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Name Day of Helen — Angel Day, Church Calendar

Elena’s name day — when to celebrate and what to give, dates according to the church calendar

Lena bearers and their families should get acquainted with birthdays, church customs and traditions, find out what to give are not birthdays, how to congratulate birthday women and know the meaning of the name.

Helen’s Angel Day

If you open the church calendar, we will see that, in general, the name Helena has dates of birth in a year. However, each bearer of the name has only one angel’s day — it is celebrated on the date of the birthday, which coincides with the birthday, or is closest to it.

  • Jan 28 — Great Martyr Elena;
  • 12 nbr — Elena Serbskaya;
  • 17 Sep — New Martyr Elena Chernova;
  • Aug 10 — Nun Elena Astashkina;
  • 24 il. — Grand Russian Princess Olga (Helen in baptism);
  • 10 in. — Rev. Elena Diveevskaya;
  • 8 in. — the martyr Elena;
  • 7 in. — martyr Elena Korobkova;
  • 3 in.– Elena of Constantinople, tsarina, Equal to the Apostles;
  • 19 mrt — Elena of Constantinople, Equal to the Apostles, Queen.

In the church form, the name Elena does not change and remains in the original version that is familiar to us.

Name Day of Helen - Angel Day, Church Calendar

Origin of name

This beautiful female name appeared in our language from ancient Greece. Its value, as a rule, is interpreted as follows: sunlight, sunbeam, chosen, light.

In Greek mythology, the heroine named Helen was the most beautiful of all women.

This girl is distinguished by her kindness, in a society that she has got into not so long ago, and has not yet made friends, can show shyness. The situation changes when she gets into her closest circle of relatives or friends — in this society the girl becomes cheerful, agile, inventive for all sorts of fun.

In a peer company, she loves to show leadership qualities and often gives them all kinds of teams and assignments. However, there is no manifestation of authority in this — it acts so exclusively from internal mischief.

Name Day of Helen - Angel Day, Church Calendar

In her inner world, seriousness and creativity dominate. She likes to read prose and poetry, the latter often writes herself, in a notebook that hides from everyone, likes to listen to exciting and mystical stories at dusk.

Such traits will remain with Lena as an adult, although they can hide deep inside. Externally, it will become stricter and more serious, and only on themed holidays or in a big mood will be arranged a variety of jokes and fun.

Stories of saints with this name

Many details of the lives of various saints bearing the female name Elena are preserved in history. Among these people were famous historical figures who influenced the development of many events.

Name Day of Helen - Angel Day, Church Calendar

Princess Olga (Elena)

This is the famous Russian Princess, whose years of rule of ancient Rus fell on the years 945-960. It is noteworthy that she is the first Russian ruler who converted to Orthodoxy even before the famous baptism of Russia took place.

Princess Olga (Elena) is the holy Equal-to-the-Apostles of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The princess introduced a system of graveyards, which later began to build temples. She also became the founder of stone town planning in Russia.

In 955, according to the story of the time years, she was baptized in Constantinople. She tried to convince her son, Svyatoslav, also to accept Orthodoxy.

Also, according to the story of the time years, Helena was personally baptized by the Emperor of Constantinople of Constantine, the seventh Porphyry, and the Patriarch Theophylact.

Queen Elena of Constantinople

Helen was the mother of Constantine the Great, the Roman emperor. Being committed to the Christian faith, raised her son in Christianity, trying to raise the future ruler so that Christianity under his rule would become the state religion.

She also had a great influence on the spread of Christianity beyond the borders of the Roman Empire. In extreme old age (at about 80 years old) she organized large-scale excavations at the places of execution and burial of Christ, where she found a life-giving cross and four nails.

During the years of her life she became the founder of many temples. We can say that this woman dedicated her life to the promotion of faith.

For their own great services to religion was canonized.

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