenth of April, the following names are celebrated: Vadim, Maria, Ilya, Nikolai, Marina, Illarion, Egor, Stanislav, Ivan, Leonard, Kirill, Afanasy, Safron, Mina, Vlas, Arthur, Efim, Makar, Sergey, Anastasia, Galina, Joseph, Prokhor, Stepan, Rodion, Kondrat, Aristarkh, Apollo.

Nicholas the Wonder (Wonderworker) is especially known among these names. In the world, Nikolai of Mirlikiya was the archbishop.

He helped poor large families by throwing sacks of gifts or gold coins to them under the house. Thus he introduced the tradition of giving presents for Christmas.

Catholics consider him the progenitor of Santa Claus. In Russia, St. Nicholas pray for salvation mariners, traders and fishermen.

Ivan — derived from the Jewish John, then blessed or forgiven by God. It is with the name of John the greatest number of saints, marked by the church calendar in April: 1, 2, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 19, 21, 25, 27, 30.

Makar is a Greek name whose carriers are often revered in church conventions. They were called by many ministers of the church. The ancient Greek form of the name meant blissful or blissful.

Among the famous saints is the hermit Macarius, who wrote many righteous writings that guide people to the spiritual path of development.

Galina celebrates the name of the sixteenth and twenty-ninth of April. The Greeks called the girls Galina, in the hope that she would become meek, quiet and balanced.

The meaning of the name is a quiet sea surface.

Stepan is mentioned in the April calendar three times: the sixth, the eighth and the tenth. The church form of Stephen is translated from Greek as crowned or crowned.

Europeans often name the boys by the name of Stefan, hoping that he will grow up to be a very astute, intelligent, and pious man.

Cyril from Greek means master. It is translated from Persian as the sun. Angel Day Cyril the third and eleventh of April.

Many famous saints with this name: Patriarch Kirill, who became Patriarch of All Russia in two thousand and nine, Kirill of Radonezh, father of Sergey Radonezh.

Calendar saints second half of April

From the eighteenth to the twenty-sixth of April, the Day of the Angel begins with the Orthodox with the names: Semyon, Emelyan, Alexey, Platon, Ivan, Egor, Sevastyan, Daniel, Arkady, Denis, Leonty, Maxim, Martin, Peter, Alexander, David, Artem, Anfisa, Jacob, Alina, Evdokia, Elizabeth.

Sevastyan — the name is largely Catholic and translated as sacred, highly esteemed, respectable. Of the most famous saints, the martyr Sebastian of Milan is especially worshiped.

He was a legionnaire who lived in the times of Emperor Diocletian (a very cruel and powerful ruler).

Jacob — in the Christian version Jacob is one of the main characters of the Bible, the twin of Esau. This name is very popular among Jews, Catholics and Islamists.

Among the holy martyrs are especially honored the apostles of James the Righteous and James the Elder.

Name days in April according to the church calendar

In the character of Jacob there will always be traced independence, energy, ambition. He makes grandiose plans, is always active and cheerful, has an excellent sense of humor.

His children’s restlessness is combined with dedication and desire to achieve a lot in life. Often chooses a difficult and rather rare profession.

For his faith in Christ was stoned alive. The icons of the saint are asked for support by people related to military service. And also he is considered the patron of teachers and athletes.

Name Day Sevastyana second, nineteenth and twenty-eighth of April.

Daniel of the Hebrew means «God will judge me» or «God is my judge.» The soothsayer Daniel is especially known in the Bible for his prophecies.

The name is mentioned in the calendar of the twentieth of April. The owner of the name is capable of bold actions, has a developed intuition and is very restrained in his emotions.

Artem is interpreted from Greek as “perfectly healthy” or “worshiping the goddess of hunting, Artemis.” Artem celebrates the name of the twenty-sixth of April. This is a very obliging and responsible person, courageous, but not conflict.

You can rely on him in a difficult moment and entrust a secret secret, knowing that it will remain a secret to others.

Alina — from Latin means a different, foreigner, another faith. In Christianity, this name corresponds to Angelina. Memorial Day of the Holy Martyr Angelina — the twenty-sixth of April.

This girl is hospitable, brought up and moderately devout.

Name days from 27 to 30 April 2018 celebrate

From the twenty-seventh to the thirtieth of April the names of the saints are mentioned in the church calendar: Anton, Aristarkh, Alexander, Andrei, Victor, Mstislav, Kondrat, Filimon, Potap, Ignat, Mikhail, Anna, Irina, Susanna, Leonid, Tamara, Fedor, Semyon, Ariadna , Maxim, Victoria.

Victor — this name was borne by the holy martyr of early Christianity, Victor Damascus. The days of Victor the Angel are marked in April of the second and twenty eighth numbers.

The name has a strong beginning and marks victory in everything. Such people are often drawn to adventures, the search for the unknown, the knowledge of oneself through the surrounding world.

Anna — in the calendar calendar dates revered as the wife of the holy martyr Joachim, after long suffering from childlessness, who gave birth to the wonderful daughter Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. Anna from Hebrew translates as holy grace or God’s mercy.

The girl with this name will always be in her opinion, very demanding of herself and capricious with others. She will always be very sensitive and caring towards her relatives, but sometimes she is too restrained and independent.

Leonid celebrates the name of the twenty-eighth and twenty-ninth of April. Among the owners of the name of many creative individuals, politicians and artists. Leonid Uspensky, a talented artist who has written many outstanding icons, is widely known among the ministers of the Orthodox Church.

He was engaged in theology.

Leonid means similar to a lion. He used to dominate everything, showing a good and infectious example to those around him.

Leo loves being proud, admired and imitated by his talent. Thus, he is energized and inspired by new goals.

Semyon notes the birthday of the church calendar on the eighteenth and thirtieth of April. From ancient Judean it reads like Simon or Shimon. That was the name of the apostle Peter in the world.

Another saint, Simon of Kirienianin, is known for having carried the cross of Jesus to part of the road to Calvary.

Semyon has a great shutter speed, is able to organize himself and be as focused as possible on the main business. He is very reasonable, intelligent, but to some he seems too boring.

Self-confidence, which appeared in Semen with age, will help to be close only to those who are really dear to him.

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