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Name Day of Daniel in the Church Calendar — Angel Day

Name days of Daniel — all dates of celebration according to the church calendar

The name Daniel is considered one of the oldest Christians. Day Angel must mark each of its carriers. Memorable date is several times a year.

It is not necessary to celebrate everything. It is enough to choose for the birthday one, the closest to the day of his birth.

Church calendar provides such an opportunity.

  • 02.01. — St. Daniel Serbian
  • 01.03. — m. Daniel
  • 31.03. — prep. Daniel
  • 20.04. — prep. Daniel Pereyaslavsky
  • 05.06. — prep. Daniel
  • 23.07. — Much. Daniel Nikopol
  • 12.09 .. — Holy. Daniel Serbian
  • 25.09. — prep. Daniel
  • 04.10. — prep. Daniel Shuzhgorsky
  • 11.12. — prep.chuch. Daniel
  • 12.12. prep. Daniel
  • 24.12. — prep. Daniel the Stylite
  • 30.12. — the prophet Daniel

Church form name

Daniel is of Hebrew origin. Exact translation of the word: «God is my judge.»

Sometimes explained as the “judgment of God.” In Russia, especially among the merchants and commoners, was in the form of — Danila (Danilka).

Church writing is found in the legends. That was the name of the sage, prophet, life, suffering, which is shown in the ancient “Book of Daniel”.

Name Day of Daniel in the Church Calendar - Angel Day

Characteristics of a man named Danila

Main features

Being a child calm, does not cause trouble. His ability to stay calm, balanced carries through many years. It can break only when faced with a frank lie.

Quickly suppresses anger, but a cheater will not wait for forgiveness. Children’s hobbies can develop into a profession.

The worker from it turns out the conscientious, feeling responsibility. The team always reckon with his opinion.

Family, relationship

Marriage is not always happy. Hasty marriages happen.

He loves his kids very much, but he is not too zealous in upbringing, giving leadership to his spouse. Often marries many times. When remarried, does not seek new children.

Supports and helps their own. He decides everything himself, being alone for some time.

Daniel is a man whom no storm will break. It has decisiveness, although it takes a long time to think it over

Able to pave the way to new to others. Keeps the memory of ancestors.

Always has a cozy home.

Stories of saints named Daniel

Daniel of Moscow

Name Day of Daniel in the Church Calendar - Angel Day

  • 17.03. — day of death.
  • 12.09. — gaining relics

The future saint was born in the family of Prince. Alexander Nevsky.

Of the number of sons was younger. Named in honor of St. Daniel the Stylite.

All his life he revered him, spoke, feels holy patronage. He had his own seal with the face of a martyr. Built in the name of his monastery.

With the departure of his father in another world, the sons began to rule each in his principality.

Danilo departed the Moscow lands, the meanest for that period. The new ruler tried, and possessions began to multiply.

The wise prince was able to negotiate peacefully, avoided bloodshed, wars. Despite this, he also had to successfully fight with the Mongol-Tatars.

Moscow Daniel was in power strengthened Moscow, built monasteries, is considered the founder of Rurik. Shortly before his death, he became a monk.

  • He died — 17.03. (new style) 1303
  • Canonized — in 1791 as sv. faithful Prince Daniel of Moscow.

He was buried in the Danilovsky Monastery, where the rector is the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. It is valid.

Daniel Serbian

Being a noble family, rich by birth, was part of the entourage of King Serbian of Serbia. He left the palace, left everything in the world, cut himself in the monastery of the city of Konchula.

Over the years, he became the abbot of the Khilendar monastery. Together with the monks underwent famine in wartime, siege, attacks of enemies. With the onset of peacetime, he abandoned hegumenism, lived in the cell of Sts.

Sawas. He helped to extinguish civil strife, as a result he became a bishop.

He was abbot of the monastery of St.. Stephen, and then received the rank of archbishop.

Daniil Nikopol

Christians everywhere were persecuted in the city of Nikopol under the emperor Licinius. They were tortured, destroyed, demanded an abdication.

According to the state command, all those who do not wish to become pagan again were tormented to death. Many were hiding, but 45 citizens, headed by Daniel, Mauritius, Alexander, Leonty, declared to the governor their faith openly, appearing to him personally.

For the unwillingness of the confessors to retreat from Christianity, they were killed by burning alive. Charred bones drowned in the river.

The holy remains were discovered, and a church was erected in honor of 45 Nikopol martyrs.

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