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Name Day of Cyril — angel’s day, church calendar

The dates of the birthday and the day of the angel Cyril — church calendar and traditions

The person with the name Cyril, a large list of possible names, referring to the church calendar. But each has only one angel day per year.

To accurately know your patron, you need to know to verify your day and month of birth with the submitted list.

  • 31 January 18 — Kirill Alexandrovsky.
  • Feb 8 «January 26» — Cyril III, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Russia.
  • 17 «4» Feb. — Cyril miracle worker.
  • 27 «140» Feb. — Equal to the Apostles Cyril.
  • 22 «9» mr. — Cyril of Sebaste the martyr.
  • 31 «18» mr. — Kirill Astrakhansky.
  • Apr 3 “21 mr.” — St. Cyril, Archbishop of Katana.
  • Apr 11 “29 mr.” — Kirill Iliopolsky.
  • May 11 «April 28» — St. Cyril, Bishop of Turov.
  • May 17th — Cyril of Novgorod.
  • May 24, 11 — Kirill, teacher of Slovenian.
  • 22 «9» Jun. — Blessed Kirill Volsky.
  • 22 «9» Jul. — Cyril the Holy Martyr, Bishop of Gortin.
  • 20 «7» nbr. — Cyril Novozerskiy.
  • 21 «8» dek. — Kirill Chelmogorsky

(in quotes are the days of the angels according to the old calculus)

If the day and month of birth coincides with the date from the list, then this is the day of your patron. Do not be upset if you do not find your date of birth in the list, pay attention to the date that is the closest of the following dates.

This will be the date of the birthday.

The origin of the name and its meaning

The name Cyril came to us from ancient Greece. This name is translated as «little master», «lord.»

There are also sources claiming that this name originated from the Persian language and is translated as «sun.»

A person named Cyril can be described as a mystery man. He is secretive not only in society, but also remains so in a close environment. It is impossible to predict people with this name, even if you have known them for years and are confident that he will do just that, then you should get ready to be surprised.

Because he will act, as well as one would not be able to think.

Name Day of Cyril - angel's day, church calendar

Cyril with one can be open and friendly, and after a few minutes he will already adhere to strict behavior and manner of speaking. These contradictions occur not only in communication with friends or other people, but also in his behavior in business.

He can approach responsibly to the fulfillment of his assigned tasks and at the peak of their fulfillment get lazy and return to the very beginning.

People named Cyril are very demanding of their surroundings. If people with a given name have a creative talent, he will spend all his strength in order to achieve success in his creative direction.

Cyril has excellent self-confidence and because of this they know how to apply themselves in a particular society.

The best gift for Cyril on Angel’s Day will be:

  • Icon with his guardian angel and prayers with his honor
  • Silver spoon, consecrated in the church. This item will protect him, he detractors, and take all the evil on themselves.
  • Cross with the flesh of St. Cyril.

History of St. Cyril the Holy Martyr — Archdeacon

From the stories of Blessed Theodorus, it is known that Deacon Cyril became Holy Martyrs because of the struggle against the pagan gods. He destroyed more than 10 idols of the old gods in the city of Iliopole.

He tried to enlighten the unbelievers and banish darkness from their souls. That they may believe in the Christian god.

But the residents of Iliopole were not ready to accept the new faith and were extremely unhappy that they had outraged their gods. The pagans tore the flesh of the deacon Cyril, they stuck their teeth into it, behaved like savages, like mad beasts.

After painful torture, Cyril died, but God noticed him and punished the godless.

Name Day of Cyril - angel's day, church calendar

A few hours after Kirill was measured, the pagans began to lose their sight, all those who tortured the deacon were blind. Their body began to become covered with boils and ulcers, many diseases settled in the city of Iliopole and they did not spare anyone.

After that, the deacon was canonized.

History of Cyril Equal to the Apostles — Teachers of Slovene

Cyril equal to apostles by origin treat Slavs. He received an excellent education in his youth, along with the imperial son. At an early age he received the status of dignity presbyter.

When it was time to return to Byzantium, he was already a librarian in the cathedral and taught philosophy.

In Constantinople, he won with success from heretics and iconoclasts. But he was attracted to some retreat, and in this his brother Methodius, who served on Mount Olympus, helped him. 857, the brothers were sent on a missionary trip.

On the road, they received the relics of the martyr Clement. They converted the Khozar prince to Christianity, freed 200 Greek prisoners.

Name Day of Cyril - angel's day, church calendar

In 862, the brothers began the main business of their lives. They preached Christianity in the Slavic language.

They translated such works as the book of the Gospel, Plastiria and many more books of spiritual content.

After returning to Rome, Cyril fell ill. His body was exhausted from traveling, and in his youth he was not very healthy.

Having adopted the schema, he died at the age of 42 years. He was buried in the church of St. Clement, where he received relics during his travels.

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