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Name Day of Mary: days of remembrance of the church calendar

Mary: the day of the angel according to the church calendar

Memorial Day of the Saints is the date of the death of their earthly life. Every day the church celebrates several dates of birth, often with the same name.

It is believed how many people — so many souls. During the life of a person, he celebrates the name day of the church calendar, after leaving the other world, he is also commemorated by the name given at baptism.

Mary — this is the name from which birth righteous women were named, who later on were martyred for the faith of Christ. From century to century, the name is honored by different faiths and many nations.

Church form name

Name-days are the day of commemoration, the memory of a Christian saint, in whose honor a name was received at baptism. If it is not known in honor of which heavenly patron he named a person, it is necessary to find the date of his birthday in the church calendar and celebrate the day of the holy angel falling on that day.

Or on the date that immediately follows the day of birth (most often it is the eighth day).

It came from the Hebrew «desired», «serene», «bitter». The name is Russian, Christian.

Maria is one of the most frequently used names in the world. This was the name of the mother of Jesus, a large number of European crowned heads wore the name Mary.

In Islam, the name takes the form of Mariam.

Diminutive — caressing variations in Orthodoxy are extremely beautiful and delight the ear: Masha, Marusya, Mariechka, Marusenka, Mashunya, Masya, Musya, Marika, Manyasha.

Due to the incredibly widespread prevalence in the world, the name has acquired a huge number of variants of pronunciation: Maryam, Miriam, Mary, Mariah, Mariot, Marion, Marie, Mariel, Manon, Marita, Marianella, Marica, Maya, Mia, Marie-Antoinette, Anna-Maria, Mariolla

Characteristic name secular

Masha spends a serene childhood, she is conflict-free, easily vulnerable. In the nature of the girl coexist such contradictory features as sensitivity and durability, insecurity and reliability.

In the family, often the eldest child, diligently helps with the housework, looks after the younger ones.

Authoritative among peers, although often isolated and more adult. Marusya is compassionate, loves and pities for animals, is capable of compassion.

Invariably diligent and homely, can go against the will of the parents and early to separate from them. This is the self-sufficiency and integrity of nature, the girl’s love of freedom.

The family union builds according to accepted traditions, sincerely loves a husband, very much willing to have children. Mashunya is a hospitable woman, welcoming and economic.

Relationships in the family are based on equality, loyalty, mutual help.

An extremely persistent woman, Maria protects family happiness, but if a crisis situation occurs, she doesn’t make a “universal” drama out of her. Decent and infallible.

Name Day of Mary: days of remembrance of the church calendar

In the profession it is a great organizer, administrator. She needs to independently determine the terms of reference and rhythm of work, she is not always ready to obey.

Occupations by the teacher, the doctor, the teacher and the scientist will approach. He possesses the gift of persuasion, has experience in public speaking, and expresses thoughts well.

A born coordinator and event organizer, indispensable in a team.

Can succeed in business, sales. A wonderful psychologist, a religious leader will come out of it.

A woman is distinguished by an unconventional approach to solving problems, invariably proves her dissimilarity to others, fulfills the mission entrusted to her famous name.

The history of the most famous saints named Mary

Name Day of Mary: days of remembrance of the church calendar

  1. Mary Magdalene is the myrrh bearer. One of the first to behold the Resurrected Jesus Christ. Sacrificial, well-behaved, from childhood was possessed by demons. The Almighty helped heal the rage, and she followed without hesitation. Adored and was faithful to him in life and after death. The Savior condescended to Mary Magdalene — the first after the resurrection, in the form of a gardener, after which she announced this to his disciples, the apostles of him: “Christ is risen! «. She was proclaimed the First Evangelist, and then Holy Equal to the Apostles.
  2. Mary the Virgin is the pure and immaculate mother of Christ. Known as the Mother of God, often called Priest of the Virgin, Most Holy Virgin, Virgin, Madonna. In her childhood, she made a vow of eternal chastity, was chosen by God to bear and bear the God-man Jesus, who was called to be delivered from the sins of all mankind. The Virgin Mary was resurrected by the power of God after three days of death and ascended into heaven. The Holy Virgin Mary is especially exalted in worship, is an indispensable intercessor of women, children and families.
  3. Mary of Radonezh — the righteous mother of St. Sergius of Radonezh, the founder of the Trinity — St. Sergius Lavra. Mary and her husband, Cyril, made a vow: to give him to church at the birth of a boy, to the care of God. Maria strictly observed the post and restrictions throughout the pregnancy, as if the child himself demanded it. Having a very strong and indestructible connection with pious parents — Sergius gave the covenant to pray to his holy parents before coming to him. Cyril and Maria are schema-monks, they are very strong advocates, they are prayed during great disasters, epidemics.
  4. Mary of Egypt Rev. Mary was born in Egypt. Having escaped from home at the age of 12, for 17 years she led a dissolute life. Once, together with numerous pilgrims, she arrived in Jerusalem for the feast of the Exaltation. She was driven not by religious thought, but by the desire to have fun. What was the amazement when an unknown force did not let her along with everyone into the church gates. Looking at the face of the Virgin, standing on the porch, Mary thought about her life, realizing all the thoughtlessness and filth. She prayed long and hard before she was allowed to enter. At the behest of the Most Holy Theotokos, Mary left the Jordan River, in the wilderness, to seek repentance. There, for 47 years, she lived alone and prayed for salvation from sins. The first 17 years was obsessed with the temptations to return to a past life, but bravely endured hardships. At the end of earthly existence, she could walk on water as if on earth. “The treasure of the desert”, people call the great ascetic Mary of Egypt.

A prayer to the guardian angel for daily petition and intercession:
«Pray to God for me, holy saint of God, Mary, as if I zealously come running to you, an ambulance and prayer-book for my soul.»

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