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Name Day of Leo — meaning, character, health and fate

Name Day of Leo — dates of a name day, career, character and fate

The male name Leo was popular in Soviet times, now this manly name is rarely called boys. From Latin and Greek languages, the name Leo reads like Leon and translates as «king of beasts.»

In Hebrew, Leo is synonymous with the word «heart.» In all countries except Russia and Ukraine, the name Leo is pronounced Leon or Leo.

The diminutive form of the name: Levushka, Leva, Levko, Levchik, Leonushka, Leon, Leo.

According to the church calendar, Leo celebrates the day of the angel 14 times a year.

Name Day of Leo - meaning, character, health and fate

The character of Leo depends on the time of year of birth:

Winter — Aggressive, impatient, honest, vain.

Spring — Calculating, ambitious, unpredictable, windy.

Summer — Emotional, reliable, sincere, loyal.

Autumn — Decisive, principled, active, sustainable.

Little Levushka grows up as a phlegmatic and calm boy, knows how to be friends with the guys, does not get involved in disputes with them, preferring to protect the weak. He perceives his own defeat calmly, believing that next time he will have more luck. Responsible attitude to himself, listens to adults, their assignments are carried out just in time.

Its disadvantages are the poor susceptibility of criticism, the desire to insist on their opinion, even if they understand that they are wrong.

At school age, Leo has a desire to be among the first. He has an analytical mindset, his friends usually listen to his opinion. Usually Lions among classmates and teachers are respected.

In high school, the charming and friendly Leo begins to be popular with girls, with whom he gets the first novels. Possesses eloquence, even the most uncommunicative person can talk.

An adult Leo turns into a real man: witty, educated, courageous, sociable, interesting, talented, sociable. The whole thing in his hands arises, done perfectly.

There are always a lot of friends around Leo, not a single party passes without him. Always come to the aid of a friend or relative, will not leave them in trouble.

He has a talent to recognize his lie, false in his interlocutor. Has the ability to clearly put in place presumptuous snapper.

But it’s better not to fall into an angry Leo. He likes to play gambling sports, but can stop in time.

He grows strong and healthy boy, he is sick very rarely. He likes to play sports, even when he is an adult, he does not give up on him, and often he can also link his profession to sports.

There may be vision problems. Not addicted to addiction.

In her work, she strives to occupy a management position, where she copes with her functions perfectly. He is attracted to prestigious professions, preferably those where you can climb the career ladder or become famous. It has excellent intuition, thanks to which it can take your business out of trouble.

Conscientious subordinates under the leadership of Leo will receive adequately for their work, lazy and sycophants will not last long under his command.

Name Day of Leo - meaning, character, health and fate

Any unapproachable woman can fall in love with herself. Prefers fleeting novels, because his feelings for the chosen one quickly fade away. Women can push away his temper, unwillingness to compromise.

Women should remember that he does not keep his colorful promises in their attitude.

Creates a family late, in plenty walking up. Usually marries a patient and economic woman with whom she can build a reliable and strong family. Leadership in the family will not yield to his wife.

Her betrayal will never forgive, but he herself can change. His children will be a caring and reliable father, he can feed them himself, put them into school.

Horoscope named Leo

Aries — Risky, fun. He easily agrees to adventures, is easy-going, the soul of any company.

Chooses fleeting, non-binding, relationships, avoiding long-term.

Taurus — Selfish, straightforward. Sharp in communication, can take revenge on the offender, but fair.

With a woman very powerful, not everyone can endure it.

Gemini — Charming, optimistic. In life, everything comes easy for him, he can achieve even the most impregnable woman.

For a long time with one woman does not occur, it is difficult to fall in love with him.

Cancer — Uncertain, vulnerable. Directly says what he thinks. Offender revenge with special sophistication.

It can only be achieved by a gentle and affectionate woman.

Leo — Ambitious, overbearing. He is always sure that he is right, he does not listen to the opinion of others.

It puts itself above all, it requires submission and reverence from women.

Virgo — Closed, shy. May remain alone until the end of life, does not trust anyone, even close ones.

He lives along the river, avoids noisy companies. Marries a calm woman.

Scales — Unbalanced, emotional. With others he is cold, secretive, indifferent to everything.

He loves when his qualities are exalted.

Scorpio — Aggressive, purposeful. He takes bad criticism of himself, does not listen to anyone’s advice, proves his opinion to the last.

It will be difficult for a woman to get along with him.

Sagittarius — Sincere, straightforward. Behind the mask of sharpness from others hides its qualities as sentimentality, tenderness.

A faithful wife will be faithful to the end.

Capricorn — Hardworking, gullible. All his life he studies, improves himself, loves to be a leader in companies and at work.

Because of gullibility, it is often the victim of fraudsters.

Aquarius — Generous, kind. Because of these qualities often suffers from others who use them for their own selfish purposes.

Become the perfect family man.

Fish — Reliable, sensitive. He will always come to the rescue of those in need, give useful advice, but in return this behavior does not receive and is often alone.

Compatible with female names

Name Day of Leo - meaning, character, health and fate

  • Planet — the sun.
  • The color of the name is Golden.
  • Season — Winter.
  • Happy day of the week — Thursday.
  • Lucky number — 4.
  • Metal — Gold.
  • Zodiac sign — Leo.
  • Element — Fire.
  • Totem animal — Leo.
  • Plant — Rosehip.
  • Tree — Cedar.
  • Mineral talisman — Diamond.

Famous men named Leo

  • Leo Tolstoy — Russian writer.
  • Lev Yashin — Soviet footballer.
  • Lev Landau is a Soviet physicist.
  • Lev Leshchenko — Russian singer.
  • Lev Durov is a Russian actor.
  • Lev Oshanin — Soviet poet.

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