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Name Day Ruslana — family, character, value, fate and church form

Name Day Ruslana — career, destiny, meaning, character and church form

The name Ruslan originated in Muslim countries on behalf of Arslan, which translates as «lion», «militant». In Russia, it became popular after the publication of the poem «Ruslan and Lyudmila». Now this name is called both Muslim and Orthodox, Catholic boys.

In all countries the name is pronounced the same — Ruslan.

The diminutive form of the name: Ruslanchik, Rusik, Rusya, Rusych, Rustik.

According to the church calendar, Ruslan marks the day of his birthday under the name Rustik:

  • February 12 — the day of the Holy Martyr Rustik, who was martyred for believing in Christ.
  • October 9 — the day of the Holy Martyr Roustik of Paris, who was beheaded by pagans in the second half of the 3rd century.

Name Day Ruslana - family, character, value, fate and church form

The character of Ruslan depends on the time of year of birth:

  • Winter — Prudent, intelligent, seasoned, responsible.
  • Spring — Self-confident, energetic, active, emotional.
  • Summer — Friendly, sociable, thoughtless, simple.
  • Autumn — Inquisitive, calculating, restless, pragmatic.

Ruslanchik grows up nervous and spoiled by a child, demands that everything be as he wants. Parents need to be patient and send his nervousness to a calm channel, then by the age of transition Ruslan will be able to get rid of this nervousness.

It is undesirable to allow Ruslan to play computer games that adversely affect his nervous system and sleep.

Ruslan is studying moderately. In boring lessons, he does not listen to the teacher, goes about his business, or talks to his classmates.

In high school, struggling to cope with the adult school load. If you praise him, then Ruslan will be more diligent in class. With the help of sport, Ruslan will be able to reduce the nervous load accumulated during the lessons.

Grievances accumulate within themselves, which is why its nervousness increases.

As an adult, it is important that next to him was a man who supports and pushes Ruslan to exploits. Then Ruslan will be able to achieve significant success.

From risky ideas never give up, easily versed in technology. May become a violator of the law and rules.

He dreams of becoming popular, believes that after popularity everything will come to him: success and money.

Since childhood, Ruslanchik has good health, but emotionally unstable. Without the help of a specialist, he can not cope.

Closer to old age, he may have vision problems.

Ruslan does not like to work, but he loves when he is noticed and praised. Does not tolerate monotonous work.

It can change a few jobs in a lifetime. Success will be achieved only in the profession in which he is well versed, most often it is a sports or creative field.

He maintains equal relations with colleagues and superiors, is not capable of conflicts.

Externally, the beautiful and charismatic Ruslan attracts the female gender, but pushes them away with her quick temper and painful jealousy. Almost all the novels of Ruslan are short and turbulent.

In wife will choose a beautiful, tastefully dressed and economic wife, who will not give him a reason for jealousy. His children Ruslan will be a great father.

If the spouse stops paying attention to her husband, he can go to the side.

Horoscope named Ruslan

Aries — Positive, emotional. He likes to brag about his achievements, makes global plans. Does not possess tact, tries to be aware of everything and control their loved ones.

Loves to care for women.

Taurus — Honest, careful. He plans everything in advance; he doesn’t like it when plans are broken. Takes on any job, it can make a fortune.

Marries an economic woman with whom she will live to the end of her life.

Gemini — Changeable, secretive. Sociable, friendly, does not reveal his true thoughts and feelings to anyone. To adapt quickly to new.

He marries more than once in his life.

Cancer — Noble, unsure. Hides from the surrounding vulnerability, touchiness behind the mask of emotionality.

Badly perceives criticism, opens only to close people. A family man would be great.

Leo — Optimistic, purposeful. Goes to his goal over the heads, but without meanness.

Ambitious, can not save money. My husband will be jealous and despotic, but true.

Virgo — Prudent, selfish. He does his business with caution, calculates everything in advance, does not like drastic changes.

Does not know how to care for women, but the family man will be reliable and caring.

Scales — Charming, diplomatic. In affairs he tries to avoid responsibility, prefers intellectual work.

Makes a compromise, knows how to fascinate women. For money is easy.

Loves spending time with friends.

Scorpio — Demanding, cruel. He can not relax for a minute, he controls everything, he is afraid of losing his loved ones.

Sometimes it is cruel to protect your vulnerable soul. Marries a spectacular woman.

Sagittarius — Positive, smart. Constantly gives out new ideas, charges others with optimism.

All my life I learn new things, get along well with technology. He is afraid of losing his freedom, so he does not marry for a long time.

Capricorn — Patient, thoughtful. He does not like to express emotions, he thinks of his actions in advance.

A workaholic, gives himself all the work, is able to earn big money. Family man will be reliable.

Aquarius — Independent, adventurer. Sociable, easily agrees to risk, can violate laws, rules. Does not know how to manage money.

In family life, unreliable, can suddenly leave his wife.

Fish — Irresponsible, sensitive. In life, he goes down the river, does not want to overcome obstacles.

He has talents that he is too lazy to reveal. His wife should always support her husband and push him to the exploits.

Name Day Ruslana - family, character, value, fate and church form

Compatible with female names

  • Planet — the sun.
  • The color of the name is Golden.
  • Season — Summer.
  • Happy day of the week — Sunday.
  • Lucky number is 6.
  • Metal — Iron.
  • Star sign — Virgo.
  • Element — Earth.
  • Totem animal — Leo.
  • Plant — Dandelion.
  • Tree — sycamore.
  • Mineral Talisman — Aventurine.

Famous people named Ruslan

  • Ruslan Sasin is a Russian actor.
  • Ruslan Zabransky — Ukrainian football player.
  • Ruslan Salei is a Belarusian hockey player.
  • Ruslan Nurtdinov — Russian hockey player.
  • Ruslan Muratov — Russian composer.
  • Ruslan Batyrshin — Russian hockey player.

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